Chad Lavender

VP of Water Treatment Service
Mustang Extreme Environmental Services

Chad started his water treatment career working for Halliburton in Baghdad, Iraq and surrounding areas. Over the course of four years in country he was able to develop skills in osmosis technology, media filtration ad water distribution. From there he served as a water treatment subject matter expert for Flour Daniels in Northern Afghanistan. For two years he designed, built and commissioned water treatment facilities across the Hindu Kush and Pakistan border.

In 2014 he transitioned to water treatment for oilfield applications specializing in on the fly and recycle facility design and operation. In 2016 he founded Aria Rose Oilfield Solutions which offered solutions for aeration of pits, On the Fly chemical treatment trailers and recycle facilities.

In 2019, Aria Rose was acquired by Mustang Extreme Environmental Services where he continues to serve as VP of Water Operations. The union with Mustang Extreme has offered tremendous growth and opportunity to expand the service line to also now include remote monitoring and evaporation.


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