Chris Patterson

Water Infrastructure Manager
Northeast Natural Energy

Starting in the oil and gas industry in 2008, Chris has been at the forefront of the industry’s growth in the Appalachian Basin.  He’s a second-generation oil and gas industry professional that has been a part of bringing clean energy to his home state and surrounding areas.

His career started during the Marcellus boom, securing waterline rights-of-way, impoundment sites, and other surface use agreements for Chesapeake Energy.  In 2012, he transitioned into a water operations role at Chesapeake, ensuring fresh and produced water was delivered for fast-paced completions activity via pipelines and hauling.

Since 2014, Chris has led all water operations for Northeast Natural Energy’s success in a challenging operating area.  In his current role, he organizes all water logistics from completions support, to produced water management, as well as the planning and implementation of new, growing water infrastructure projects.

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