Laura Capper

Energy Makers Advisory Group

Laura Capper is President of consulting firms EnergyMakers Advisory Group, and CAP Resources, specializing in emerging market issues, opportunities and technology in upstream and midstream water and environmental management. Laura is also President of Cloudburst International, a novel, high throughput, low-cost Desalination Technology company suitable for difficult to process oilfield waste. Laura’s expertise includes water management planning, treatment technologies, beneficial reuse, carbon sequestration, disposal well health and risk management, seismicity, regulatory permitting strategies and policymaking, landowner development strategies, geothermal resource harvesting, and due diligence and M&A support. EnergyMakers has compiled their proprietary analytics into 2022-2025 Water Management Balance, ESG, and Disposal Market reports which provide in-depth insights into disposal formation trends, PW available for beneficial reuse, carbon sequestration, and hydrogen transmission, ESG water metrics, formation pressure indices, and well health and future injection capacity for U.S. oil and gas operations, including the Permian. The EnergyMakers team has reviewed over 400 water treatment technologies, contributed to the design of 100+ fixed treatment facilities, assessed the disposal capacity of the entire U.S. disposal well system, and is actively advising market-leading clients on Beneficial Reuse permitting and operational strategies. The firms collectively have provided strategic guidance to over 600 client companies in the oil and gas industry for twenty-plus years, and contributed to $4 B in transactions. Laura is a current Director of the Produced Water Society, serves as an advisor to the New Mexico Produced Water Recycling Consortium and the Texas Produced Water Recycling Consortium, and is a member of the U.S. DOE Produced Water Optimization Board.

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