Mike Vitello

Director Water

Mike Vitello serves as the Director of Water at CNX Resources Corporation.  CNX is a premier natural gas development, production, and midstream company centered in Appalachian Basin.  CNX’s operated assets primarily include Marsellus and Utica shale in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and coal bed methane in Virginia, PA, and WV.  Mike joined CNX in 2014 with an entrepreneurial background in heavy site/civil construction in private and public sectors around the East coast.  In his role, Mike leads the CNX Water midstream team through Engineering, Facilities, Transfer and Logistics operations.  His team has championed the Appalachian Basin in produced water infrastructure development which has allowed CNX to leverage buried pipeline infrastructure, storage facilities and 3rd party water sharing contracts to create a produced water re-use program minimizing freshwater withdraw and disposal, ultimately turning produced water into an economic value add.

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