Rick McCurdy

Vice President-Innovation & Sustainability
Select Water Solutions

Rick currently serves as Vice President of Innovation and Sustainability for Select Water Solutions, a large US-based service provider active in the water sourcing, treatment, reuse and chemical application spaces. In this role, Rick is focused on finding ways to continue to help the oil and gas industry minimize fresh water use and to evaluate technologies that may lead to beneficial use of fresh water in the future. Prior to this, Rick was a partner in a smaller oilfield chemical provider and prior to that, he served as a Senior Engineering Advisor for Chesapeake Energy Corporation. While at Chesapeake, he was a primary developer of Chesapeake’s initiative championing the beneficial use of produced water – AquaRenew® and the Industry-leading GreenFrac® program that focuses on environmentally friendly hydraulic fracturing additives.  He has served as a technical expert during the US EPA workshops on potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water resources and has presented to the National Academy of Sciences, the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Energy, and the Energy Information Agency regarding water use in the Energy Sector.  Rick has an AAS degree in Petroleum Technology.

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