While it is nowhere near the same as being there in person, you can get a feel for the quality and excitement of the 5th Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update from the various posts by the participants.  Here is just a sample:


Mila Evans comment

RWI Post #1

Mark Faucher Post


Megan Martin Post

Lagoon Shout Out

Michael Miller Feedback

Rob Rice Power Hour Highlight

Ted Cross Highlight Comment

Core Linepipe Announcement

ISCO post

CarboNet comment

Shout Out to Robert Crain

Tom Leslie Insights

Julian Resendes Post

Kelly Bennet and B3 Insight Insights

TruClear Water Solutions Comment

Old friends meet at the event

Ryan Hassler Shout Out

Chemical Injection Partners Post

Jim Summers’ Power Hour

Derek Pedersen Observations

RWI Post #2

Brad Blakeman Comment

JGL As Kick Off Sponsor

Edge Controls Feedback

And that is just a sample!  Don’t miss the next one!  May 8 & 9, 2024 in Irving!

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