Groundbreaking Keynote Panel Announced For October 15th Conference - A Chat With U.S. Water Midstream CEOs

Oilfield Water Connection is pleased to announce that a first-of-its-kind keynote panel discussion will open the fast approaching 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update on October 15, 2021 at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston.


Specifically, the conference will begin with a Keynote Panel titled “Water Midstream CEO Chat.” Participating in this 45-minute fireside chat style discussion will be four of the U.S. produced water sector’s distinguished leaders:

• Bill Zartler, CEO, Solaris Water Midstream
• Chris Cooper, CEO, Oilfield Water Logistics
• Jason Long, Co-CEO & COO, WaterBridge Operating
• Justin Love, CEO, Blackbuck Resources

Michael Blankenship, a Partner at Winston Strawn, will act as the panel’s moderator, facilitating a big picture discussion that will set the tone for the rest of this event’s exciting agenda.

“Any conference organizer would be thrilled to have any one of these gentlemen delivering the keynote address at their event,” said Pete Cook and Joseph Triepke, managing partners of Oilfield Water Connection, in a joint statement. “The fact that this conference will begin with four of the industry’s most highly regarded CEOs gathered on stage at the same time for a panel discussion is unprecedented. This will be a must-listen for anyone working in this industry, and it underscores what an important moment in time the shale water midstream industry finds itself in today. We thank these market leaders in advance for their willingness to share their knowledge in this format for the betterment of the sector as a whole.”

Additional agenda items and speakers are confirmed and will be announced soon. We have engaged with top industry minds to explore and develop creative new discussion angles on the most important industry issues for this conference. Notably, we are organizing this event from our DFW Texas headquarters (we are not foreign to the US shale industry and have been based near it and working in it for many years).

Suffice it to say, no other water midstream business conference in 2H21 will come close to matching the attendee quality or content relevance that delegates will experience at the 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update on October 15th at the Houstonian Hotel. We encourage industry participants to position their brands for success by sticking only with the most prestigious conferences in the sector – names you know and trust like ours and our friends at the Produced Water Society consistently put together events worth your time and dime, while many others come and go… 

Oilfield Water Connection has delivered value, quality, networking, and discussion that live up to the high standards you set inside your own businesses and investments at every one of the events we’ve hosted since 2019 in water midstream (all of which have sold-out in advance). Our October 15th conference will be no different. This is the one event that everyone in the produced water business will be talking about this Fall. It’s the one not to miss. And the buzz begins with the announcement of this impressive opening keynote panel!

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