Pull Up A Chair To E&P-hosted Roundtables As Operators Evaluate New Solutions & Partners At Oilfield Water Markets Conference

Connect in a new way with your end users during innovative roundtable sessions at the Oilfield Water Markets Conference being held this May at the Ft Worth Convention Center.

The organizers of this year’s Oilfield Water Markets Conference announce a new concept for roundtable sessions to better serve all attendees. Solution providers often host the roundtable sessions at typical industry events. But what if the end users (or customers) hosted these conversations? How would the interactions change? What new ideas or collaborations might result? Come find out at the 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference!
In Fort Worth on May 17, 2023, only E&P operators and a few special guests (like top analysts and regulators) will be hosting roundtables, a first at oilfield water events. So register for the event here, and plan to pull up a chair to talk with end users about the topics that matter to your business on May 17th! The full agenda of course continues to feature thought leaders from across the entire value chain in the panels and keynotes.

This roundtable innovation better serves all conference goers.

  • Instead of solution providers doing one-way dialog or sales pitches and hoping customers find them, they are empowered to join tables with top “end users” in produced water to hear directly what is on the customer’s mind and then share relevant thoughts back to these E&P decision makers.
  • Our E&P hosts have a unique opportunity to engage hundreds of participants from across the entire oilfield water value chain on matters they really care about.
  • Everyone wins with higher quality engagement!

What Tables Will You Join? During the 55-minute roundtable session, conference goers will be able to join 3 tables, rotating every 15 minutes.  Here are some of the E&P and Special Guest roundtables you can join:

  • Beneficial Reuse (Tyler Hussey, Apache & Alan Van Reet, Pioneer Natural Resources)
  • Balancing Recycle & Injection Inside An Asset’s Footprint (Kade McCollough, Surge Energy)
  • Produced Water Sharing Between Operators (John Coyle, Marathon)
  • Building Water Midstream In-House vs. Outsourcing (Phillip Douget, Blue Ox Resources)
  • Pit Cleanouts & Oil In Pits (Ben Warden, Diamondback)
  • Spill Minimization (Omar Visairo, Chevron)
  • Shallow Interval Pressure (Pat Patton, B3 Insight)

Bring a Colleague to Divide & Conquer! Whatever your business, you’ll be able to find multiple tables of interest, engage top E&P pros, and share your thoughts. The hard part may be narrowing down the tables you’ll join since there are more options than time available! To fix that, be sure and bring several folks from your team to the event so you can divide them up.

We believe this roundtable redesign will create more meaningful two-way dialog at the fast approaching 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference – dialog that can solve problems, advance the industry, and improve participation opportunities for all attendees. Beyond the roundtables, many other decision makers from other leading E&Ps as well as top Water Midstream execs will be there sharing their views on panels and networking on the sidelines.

About The Conference: Over 350 senior-level attendees from E&P operators, water midstream, oilfield service, and professional services firms are expected to attend the conference and more than 50 sponsors are participating. The conference organizers wish to thank and recognize the sponsors so far that are making this first class industry gathering possible:

Want to see your company’s name on this list and reach the industry’s top decision makers at the premier event of the year in this sector? There are still several sponsorships and exhibiting options available for this event. Check out the website for sponsorship details and online registration: https://oilfieldwater.com/owmarkets3/#sponsornow General registration is also open on the event website.

2023 Oilfield Water Markets Conference

Please plan to join us and your peers at the Fort Worth Convention Center this May 17-18, 2023 for the most influential produced water event of the year!

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