Oilfield Water Markets Conference Proudly Partners With Graduate Students Pursuing Advanced Water Studies

If you attended the Oilfield Water Markets Conference in Frisco last week, you might have noticed some graduate students manning the registration desk, passing microphones around the room in Q&A, networking with attendees, and helping to make it a great event.

Oilfield Water Connection is proud to partner with two leading universities in advanced produced water studies – University of Wyoming and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – to provide networking and learning opportunities to some of their graduate students at our events.

Student volunteers and professors from the schools receive comped admission and recognition as supporting organizations at the event in return for volunteering.

In this post, we wanted to share a little more about the four graduate students you saw at the event and the exciting water research they are working on. These are the future leaders, innovators, and bright minds of our industry!


More About The University of Wyoming’s Center for Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM)

The University of Wyoming’s Center for Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM) provides innovative science and engineering research for application in the oil and gas industry for the purposes of reducing environmental impacts, improving industry process efficiencies, increasing profitability, and enhancing society benefits. Their efforts center on three key areas of produced water management: treatment technology development, resource extraction and monetization, and economics and logistics of water management. Current projects are directed at developing novel membrane materials for selective recovery of resources from produced waters, such as free hydrocarbons and precious elements (rare earths, lithium). They are also studying the usage of magnetic fields for applications like disinfection without the aid of biocides and scale control.

Here is a short video that overviews the CEPWM:



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