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Issue #24 | A Year-End Push?

Deal flow in the oilfield water sector has been fairly light over the past several weeks. This little breather comes three-quarters into a record-setting year for transformational transactions in the oilfield water industry. We track about 30 significant oilfield water deals signed so far in 2019, which is already double

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Issue #23 | In Midland Reading The Fasken Exposé

Have you read Bloomberg’s deep dive piece on Fasken Ranch published yesterday yet? It’s our top entry in today’s news digest, and a really solid story from top to bottom. We read the story in Midland, just a few miles away from the ranch’s corporate office. As this news digest

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Issue #22 | Pushing Boundaries

The University Of Wyoming Center for Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM) is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in oilfield water management. And their research is not only driving advancement on the technical front, but also on the economics of produced water reuse. Last week, we had a chance

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Issue #21 | Water Supersystems & Tallgrass Going Private?

Late yesterday evening, Tallgrass Energy announced that Blackstone has offered to acquire all outstanding publicly-available Class A shares of the midstream company in a deal that would take Tallgrass private at a 36% premium to yesterday’s stock price. Blackstone currently owns 44% of the company.  This is our lead story

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Issue #20 | Waste2Water Trip

Thoughtful, firsthand reporting is getting harder to come by these days. In an era of declining print advertising revenue, publishers routinely flood the web with low-calorie click bait (because it creates ad inventory) instead of publishing deeply reported, “old school” journalism. Every once in a while you’ll come across a

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Issue #19 | Blue Ribbon

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Infill Thinking, an oilfield market research firm, conducted a membership outlook survey. 80 business leaders weighed in, with participants hailing from fairly diverse upstream backgrounds. The whole 20-question survey yielded interesting results, touching on the outlook for both completions and produced water.

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Issue #18 | Can’t Miss Keynote

Just hours after last week’s big Solaris Water Midstream deal splashed across the newswires, we were honored to officially announce the company’s CEO as our next Keynote Speaker. Solaris CEO Bill Zartler’s remarks will open the “Oilfield Water Industry Update Conference,” which is fast approaching on October 4, 2019.  This

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Issue #17 | Ray Jay’s Water Note

Even those who don’t work directly in oilfield water are paying attention to our sector this week, thanks first to a thought piece Raymond James sent to their clients on Monday and second to an E&P’s big water divestiture this morning. Bloomberg wrote first about the Raymond James research findings,

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Issue #16 | Of Sand & Water

While reading the top story in our weekly digest below, we were struck by the many parallels between pre-frac water and frac sand procurement.  This pattern of thought was probably triggered by the name of the interviewee in the story, Bill Zartler, who is the epitome of sand and water.

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Issue #15 | Open Season For Antelope

Before we get to this week’s headlines… a quick proposal for fans of this newsletter. We are looking for a couple of industry partners to sponsor this free resource and keep it going strong while building your brand at the same time. Even though our newsletter service is relatively new,

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