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Issue #12 | ‘Who’s Who’ Of Water

Before we get to this week’s oilfield water news digest (which is full, since big research houses seem to be simultaneously focusing on water thought leadership), we owe many of you a big “thank you.” We are very grateful to the 160+ of you reading this email who were present

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Issue #11 | Full House

It’s been a fairly slow week for oilfield water business news. Maybe everyone’s gearing up for this Friday? Speaking of which, it’s going to be a full house at the Houston Petroleum Club just two days from now when Oilfield Water Connection’s inaugural event kicks off with coffee on June

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Issue #10 | Last Call!

Our first news story entry in this week’s headline digest below is an excellent oilfield water read. Written from within the industry, the piece blends opinion with analytical points that will make for good conversation starters at our event next week. That’s right; our inaugural oilfield water finance/business conference is

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Issue #9 | Underhyped

Is oilfield water overhyped or underhyped? We were asked this same question in three unrelated conversations this week. Once by an institutional investor, once by a business development professional, and once by a podcast host. Our short answer every time was “underhyped.” If you want to hear the long answer,

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Issue #8 | It Floats!

This time a week ago, no one knew just how well Rattler Midstream’s stock would do in its publicly-traded debut. Now we all know. That IPO floats! After pricing in the middle of its expected price range, the new listing outperformed the broader energy market by double-digits on its first

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Issue #7 | Will It Float?

Rattler Midstream’s highly-anticipated IPO is expected to launch tomorrow morning (Thursday May 23). This NASDAQ listing will create the first publicly-traded pure-play Permian midstream company. How well will it float? With a significant water component to their portfolio, Rattler’s public spin-off from Diamondback Energy will be closely watched by oilfield

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Issue #6 | Deal News Deluge

NGL & Mesquite. Rattler & Diamondback. KKR, Spur & Percussion. Oasis Midstream. There’s certainly no shortage of deal news involving water assets these days… As the following news recap shows, the oilfield water space continued to deliver a steady stream of healthy transactions last week. We believe that other ongoing

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Issue #5 | M&A Blitz

This week’s oilfield water news recap is heavy on finance / M&A datapoints. In fact, 8 of our top 10 headlines below are M&A related. The deal-making theme seems only fitting since registration just opened for the first conference purely dedicated to finance / market structure issues in oilfield water.

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Issue #4 | Thank You!

As you open this email, our team is in active discussions with high-caliber speakers and sponsors for our inaugural industry conference coming up this summer. Our regular weekly round-up of the most important news stories in oilfield water from the past week appears below this quick conference update / information

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Issue #3 | Newscycle Evolution

If you are reading this email, then you are the definition of a plugged-in early adopter! OilfieldWater.com has been live less than three weeks, and only with a simple landing page. Things are about to change… Our full website goes live within a week or two, followed by the agenda

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