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We’ve got some interesting news and analysis to get to today, but first a quick panel preview. On October 15th at the Houstonian hotel in Houston, we’ll host the 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update. One of the panels that day will tackle the idea of turning waste to value in oilfield water.

Zero waste streams and the circular economy are key themes in 2021 capital markets and in energy. In produced water, what has historically been thought of as a liability (trash to be precise) is being converted into a value stream in volumes greater than ever before. And all water midstream strategy teams are evaluating creative ideas to extract value from the brine moving through their systems.

When constructing this panel, we evaluated many ideas for inclusion including beneficial reuse and even iodine mining. But we settled on three key concepts: evaporation, recycling, and critical minerals extraction. We hope you’ll join us as leaders in each category gather on stage with Ismail from Pickering Energy Partners as the moderator for a timely and topical discussion on unlocking value and reducing waste in oilfield water.

From Waste Streams To Value Streams – Alternative Uses For Oilfield Brine
• Beau Egert, CEO, Energy Water Solutions
• Jason Jennaro, CEO, Breakwater Energy Partners
• Haafiz Hasham, CEO, LiEP Energy Ltd.
• Ismail Hammami, Partner, Pickering Energy Partners Consulting [M]



And now this week’s news…

News Digest

Select Energy Services Is Going Big On Water Midstream Growth In 2021

The recent news that Select Energy Service is the stalking horse for Basic Energy Services’ water business (Agua Libre Midstream) in their bankruptcy was just the latest in a string of big growth moves for Select in water midstream. Here is analysis of some of the most notable datapoints in Select’s 2021 water midstream growth strategy...

WATER TALENT POOL: Select Adds Brian Kuh

Brian joined Select Energy Services as Vice President Business Unit Operations at Select Energy Services. Previously he was WPX's Senior Foreman in Infrastructure and Water Resources.

Is Clean Water The Next Big Thing In The Sustainability Push?

Brian Bohm writes: "Sustainability needs to move beyond the focus on Carbon. Access to clean water should be an equal focus to atmospheric Carbon reduction. We can let efforts to grow energy green or fossil to reduce the volume of fresh potable water in the near surface water cycle."

Folks Are Asking... Are Hidden Hazard Threatening Water From Deep-Injection Wells?

There's hidden hazards threatening water. Deep dark disposal can't conceal the danger. Is deep-injection of hazardous wastes safe? Are deep-injection wells worth the risks? Are they stable?

Monitor This Land Owner Battle In Crane - It Has Implications For Permian Water

A big Permian rancher writes: "An operator doesn't have the right to destroy the aquifers or kill the surface owners."

3 Foundational Areas Of ESG Reporting

The buzz around “ESG” – short for “environmental, social, and governance” – has grown rapidly since its introduction in 2006 with a sharp increase beginning in early 2019[1]. But what exactly is ESG and how does it apply to the energy sector? In part one of this multi-part series from B3 Insight, we explore the fundamentals of ESG reporting and its use in the energy and water management sectors.

WATER TALENT POOL: ChemTreat Customer Needs DAF Ops & Recycle Help

Mark Patzkowski writes: "If you have any experience with DAF operations & recycle drop me a line. A customer of mine is looking for some solid team members due rapid business growth they are experiencing."

Plains All American Targets Long-Term Growth From Key Shale Infrastructure

The seven years since the heady days of $100/bbl oil in mid-2014 have been a tumultuous time for midstream companies tasked with funding a massive infrastructure build-out to support surging crude oil and natural gas production.

O&G Getting In On CCUS. Can Water Midstream Firms Play A Role Too?... Hmm....

Now that the U.S. is closer to Offshore Carbon Capture Storage (OCCS), via the winning bidder for OCCS being announced this week, how may this conceptually look? Here's a good basic primer that you can digest in 30 seconds...

Talos Aiming to ‘Redefine’ Core Oil, Natural Gas Skills to Build CCS Projects on Gulf Coast

"The world’s energy majors are playing an outsized role to reduce carbon emissions, but huge opportunities exist for the independents to build sustainable and substantial portfolios that mesh with their oil and gas skill sets, according to Talos Energy Inc. CEO Timothy Duncan."

One More Good Quick Analysis Of Talos CCUS News

In winning the State of Texas' RFP for the first large-scale offshore carbon storage site, Talos Energy and Carbonvert Inc. are the first winners in a subsurface land rush that Rusheen Capital Management, LLC believes will be on par, if not bigger, than the shale land boom. Because scale, low-cost storage is a central part of the CCUS/DAC business model, expect to see an entirely new investment class emerge as oil majors and other mineral rights owners (states, countries and sovereigns) start to transition significant portions of their subsurface holdings to carbon management.

Texas Pacific Land Corporation Releases Inaugural ESG Disclosure

“We are excited to release our inaugural ESG disclosure, which is a reflection of our existing commitments and priorities surrounding sustainability and social responsibility,” said Tyler Glover, TPL’s Chief Executive Officer.

ESG Arms Race Drives A Rapid Recapitalization Of The Pressure Pumping Fleet

Aside from the priceless (net) activity recovery in pressure pumping this year, ESG fleet conversion is the sector’s biggest theme. By ESG fleet conversion, we mean pumpers upgrading their marketed frac horsepower to Tier 2 dual fuel, Tier 4 DGB, or e-frac -- and it's happening fast!

Conocophillips Water Use Strategy for Fracing

In the Eagle Ford, Conoco targets groundwater sources that are not in proximity to local municipal, domestic or agricultural users. 44% of the water sourced for operations in the Eagle Ford was non-fresh water....

Oilfield Water Visuals 1

SwiftWater Shares a look at produced water recycling in the Permian...

Oilfield Water Visuals 2

Patriot shares a look at containment

Going Out On A Limb – Eagle Ford Drilling Growth Prediction

Our take on the latest permit demand (in concert with other predictive data we monitor) is that the Eagle Ford rig count will push significantly higher into early-2022. Here’s the chart with a couple key observations.

NexTier Announces Completion of Acquisition of Alamo Pressure Pumping

NexTier announced the successful completion of the previously announced acquisition of all pressure pumping operations of Alamo Pressure Pumping, fortifying its position as a leading Permian provider of low carbon well completion solutions.

Industry advisory group talks brine

Officials with the Department of Environmental Protection have expressed a willingness to develop program guidelines to permit the spreading of oil and gas produced water – or brine – on dirt roads as a dust suppressant.

A First Look At 2023 D&C Activity Expectations

Leveraging work done by the data science team at Lium, we share a peek ahead at 2023 base case shale activity expectations for spending, frac and rigs.

Ramesh Sharma Wins Innovation Award for Paper “Taming Water and Sand Frontiers”

Congratulations Ramesh Sharma on this well-deserved honor “2021 SPIRIT AWARD FOR INNOVATION” from ConocoPhillips. It is both exciting and inspirational to watch how you have reached such as impressive goal. Whether it was leading the industry’s first compact facilities design, innovative produced water treatment or disruptive sand separation initiative, you have always taken up ambitious targets and achieved success, through a lot of effort and dedication.

The Top 10 Busiest Frac Sand Mines In The United States Of America

10 Busiest US Frac Sand Mines In First Half 2021


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