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Our next conference is only three weeks away!

Over 100 delegates have registered, and there is only room for 175-200 people at the Houstonian. If too many folks wait until the last minute to register, they may find themselves on a waiting list hoping for cancellations. Don’t miss this one folks – it’s time to register if you want to join the rest of the industry on October 15th!

This event will have the right people in the room, and it will set the tone for the produced water business into 2022.

See the agenda, details, and register online here>

And now this week’s news…

News Digest

Lagoon Water Midstream Enters Midland Basin with Strategic Acquisition

Acquisition of rapidly growing Double Drop Resources provides a complementary, multi-basin presence for Lagoon Water Midstream.

Jonna Smoot Announces Run For Midland County Judge

Our friend Jonna Smoot, who most readers know as the former PBWIEC organizer, has announced her campaign for Midland County Judge. She will run as a Republican positioning her campaign as “conservative for Midland.” We wish her all the best!

Basic Auction Over - Select The Water Winner For $20mm [bankruptcy pdf documents]

Non-California Water Logistics Assets:
i. Successful Bidder/Successful Bid: Select Energy Services, LLC, for a
purchase price of $20,000,000 and otherwise on the terms and conditions of
its Stalking Horse Bid

List Of Assigned Contracts In Basic / Select Deal [bankruptcy pdf documents part 2]

On September 16, 2021, the Debtors filed a Notice of (I) Successful Bidders and
(II) Continuation of Auction (ECF No. 366), naming Berry Corporation (bry), Ranger Energy
Acquisition, LLC, and Select Energy Services, LLC the successful bidders for the applicable
Debtors’ assets (collectively, the “Successful Bidders”).

Winners of Basic Energy Services' bankruptcy auction surpass original bids

Two of the three winning bidders are Houston-based companies.

Shell exits Permian with $9.5 bln Texas shale sale to ConocoPhillips

The deal includes more than 600 miles of operated crude, gas and water pipelines and infrastructure. Royal Dutch Shell said Monday it would sell its Permian Basin assets to ConocoPhillips for $9.5 billion in cash, an exit from the largest U.S. oilfield for the energy major shifting its focus to the clean energy transition.

Laredo Buys Pioneer Midland Basin Assets

Laredo Petroleum, Inc. acquires approximately 20,000 net acres in western Glasscock County from Pioneer Natural Resources Company for approximately $230 million...

Not Again! Are Earthquakes In Delaware Basin Headed For An Oklahoma-Like Disaster?

A rapid uplift in produced water in the Permian is consistent with more earthquakes connected with disposal wells, and reflects an active drilling campaign in the Delaware portion of the Permian basin.

There's been an increase of earthquakes on the New Mexico side of the Permian Basin lately.

New Mexico has seen 36 earthquakes so far this year with 22 of them were near the Texas state line.

WATER TALENT POOL: Legal Eagle On The Move

Simpson Thacher Nabs Energy Pro From Latham

WATER TALENT POOL: Aureus Hires Director

Aureus Energy Services hired Wayne Cook as Director of Chemical Engineering Permian Basin.

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. Provides Investor Update On Growth Plans

We just recently restarted our facilities in the basin, and we are currently treating approximately 8,000 bbl/d. However, as deployed infrastructure is quickly brought to full capacity, we expect production should increase to 25,000 bbl/d in the near term.

ESG Opportunity for Water Management Emerges in Permian Basin

B3 Insight's Oilfield Water Stewardship Council aims to establish industry-endorsed ESG reporting standards for oil and gas industry water management.

North Dakota company opens new New Mexico oil and gas chemical facility

A North Dakota-based oil and gas chemical production company, Creedence Energy Services, recently recapitalized Farmington-based Magna Energy Services and expanded into a new facility in Carlsbad.

Select Energy Services: Several New Acquisitions And A Big Idea

"Select Energy is wheeling and dealing in the water management, stimulation chemicals, and ESG space. So far we like most of what we see."

Ohio bills would do away with regulations for selling gas well brine

Ohio law allows produced water pumped out of wells alongside oil and gas to be spread on roads to control ice or dust, but its sale and application are tracked and regulated. Now Senate Bill 171 and House Bill 282 would do away with those requirements for one company’s processed oil and gas byproduct.

A Chat With Michael Burress

Michael founded Fulcrum Specialty Resources, a water midstream business in the Delaware Basin he later sold successfully.

Mark Patton, Hydrozonix, Joins Ben Samuels For Podcast

An one-hour long listen here....

XRI Posts ESG Scorecard

XRI has added an ESG dashboard to their website.

Barnett Water Hauler For Sale

This Barnett Shale, water hauling company is still for sale. Netting right at $105,000 per month for 2021.

A Reassessment of the Role of Colloidal Iron in Produced Water From Shale Operations—A Review of Field Data and Literature (Part A)

A review of the properties of iron compounds and their impact in shale produced water treatment with an emphasis on their colloidal forms. A wide range of problems is associated with these compounds in produced water including emulsion stabilization, oil-coated solids, pad formation in separators, pipeline solids, and plugging of water disposal formations.

Opinion: Developing a Practical Produced Water Recycle Standard

Brent Halldorson writes: "Water and energy development are inextricably linked. In fact, I have used the analogy that we are essentially farming when we recover hydrocarbons buried deep under the earth. Our organic hydrocarbon crop is being harvested from deep beneath the soil using water. Instead of irrigating to grow the crop, we are using hydraulic fracturing to bring the mature crop to market."

Company grows oil and gas water assets in Permian Basin, research suggests use to water crops

Researchers recently began studying how produced water, a combination of flowback and formation water brought to the surface with crude oil and natural gas, could be used to solve water scarcity.

How to Recover Up to 50% More Oil from Formations

It became clear that formations producing 8-10 barrels of water for every barrel of oil don’t actually have a water problem—they have a wettability problem. When the formation is preferentially water wet, it releases more water than oil. ESal now knew how to make seemingly small changes, without using chemicals, which would boost the oil percentage in the production flow.


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