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Only four weeks until the Oilfield Water Industry Update Conference Senior decision makers are joining the pre-registration list, and it’s shaping up to be a tremendous gathering.

Will you be there at the Houstonian on October 5th, networking over coffee courtesy of Lagoon Water Midstream, lunch sponsored by Tetra Technologies, and drinks at WaterBridge’s ranch water reception?

This is the place to network with industry leaders, but space is limited. Sponsorships sold out in August and we expect seats will all be spoken for in advance as well. With this influential event fast approaching, now is the time to register online if you intend to attend:  https://oilfieldwater.com/owupdate4/

Special thanks to all our great sponsors for making this event possible:  Pilot Water Solutions, RWI Enhanced Evaporation, TruClear Water Solutions, Encore Green, CDX Energy Services, XRI, CORE Linepipe, Tetra Technologies, Lagoon Water Midstream, Gajeske, JGL Solutions, Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pumps, ISCO, Blackbuck Resources, WaterBridge, and B3 Insight. Without these 16 great firms getting involved, high-class events like what’s coming in October would be impossible to organize! See you there…

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Texas Produced Water Consortium Releases 130-page Report On Oilfield Water. Hear One Of The Report's Authors At Our Oct 5 Conference In Houston!

The Consortium has published a 130-page report on beneficial use of produced water in Texas - it is addressed to the Texas Legislature 2022. Download the PDF at the link below and come join us in Houston for our conference on October 5th to hear one of the paper's authors, Rusty Smith the Executive Director at the Consortium, speak!

Gotta Love The Conviction That The New Name Expresses!

Centennial and Colgate won't be diversifying outside the Permian any time soon. The two companies completed their business combination and renamed themselves Permian Resources Corporation. That name doesn't leave much to the imagination!

EQT Close to Buying Tug Hill’s THQ Appalachia for $4+ Billion

Both Reuters and Bloomberg reported a deal is close and may even be announced this week. However, the price of the deal reported by the two news services differs by quite a bit.

Two 4.0M+ earthquakes rattle Reeves County

Last Thursday, the United States Geological Survey reported the first quake happened at 11:17 a.m. about 23 miles northwest of Toyah. It was rated a 4.0 on the Richter scale. The second quake, usually an aftershock, happened a few minutes later at 11:23 a.m. in nearly the same location, according to the USGS. This earthquake was stronger registering a 4.3 magnitude.

Water Talent Pool: Profile On Bridget R. Scanlon, Ph.D. (NAE), The University of Texas at Austin

TAMEST Member Bridget R. Scanlon, Ph.D. (NAE) is often called a world-leading authority on water research. Dr. Scanlon, a Senior Research Scientist at The University of Texas at Austin, currently heads the Sustainable Water Resource Program for the UT Bureau of Economic Geology.

Water Management: Putting Water to Work in US Shale Operations

The reuse of produced water is on the rise as water management evolves in the U.S. shale industry.

Is the Pa. High Court Deciding the Most Helpful Environmental Rights Amendment Cases?

If we are to have a constitutional environmental provision with relevance to the interaction of private activities with the government, Pennsylvania business, organizations, and their lawyers need some guidance on both parts of the ERA.

Big Fracs That Add More Oil May Also Mean More Water, and That Can Be All Right

When Occidental Resources switched to bigger fracture designs to produce more oil, it produced more water as well. Based on research done since, they cannot have one without the other, and at the oil prices recently seen, that’s okay.

Cash Is King

Even though E&P operators have many demands on their cash registers – not just growth capex but also increasing share repurchases, dividends, and debt paydown – seeing that that “cash and cash equivalents” line grow certainly helps with the optics of more E&P spending.

TETRA Technologies Announces Changes to Senior Management

Matt Sanderson will be Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer and Roy McNiven who will be joining TETRA as Senior Vice President, Energy Services Operations.

New Mexico officials want more funding to enforce oil and gas rules amid high pollution

Lawmakers in New Mexico were asked to provide more resources to oil and gas regulators during the upcoming legislative session, after the state recently enacted multiple new requirements intended to curb air pollution from fossil fuel operations.

Oil Rally Dwindles on Renewed Slowdown Fears

Oil dropped as additional Covid-related lockdowns in China heightened risk-off sentiment across markets, halting the rally that followed the OPEC+ meeting earlier this week.

Shortage of Frack Gear Is Helping to Hold Back US Oil Production

In a dusty corner of Oklahoma, close to where Erle Halliburton founded his eponymous oil services empire 103 years ago, a group of workers shows why US oil production growth has been underwhelming in spite of a price boom.

NatGas is Greener than Wind & Solar When Counting CO2 Footprint

Russell Johns points out that when considering the intense mining operations needed to harvest materials used in solar and wind technology, and the shipping associated with those materials, etc., solar and wind actually have a *bigger* carbon dioxide footprint than does using natural gas. In other words, natural gas is greener than wind and solar!

Recession Playbook May Not Work on Oil This Time

“We acknowledge all recessions across the last 20 years have had a destructive impact on oil demand and prices - in percentage terms, WTI dropped by ~40-80 percent as measured from the eve of these respective recessions,” BofA noted in the report, which was sent to Rigzone recently.

Permex Petroleum Reports Successful Recompletion of wells on its New Mexico and Texas Properties

The recompletions were successful and came online at a combined initial production rate of 50 barrels of oil equivalent per day (“BOEPD”) and have stabilized at a rate of 35 barrels of oil equivalent per day, increasing the Company’s total production to 71 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Manhattan Institute: “Energy Transition” Delusion – A Reality Reset

In a new report published this week by the Manhattan Institute, “The “Energy Transition” Delusion: A Reality Reset” (full copy below), Mark Mills takes on the dangerous delusion of a global energy transition that eliminates the use of fossil fuels.


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