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PIOGA & Marcellus Logistics Group Join The 2023 Marcellus Shale Water Conference Coming Up On August 9th In Pittsburgh

PIOGA will be a supporting organization and Marcellus Logistics Group is an E&P operator group (similar to Permian Basin Water Management Council) that will host a private member meeting the day before the main event. Learn more in this press release and plan to join us if you are involved with Appalachian water management!

Seneca & EQT Form Water Partnership In Marcellus

Highland Field Services - Seneca's water management subsidiary - is partnering with EQT to reduce its environmental impact. Both companies withdraw freshwater from Lycoming Creek in Lewis Township, PA, for their operations, and each utilizes a pump station on either side of the creek. To eliminate the need for additional infrastructure, Highland and EQT constructed the Lycoming Creek Connector - a water line buried beneath the stream that ties both stations together. The interconnect allows both operators to use the other's distribution system...

Increase in earthquakes rattle Permian Basin communities

While the industry does bring in significant money, some in the region are worried about the correlation between the increase in produced water injections and the number of earthquakes in the region.

Fault lines at Texas-New Mexico border complicate earthquakes linked to waste water disposal

While the fault lines might have been largely immobile for a millennia, today they are potentially responsible for the growing hazard of earthquakes throughout West Texas and southeast New Mexico.

Is New Mexico ready for increasing earthquakes? That's what our reporting is tackling

In the last three years, the USGS has recorded 10 seismic events of 4.5 magnitude or higher - and earthquakes aren't only getting stronger, they're getting more frequent, which could mean those living and working in southern New Mexico and west Texas might begin to feel the increasing consequences of seismic activity.

Apache 2023 Sustainability Report

"We also recognize that water is a precious resource and have made a concerted effort to increase the proportion of recycled and produced water used in our global operations. Over the last five years, only 5% of water consumed in our global operations was fresh water."

Industry, regulator cooperation dampened Oklahoma's quaking issues over time

Today, the underground disposal of produced water from oil and gas wells continues, but the practice is much more closely regulated using restrictions that limit both how much and where the wastewater can be injected.

Shaky Ground: The link between the Permian Basin's fossil fuel industry and earthquakes

Permian disposal injection wells were linked to a rash of quakes throughout the historically seismically inactive region, leaving public officials like Winkles grappling with the economic benefits of an industry that is changing the ground their communities stand on.

Halliburton Multi-Chem opens regional lab in Odessa

Whether the customer is a midstream operator needing internal corrosion data or an operator facing oil and water quality challenges, the local presence means “our customers don’t have to wait, and they shouldn’t have to wait for results.”

Natural Gas Operators Facing More Oversight of Emissions, Including Methane, in EPA Proposal

Natural gas and oil operators may see more stringent reporting requirements under a proposal issued Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to “improve the accuracy of reported emissions,” including methane.

WATER TALENT POOL: Director of the Colorado Produced Water Consortium Wanted

New job has been created to run the consortium.

Member of the PBPA Identify Water Recycling/Re-Use as a Top Concern

When they asked their members what their top 4 legislative or regulatory issues were for their company, the most common answers were Emissions Regulations, State Permitting, Water Recycle/Reuse, and Federal Permitting.

Biden-Harris Administration to Jumpstart Clean Hydrogen Economy with New Initiative to Provide Market Certainty And Unlock Private Investment

As part of Bidenomics and President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today released a Notice of Intent (NOI), which includes a Request for Information (RFI), to invest up to $1 billion in a demand-side initiative to support the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs).

$300 million Permian Basin oil and gas sale closes as company exits Eagle Ford

Callon Petroleum Company of Houstan said it closed on the acquisition of assets in the Delaware sub-basin from Percussion Petroleum Operation on July 5, a sale announced in May that say the company refocus its extraction efforts on the Permian.

U.S. Rig Count Goes Up First Time in 10 Weeks – M-U Stays Even

The weekly rig count for the U.S. finally, after nine straight weeks in a row, turned around–just a bit.

Road reform efforts to speed up road project process in the Permian Basin

There is plenty of road construction happening in the Permian Basin, and more is in the works moving forward. Those projects take time, but the process to even start them increases the timeline. However, efforts have been made to change that.

39 New Shale Well Permits Issued for PA-OH-WV Jun 26-Jul 2

New shale permits issued for Jun 26 – Jul 2 in the Marcellus/Utica saw a dramatic increase, thanks to a bump in Pennsylvania’s numbers.

PA DEP Tees Up 46 Pages of New Safety Regs for Shale Drillers

The DEP has just introduced a 46-page NEW regulation aimed at making it “easier” for drillers to comply with all of the existing emergency planning regs.


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