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Momentum is building for the November 2nd Oilfield Water Industry Update Conference. Meanwhile, there is a lot going on in the produced water sector – get caught up in this week’s news digest below.

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

NY Times Pens Frac Water Hit Piece...

Their Title: "‘Monster Fracks’ Are Getting Far Bigger. And Far Thirstier."
Their Subtitle: "Giant new oil and gas wells that require astonishing volumes of water to fracture bedrock are threatening America’s fragile aquifers."

...Allow Us To Retort!

In this LinkedIn post, we point out some of the ways that the NY Times piece appears to ignore the positive impact of produced water recycling and overstate frac job reliance on fresh water. The two biggest problems with the article in our view are structure (start and end with fresh water problems while burying a brief mention of recycling in the middle where nobody reads), and bad data (claim that 15% of Permian frac source water comes from wastewater recycling without a clear source - we believe actual % is much much higher).

A New E&P IPO Touts Vertically Integrated Water Midstream In The MidCon

Mach Natural Resources, an Oklahoma E&P, filed an S-1 and in it they highlight their water assets as a competitive advantage driving their breakeven costs down. Their STACK water infrastructure consists of approximately 300 miles of owned gathering pipeline, and their water disposal assets consist of 20 disposal wells with approximately 377,000 BWPD permitted capacity. Their 50% owned Mississippi Lime water infrastructure, located in Alfalfa, Woods and Grant Counties, Oklahoma, aids in the disposal of produced water generated by our operations consisting of approximately 580 miles of pipeline and 35 disposal wells with approximately 300,000 BWPD permitted capacity. See link to S-1 Filing for more...

Susquehanna River Basin Commission Approves 8 Shale Gas Drilling Water Withdrawals - 1 In Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek, Home To The Hellbender

On September 14, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission approved eight shale gas drilling water withdrawals-- 1 in Exceptional Value Loyalsock Creek.

Goodnight Midstream Announces New President and Chief Operating Officer

The company announced Matthew Osborn will serve as the company's President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Nitrogen Gas Blanket for Large Scale Produced Water Storage

Laura Capper writes: "I'm looking for a company or individual with experience working with installing nitrogen gas blanket systems over large format PW storage. Would appreciate any recommendations!"

Is Lea’s water supply drying up?

Ask residents of Portales, NM how important drinking water is and you’re likely to get punched in the nose. Discussion on the Ogallala aquifer and potential solutions (even beneficial re-use).

Panel: Permian will see new opportunities over next century

“What we’ve seen in the Permian Basin is it’s always been underrated since the first discovery,” said Mike Party, chief executive officer and president of Beryl Oil and Gas.

Siren Song of Geothermal Calls to PA Conventional & Shale Drillers

Now comes word of a nonprofit called Project InnerSpace attempting to convince PA drillers to leave drilling for natural gas behind and enter the new nirvana of geothermal drilling instead.

Exxon Evaluates Lithium Extracted From Brine

Process is less emissions-intensive than mining, Exxon says. Evaluation comes after company held automaker supply talks...

EPA approves permit for controversial fracking disposal well in Plum

Anti-fossil fuel group’s take on a reception permit.

Oil prices climb about 2% as markets focus on supply tightness

Almost $93/bbl now! Oil prices rose by more than $1 a barrel on Wednesday as markets focused on supply tightness heading into winter and a “soft landing” for the U.S. economy.

Capital Starvation has consequences

Rhett Bennett points out that capital starvation has consequences, and attempting an Energy Transition for humanity without a concise, realistic plan can lead to some very bad outcomes for consumers.

Oil at $100 Is Too High, Even for Energy Companies

As crude oil prices near triple digits, it isn’t just consumers feeling uneasy.


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