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Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

SK Capital Acquires Milestone Environmental Services - Deal Price Not Disclosed

SK Capital has taken a controlling stake in Milestone in partnership with President and CEO Gabriel Rio, who will continue to serve in that role and retain significant ownership in the Company.

The Exhibit Hall Will Be Full And Top Brand Names Will Be Well Represented Nov. 2nd!

Sponsorships have SOLD OUT 30 days early for the 5th Oilfield Water Industry Update conference this Nov 2 at the Houstonian. Check out the firms that are showcasing their platforms here...

How Colorado protects water from oil and gas contamination

“We're Coloradans. We value clean air. We value clean water,” said Dan Haley, who represents the industry as the president and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. "We're drinking the same water that they're drinking. We live in the neighborhoods where we work. And so, we have every reason to get it right.”

New carbon capture and storage hub in Permian Basin could begin operation as early as 2025

The site of the hub covers parts of Midland and Upton counties. It would lower carbon emissions, which would enhance oil and gas, and signal carbon hub development.

RRC P-18 Comment From Nate Alleman

Last month, the RRC's P-18 (Monthly Skim Oil/Condensate Report) got a significant facelift and upgrade with additional fields being added to track water movement from out of state as well as allowing for consolidated P-18s for interconnected water disposal networks.

WATER TALENT POOL: EQT Hiring Key Water Position

This position is at the heart and soul of EQT, leading gas control and water hauling and transfer to keep operations running.


Hiring for operations engineer...


TETRA Technologies is hiring 2 Senior Financial Analysts, one in The Woodlands, north of Houston, and one in Midland, Texas.

Tetra's Diversified Future: Lithium, Zinc Bromide, And Water Recycling Poised To Reshape Earnings, Highlights Analyst

The analyst believes the company is in the early stages of a corporate evolution focusing on the use of lithium in EV battery technology and zinc bromide in long-term battery storage projects to assist wind and solar farms. The reuse of produced water from oil and gas operations is also among the key focus areas for TTI, says the analyst.

Shale Can Play Big Role in World LNG – But Not Without New Pipes

According to consulting powerhouse McKinsey & Co., world demand for LNG is forecast to see robust demand growth through at least 2040, and U.S. shale gas producers can effectively compete to fill a coming supply gap. But only if we can build enough new pipelines and liquefaction plants to meet the demand.

Oil falls over $1 on demand fears, Saudi confirms cuts to year-end

Oil fell on Wednesday, as pledges by Saudi Arabia and Russia to continue crude output cuts to the end of 2023 were offset by demand fears stemming from macroeconomic headwinds.

Solenis acquires CedarChem, enhancing water and wastewater treatment capabilities in southeastern U.S.

Acquisition provides enhanced customer value for water and wastewater treatment sales and services and supports direct go-to-market strategy.

U.S. Oil Production Is Doing Well—For Now

As oil prices near $100 per barrel, the United States finds itself with lower supplies at the critical oil hub of Cushing, Oklahoma.

Texas drought has deepened amid this year’s brutal heat

A lingering drought affecting more than 80% of Texas is causing wildfires, hurting agriculture and drying up water supplies throughout the state.

How 'green' is New Mexico really? Do recent oil and gas reforms go far enough?

Air pollution from New Mexico’s nation-leading oil and gas industry drove it to be ranked as third-least environmentally friendly state in the U.S., according to a study published on Monday. The study used a combination of the quantity and kinds of emissions present in the state, amount of fossil fuel production and access to nature and water quality.

UIC Class VI Permit Tracker...

Last week, EPA released an updated UIC Class VI permit tracker, allowing greater insight into the number of potential geologic sequestration projects, the number of associated injection wells, and the status of submitted permit applications. Integrating this information with data provided by North Dakota and Wyoming (the two states currently with UIC Class VI primacy) yields the following nationwide statistics regarding the distribution and status of UIC Class VI permits:

Crestwood Equity Partners: Strong Value Potential As Acquisition Deal Is Finalizing

Energy Transfer LP's acquisition of Crestwood Equity Partners LP creates a $108 billion enterprise-valued combined business. CEQP's strong focus on midstream operations and strategic partnerships with major energy producers make it a valuable asset in the energy sector.

Lagoon Water Midstream Talks Sustainability... Come Hear Their CEO Nov 2 During Our Power Hour At The Houstonian!

"Sustainability is embedded into the core values at Lagoon, and we view Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) distinction as a strategic principle."

Do Marcellus/Utica Drillers have Enough Proved Reserves for Future Production?

Have gas drillers, particularly in the Marcellus/Utica, built the inventories of proved reserves to support future production increases to meet demand? The experts of RBN Energy tackle the important issue of replacing reserves in a new post.

Buzz building for November! Mark Your Calendar

Thanks to our friends at Midstream Calendar for flagging the event!

Buzz building for November 2nd! Agenda Snapshot

Here's a snapshot of the info-packed agenda from our friend Kurt Knewitz.

Buzz building For November 2nd! Speaker News...

Hear from WaterBridge's co-CEO and CFO Steven Jones!

Buzz building For November 2nd! You Don't Want To Miss This Event...

RWI Enhanced Evaporation is honored to be a sponsor for the November 2nd Oilfield Water Connection Conference.

Buzz building For November 2nd! Speaker News...

Hear from Clair Primm on the 2024 Risks/Opportunities panel!

Buzz building For November 2nd! Speaker News...

Hear from Kelly Bennett!

Louisiana Water Storage Needs

Lyle Thomas is looking to rent or purchase two (2) 500 Bbl frac tanks to store water for mixing concrete down in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

WV’s Waco Oil and Gas Fined $825K by Feds for Pollution Violations

Waco will pay a $825,000 penalty — split evenly between the feds and WV. Waco will also pay big bucks to restore “the vast majority of the impacted waters” and to provide “compensatory mitigation for waters that cannot be restored.”

EIA Report: Renewables Get Far More Gov’t Subsidies than Fossil Fuels

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), very quietly issued a major new report in early August that shows green energy receives FAR MORE in the way government subsidies than does fossil energy.

Overseas: Water treatment for one of the world's largest oilfields

This oilfield’s total estimated reserves equate to 14bn barrels. During the second phase, Lukoil and NOC aim to achieve a total production capacity of 800,000 bpd by 2025. The project covers the engineering, procurement and workshop construction of the produced water treatment and sludge thickening and dewatering package, treating a total flow rate of 1,320 cu/m per hour, equal to nearly 200,000 bpd. The plant is close to being handed over to the client.


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