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Select Makes Multiple Acquistions

The deals focus on water infrastructure assets and outfits in the Haynesville and Rockies.

NGL Energy Partners subsidiary expands water disposal pipeline in Permian Basin

Pipeline needs in the Permian Basin grew in step with oil and gas production, leading a midstream to expand its water transmission line in southeast New Mexico to meet the demand for wastewater disposal in the region.

Element3® Successfully Extracts Lithium Chloride in Permian Basin Field Test

Element3, a critical material extraction company specializing in oil and gas wastewater, announced it successfully extracted lithium chloride from oil and gas wastewater at a Double Eagle’s produced water recycling facility.

Ohio Supreme Court: Appeals court failed to follow orders when reconsidering wastewater well closure

An appeals court failed to follow instructions from the Supreme Court of Ohio when considering the case of a wastewater well operator that was shut down for potentially causing earthquakes in Trumbull County.

JGL Solutions

Kelly Bennett: Data Collaboration Is A Rising Tide That Lifts All Ships

Water management is evolving quickly, no matter what industry you consider. Whether it’s conservation, mining, utility supply, or oilfield water management, the need for data – much more data – has come into focus. Data is widely understood as the backbone for our decision-making needs and as the role of artificial intelligence grows in decision support applications, the value of accurate data is growing fast. But so are the challenges associated with making data useful.

Silver Hill Energy Partners Enters Bakken with Acquisition from Liberty Resources II

Silver Hill is to acquire Liberty’s interests in oil and gas properties, rights and related assets in North Dakota and 100% of Liberty Midstream Solutions, LLC, a midstream oil and gas company with gas gathering, gas processing and produced water logistics assets in North Dakota.

Permian, Haynesville shale plays to fuel US gas production growth in 2024: IEA

Agency warns that further project delays will soften US dry gas production growth to below 2% in 2024.

Marcellus Shale Coalition and Industry Partners Urge Biden Administration to Maximize U.S. LNG Economic, Environmental and Security Benefits

“Any action to halt U.S. LNG export approvals would be a major mistake that puts American jobs and allies at risk while undermining global climate goals.”

Russia Celebrates as Biden Administration Halts U.S. LNG Decisions

In an ill-advised ploy to score political points with climate activists, the Biden Administration Friday announced a pause on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project applications to “assess the impact of greenhouse gas emissions” as well as potential cost increases for Americans.

ESG Investment Funds Crashing & Burning – $5.1B Gone in U.S. 4Q

In the fourth quarter of 2023, U.S. fund clients withdrew a net $5.1 billion from ESG funds.

Pennsylvania announces new requirements, study for fracking and drilling

Companies in Pennsylvania must now publicly disclose any chemicals used during drilling or hydraulic fracturing, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

Mining the Treasures Locked Away in Produced Water

Texas A&M University researcher Dr. Hamidreza Samouei is investigating the components of produced water and says this waste byproduct of oil and gas operations contains nearly every element in the periodic table, including those of significant interest to national economies.


Alex is starting a new position as Co-Owner at HyFlow Water Solutions.

2nd Plum Injection Well Approval Suffers Minor Court Setback

Judges of the mostly conservative Commonwealth Court ruled in favor of environmental radicals to send the approval back to the Zoning Board for another look and more justification.

Countless brine spills across western North Dakota the result of January cold stretch

This month, North Dakota has reported numerous brine spills that have dumped some 380,000 gallons of brine across McKenzie, Mountrail, Dunn and Burke counties in western North Dakota.

Canadian Court Blocks Part of Quebec’s Ban on O&G Drilling

The province of Quebec, Canada, with a huge supply of Utica Shale gas sitting beneath it, passed a new law in April 2022 outlawing all oil and natural gas production throughout the province. Some energy companies sued.

Have you seen the U.S. Department of the Interior "Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells 101" Esri ArcGIS online resource?

Interesting information resource...


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