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Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Chevron DMG Pilot Project SWDs In Eddy County Granted Injection Authority

Nate Alleman writes: "Chevron's DMG Pilot Project SWDs in Eddy County, NM have been granted injection authority, which is great (and intriguing) news for producers and water midstream companies alike. With ever-increasing produced water generation volumes along with increased concern of seismicity across the Permian Basin, the industry is continuously seeking additional sustainable disposal capacity, and because of this, Chevron's Pilot Project has certainly garnered interest."

NGIF Capital Leads Series-A Investment in Vancouver's Carbonet to Expand Their Water Treatment Platform

“We were impressed that CarboNet could not only help the energy sector improve water use, but also cut OPEX, CAPEX, and emissions.”

Webinar: Navigating Water Infrastructure, Treatment, & Regulatory Challenges

Rick McCurdy, a speaker at the upcoming Oilfield Water Markets Conference this May, spoke on a webinar for Select earlier today.

Lithium demand and development swell, but US laws lag behind

While the federal government regulates the water extraction involved in lithium mining, states govern other parts of the process.

Oil Report: Producers seeing success in Dawson County horizontals

Martin and Midland counties dominate the Lone Star State’s crude oil production. But some producers are starting to turn their sights north — to Dawson County in the northern Midland Basin.

E&P contests oilfield violation, searches for ways to dispose of wastewater

Aethon contested DEQ’s charge that its effluent didn’t meet standards for barium and radium, saying regulators modified a permit and “removed compliance requirements” for those two elements.

CNX Buying 51M Gal. of Water from Beaver Run Reservoir for Fracking

CNX will pay $12,855 for every 1.5 million gallons of water it buys. If the company ends up buying the full 51 million gallons, it will pay $437,000.

Environmental groups scrutinize Beaver Run Reservoir water usage in the wake of drought watch

Nonprofit citizen environmental group Protect P-T began taking a closer look at the water consumed by the major natural gas fracking companies in the area and discovered the three largest companies — Olympus, CNX and Apex — drew 328 million gallons of water from MAWC’s reservoirs in 2023, according to state statistics.

0% of New PA Shale Wells have “Interfered” with Water, Other Wells

In PA drilling, only 54 shale wells out of 14,412 drilled since 2004 have resulted in the shale well “communicating with” (interfering with or leaking methane to) nearby water wells, conventional wells, abandoned wells, or other shale wells. That’s 0.0037 of the time, or 3.7 wells for every 1,000 drilled. Remarkable.

JGL Solutions

Oil prices fall on large U.S. crude stockpile increase

Crude oil futures fell for a second day Wednesday after an industry report pointed to large build in U.S. petroleum stockpiles.

U.S. Gas Producers Optimistic Despite Very Low Natural Gas Prices

This month, the spot natural gas prices at the Waha hub in West Texas, in the Permian, have been negative, sinking to as low as -$1.16 per million British thermal units. U.S. natural gas producers and pipeline operators acknowledge there is an oversupply hanging over the market, but they believe that gas will continue to be in demand domestically and internationally for decades to come.

Permian Basin sees record high for jobs, labor force report says

Midland is ranked number one in the recent labor force report, with an unemployment rate of 2.6%. Odessa is following closely behind at 3.5%.

Summit Midstream Partners, LP Announces Sale of Utica Position for $625 Million

Heath Deneke, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman, commented, “We are pleased to announce this compelling transaction with MPLX, which is the result of a thorough strategic review, and generates substantial value creation opportunities for our unitholders.”

Fayette County, PA Adopts Illegal Wastewater Injection Well Ban

Perhaps drillers will want to give the county a pass for future development following an unnecessary and illegal ban against wastewater injection wells passed last week by the three county commissioners.

A Model For The Permian Basin To Look At?? Hydrogen facility proposed in western Kern would run on solar power, wastewater

Three elements prevalent at Kern County oil production sites — wastewater, photovoltaic solar arrays and available space — may come together before long to create renewable fuel for California's nascent hydrogen fuel cell market.

Vivakor Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Endeavor Entities for $120 Million

The Endeavor Entities operate in the midstream segment of the oil industry, which targets oil logistics, gathering and storage, including crude oil and produced water trucking and disposal services, and also operate a crude oil pipeline gathering system and pipeline injection stations.

Technical Paper: Exploring Nature's Filters: Peat-Mineral Mix for Low and High-Strength Oilfield Produced Water Reclamation

PMM as a promising substratum to meet Canadian oil sands' zero waste goal and SDGs. Both low and high strengths produced waters were efficiently reclaimed.

Alert from Alberta’s Fracking Earthquake Warning System

On Friday, Cygnet Energy, a small Calgary-based firm with assets in the Duvernay formation, reported a 4.1 magnitude tremor near one of their well sites, just 35 kilometres southwest of the community of Fox Creek.

Equipment failure causes produced water spill

Rough Rider Operating, LLC reported to the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division that 13,860 gallons of produced water were released. The produced water was contained on location and cleanup was underway. At the time of reporting, 13,020 gallons of produced water had been recovered.

Milestone Opens Energy Waste Landfill in Glasscock County

Milestone Environmental Services, LLC (“Milestone” or the “Company”), a leading environmental services and carbon management company and the largest energy waste sequestration company in the United States, today announced the opening of its Stanton Landfill facility, located 10 miles south of Stanton at 512 County Road 470. The facility is now accepting drill cuttings, contaminated soils, non-injectable fluids, and other RCRA-exempt E&P waste.

Small nuclear reactors may be coming to Texas, boosted by interest from Gov. Abbott

Small reactors have been around for decades — they have powered submarines since the 1950s, for example — but the new generation of reactors under development are designed to power everything from industrial facilities to oilfield water desalination to the electric grid. They’ll need approval from federal regulators to go into operation.

Chevron Will Pay Record Fines for Oil Spills in California

A spokesperson for the Department of Fish and Wildlife said in an email that the fines covered the first phase of the Cymric incident that the agency’s oil spill response teams worked on from June 2019 through April 2020, totaling 1.2 million gallons, about 70% wastewater and 30% oil.

Biden administration warns states of cyberattack threat to water, wastewater systems

The Biden administration warned governors Tuesday that “disabling” cyberattacks are targeting drinking water and wastewater systems throughout the country and urged them to help identify and address any vulnerabilities.

Energy Department goes all in on clean form of on-demand energy embraced by fossil fuel industry

The agency projects that geothermal could supply the energy equivalent of 4 million households by 2030 — and that its investment could help achieve “liftoff” for an industry that could be a core bulwark of the power sector in coming decades.


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