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The countdown is on – just 30 days left until we kick off the 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference at the Irving Convention Center, May 8-9. New sponsors and speakers are joining and buzz is building. The hotel block is almost full and the industry is signing up to attend in large numbers. It’s the place to see and be seen with produced water decision makers. Have you registered? Details>

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

30 Days Until The Main Event Of The Year In Water Midstream – Join Infill Thinking There!

Infill Thinking is a proud supporting organization for the event, and their team is looking forward to participating in fireside chats with top water midstream executives on the main stage. Check out this piece previewing the conference!

Ted Wooten Quick Thought On TX Drinking Water

Ted Wooten from TX RRC writes: "I just glanced up this morning and found this reference to the EPA standards for drinking water.... I'm sure that every person in the State of Texas will benefit from knowing the EPA has set clear goalposts for water quality standards. I'm excited for all those in our industry who already strive to find ways to create more clean usable water from the ancient waters found at great depth in the earth. Those companies, and technologists, who work on treating water every day here in Texas will rapidly lead the way with clear water quality guidelines set by EPA."

Josh Shapiro’s Mariner East Water Testing Program in PA is a Bust

Part of a plea deal included a company funding a program to test water supplies for those who claim their well water was damaged by the construction of a certain pipeline. That program has turned into a disaster.

The oil industry's trash could become desert riches as wastewater recycling gains traction

New pilot projects in the Permian Basin of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico are testing technologies that they hope can cost-effectively purify the chemical-laden brine that flows up alongside oil during the production process so it can be reused.

Who's Speaking At The Fast Approaching Oilfield Water Markets Conference?

Taking the stage are C-level speakers from the likes of WaterBridge, Texas Pacific Water Resources, XRI, Deep Blue, AQT, Gravity, Lagoon, Layne, and more… E&Ps to see at the event include Chevron, Diamondback, Exxon, Marathon, Pioneer, Chesapeake, Diversified, Southwestern, Surge Energy Americas, Apache, EQT, and more… Click to see agenda...

Flood Waters Get Close to Shuttered Austin Master Frac Waste

Company stored at least 10,000 tons of fracking waste beyond its rating at the facility. Last weekend, the Ohio River, which is located 500 feet from the facility, reached flood stage and approached (but didn’t reach) the AMS facility.

Ohio Oil, Appalachia Gas Plays Ripe for Consolidation

With buyers “starved” for top-tier natural gas assets, Appalachia could become a dealmaking hotspot in the coming years. Operators, analysts and investors are also closely watching what comes out of the ground in the Ohio Utica oil fairway.

Oil prices hold near five-month highs after Israel threatens to strike Iran if attacked

The West Texas Intermediate contract for May delivery gained 9 cents, or 0.11%, to $85.32 a barrel. June Brent
futures added 13 cents, or 0.15%, to $89.70 a barrel.

The global gas glut could reach multi-decade highs in the coming years, Morgan Stanley says

Natural gas prices have plunged as the world grapples with an oversupply after a warmer-than-expected winter.

Letter to the editor: Local operators produce natural gas responsibly

Responsible natural gas development continues to benefit Pennsylvania communities, and operators here lead the industry in reusing 93% of wastewater, significantly reducing freshwater needs.

WATER TALENT POOL: WaterBridge Hiring Commercial Analyst

WaterBridge is looking for a Commercial Analyst to join their team in Midland. Great opportunity to join a dynamic and growing organization.


TXOGA President Todd Staples announced the promotions of Shana Gooch Joyce and Tulsi Oberbeck as Vice Presidents of Government and Regulatory Affairs. They have served as Directors in these positions since 2018.

Lithium Production Hampered by Federal and State Policies and Regulations

The United States could be a major global lithium producer if it were not for policies and regulations by the federal and state governments, which are hampering efforts to break China’s control of the critical minerals sector.

NMOGA Shares Permian Production Update

Big news! Permian Basin to hit 6.1M barrels/day by April according to ElA report! Oil and gas are key drivers of economic growth and energy security.

Frac'ing in a Dry Spell: Water Scarcity Threatens Oil & Gas

The industry is starting to wake up to the water crisis. To keep things going in the long run, they'll need to find ways to use less water and get creative with recycling.

No water, no oil: How the parched western provinces could hamper the oilpatch

Water shortages could have devastating effect on oil and gas sector, says new report

JGL Solutions

INTERESTING READ: Earth’s water future veers into sci-fi territory, researchers say

The line between science and fiction blurs when it comes to the Earth’s water cycle. Humanity’s relentless intervention is transforming this delicate balance, leaving scenes of arid landscapes and failing crops a preview of a far more dire future. Land development disrupts rainfall patterns. Desperation fuels experimentation with cloud seeding, bending the weather to human will. The stuff of dystopian novels is fast becoming our inconvenient reality.

3,000 acres excluded from Permian Basin lease sale to protect local natural resources

The parcels were deferred after the BLM found they were in areas known for karstic landforms. Karst is a landscape formed by dissolved bedrock, mostly limestone and gypsum and other soluble rocks. That rock is eaten away by slightly acidic water, fueled by carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and in the soil when rain falls to the ground, creating a weak carbonic acid.

Technical Paper: Greening the oil industry: Microalgae biorefinery for sustainable oil-produced water treatment and resource recovery

This paper examines the utilization of microalgae to treat oil-produced water (OPW), a complex wastewater stream from the oil and gas industry.


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