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Texas earthquake could further restrict oil companies' saltwater disposal options

The quake was the largest yet in the Stanton Seismic Response Area (SRA), a swath of the Permian basin near Midland, Texas, where regulators were already monitoring seismic activity linked to disposal of saltwater, a natural byproduct of oil and gas production.

Can Direct Lithium Extraction Scale?

The upsides to DLE are huge. The process produces lithium at higher yield rates and on quicker timeframes than traditional methods, hypothetically allowing companies to scale production up and down as the market demands. I

EQT Announces Non-Operated Asset Transaction with Equinor

Consideration for the transaction is comprised of $500 million of cash and upstream and midstream assets as described in the full release here...

'Forever chemicals' found in Pecos River - What does that mean for your health?

Water managers in the region are working to protect the farmers they serve from potential contamination from industrial chemicals as oil and gas booms.

Water scarcity and clean energy collide in South Texas

Chemical company Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc. has purchased the last available water supply from the Nueces River of South Texas, raising concerns of regional scarcity as reservoirs dwindle and drought persists.

JGL Solutions

KNTK- An Energy Midstream Play Profiting in the Texas Delaware Basin

KNTK divides its business into two segments. Midstream Logistics operates water takeaway pipelines, natural gas pipelines, natural gas processing, crude oil gathering, and storage in the Delaware Basin. Pipeline Transportation operates natural gas, natural gas liquid (NGL), and crude oil pipelines to bring energy commodities out of the basin.

Return Of The Cube?

"36 Wells Per Section in the Permian? No, you haven't traveled back in time to 2018. By adding new target zones, operators in the Delaware core have brought back the cube. This is an overlooked part of the Permian inventory story," writes Ted Cross...

RWI Enhanced Evaporation Short Video On Mitigating Environmental Impacts Of Produced Water

RWI Enhanced Evaporation systems control the pollution and release the water back to the earth's hydrological cycle.

LiqTech Enters Distribution Agreement with Razorback Direct for Commercialization of LiqTech Produced Water Treatment Solution in the U.S.

Razorback Direct invests most of its Research and Development focus on the beneficial reuse and recycling of produced water. You can meet the Razorback team in May at our Irving conference as they've just signed on as a sponsor this week!

Mangrove Announces Investment in NORMco Pump & Power

NORMco serves a core customer base made up of the leading water transfer solutions providers within the Permian Basin.

BUZZ BUILDING: Join Marathon's John Coyle In Irving May 8-9

"I will be attending the the Oilfield Water Markets conference next month. Looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with others in the sector."

BUZZ BUILDING: Thomas Jacob Is Speaking This May In Irving!

"I am looking forward to speaking at the Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference next month in Irving, Texas. I will be sharing Rystad Energy's latest outlook on the global macro fundamentals, US drilling, completions, production forecasts and much more. Register for the conference and join us!"

BUZZ BUILDING: Join The JGL Solutions Team In Irving May 8-9

"We are officially three weeks away from the 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference! JGL Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of this year's event and we look forward to another great event hosted by Oilfield Water Connection."

BUZZ BUILDING: Join The RWI Team May 8 In Irving

"If you are in produced water you should be in a seat at the Oilfield Water Connection Oilfield Water Conference! Stop and see the PittBoss - RWI Enhanced Evaporation model at our booth."

BUZZ BUILDING: Join Jonna Smoot This May In Irving!

"I’m really excited about this conference. Each year the Oilfield Water Markets Conference is EXCELLENT and then they go on and put on an even better conference the next year. Hope to see you all there!"

Defining Beneficial Reuse

Jaime Roman writes on LinkedIn: "I’d like to pose a question to all water enthusiasts and produced water professionals. In your opinion, what is the definition of beneficial reuse?" He got some interesting responses...

WATER TALENT POOL: Repsol opening for production service engineering technician...

Ben Younkin writes: "We’re hiring! Join an amazing team at Repsol in our New York office! Send me a message with any questions you may have."

Drought Seen Impacting Western Canada’s Natural Gas, Oil Operations

Canadian oil and natural gas operators are working to manage water use as western provinces face increasingly dry conditions after a mild winter.

Experts warn B.C. needs to better track water use amid drought

Province confirms it doesn't track exact usage of groundwater by industrial companies. The B.C. Energy Regulator publishes quarterly water-use reports for the oil and gas sector, and some other licensees may be required to report how much they use.

Texas oil and gas production, led by Permian Basin, shattered records in 2023

Oil production hit a record 1.92 billion barrels, about 51 million barrels more than the previous record of 1.86 billion barrels set in 2019. Texas natural gas production jumped to a record 12.01 trillion cubic feet, besting the previous record by more than 13%.

Hydro Harvest: Tapping into Texas’ Untapped Water Wealth

Exciting advancements in water recycling technology are unfolding in the Permian Basin! As freshwater resources dwindle and wastewater disposal challenges rise, innovative solutions are emerging.

Interesting Eagle Ford Vizualization

The Eagle Ford shale shown with about 26,000 oil and gas wells with an overlay cumulative production bubble pie charts (shown at lease level). Courtesy of Cameron Snow.

Permian Frac Sand Plant Fire

A fire has shut down the largest local frac sand plant in the Permian Basin.

City looking to tap oilfield tech to improve quality of existing aquifers

Mayor Lori Blong spoke during the Midland Chamber’s State of Midland April 11, about the possibility of using technology used in oilfields to possibly improve the quality of currently unused subterraneous water in the city.

Austin Master owner closes doors of three subsidiaries

Among the subsidiaries is Austin Master Services, a Pottstown-based waste handler that was sued by the Ohio Attorney General on March 25 for having too much low-level radioactive waste simply sitting in mounds on the ground of its wastewater treatment facility in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

Oilfield Fun - Evaporation And Bears

RWI shared a video of bears playing in the water next to their evap units!

NM Tech starts $28M rebuild of petroleum center building

New Mexico Tech broke ground on a $28 million rebuild of a campus building that houses a research division of the Socorro university focused on the oil and gas industry.

CNX Close to Finishing $20M Water Line in Westmoreland County, PA

The new water line, due to be done in June, will reduce the local impact of natural gas development (fewer truck trips), and potentially optimize regional water resources by providing additional reliable water infrastructure to area communities.

ODNR Testing Athens Co. Water Wells for Possible Injection Leaks

ODNR is finally about to test residential water wells in the area (i.e., do real science) to determine if there has been any kind of “communication” or contamination from the injection wells with area production and water wells.

Technological solutions for waste management in oil drilling

This article analyzes how innovations are radically transforming the way the oil industry addresses the challenge of waste management, from automated collection systems to advanced treatment and recycling processes.


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