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It was great to see everyone again last week in Irving. Over 300 senior professionals attended last week with the strongest E&P participation we’ve had yet. In addition to E&Ps, the event drew C-level management teams from leading water midstream players, investors, C-level reps from servicers/suppliers, advisors, analysts, and technologists.

Check out event photos here: https://oilfieldwater.com/owmarkets4/image-gallery/

Up next, we are focusing on the Marcellus/Utica, where our next event will happen on August 8 in Pittsburgh. The water markets there are different than in the southwest, but every bit as dynamic, interesting, and opportunistic. Check out details and early registration here and stay tuned for agenda / speaker / sponsor news soon: https://oilfieldwater.com/pa2024

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

News Digest

Produced Water Is Run By Some Exceptionally Talented Leaders

The produced water industry is fortunate to have some truly great leaders. Over 300 of them gathered in Irving last week for productive conversations. Thanks to everyone who came. A few pics from our time together are below...

NM agency considers new rule on fracked wastewater

"What this rule-making does is to prohibit the use of this produced water outside oil and gas operations," Feibelman explained. "It keeps it from being discharged in a way that would harm our surface waters and our groundwater."

Water Quality Control Commission kicks off produced water hearing

The New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission kicked off a hearing about reuse of produced water and other types of wastewater on Monday. The hearing is expected to last more than a week.

New Mexico forges rule for treatment and reuse of oil-industry fracking water amid protests

Environmental officials in the nation’s No. 2 state for petroleum production are taking initial steps toward regulating the treatment and reused of oil-industry fracking water

NETL Report: Produced Water from Appalachian Hydraulic Fracturing Can Be Source for Lithium Used in Battery Production

Produced water that returns to the surface as wastewater after oil and gas hydraulic fracturing processes in parts of Appalachia can be a source of lithium, a valuable chemical element used in consumer products, according to an important new report from NETL.

Pantera taps world-leading oilfield tech company to define the Smackover’s lithium brine potential

Leading subsurface technology company to develop 3D static geological model to identify optimal well locations for future well planning and designs

E3 Lithium, Imperial Oil expand Alberta pilot project

E3 Lithium (TSXV: ETMC) and Imperial Oil (TSX: IMO) said on Monday they are tighten up ties to advance a pilot plant in Canada’s oil patch, where they are testing together a direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology.

Big Energy

Hat tip to David Hicks of B3 Insight for flagging this interesting read...

Produced water research recognized with environmental award

Well-known Midland oilman Bernold M. “Bruno” Hanson promoted environmental awareness and new procedures to protect the environment during his career, which included serving as president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

LANDGRAF: A path forward to unlocking Texas’ water future

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink… These timeless words from the ancient mariner resonate with profound irony as today we face the challenges and opportunities surrounding water management in our great state of Texas.

Sunvapor Desalination Prize Update

If you attended the conference in Irving last week, you may have met the Sunvapor team. Just before the conference, the U.S. Department of Energy announced Sunvapor, Inc. as the second finalist in the American-Made Solar Desalination Prize.

Doug Sheridan Post On Injection

A growing concern for residents and scientists is that wastewater from disposal wells could migrate into the aging, unplugged wells that litter the Permian by the thousands and contaminate drinking-water supplies or shoot to the surface, where the fluids could damage ranchland.

OPINION: Misinformation and fearmongering clouding truth about water reuse rule

As a lifelong advocate for bold action to address the climate crisis and a state employee tasked with helping to build a more resilient New Mexico, I understand the critical importance of preserving our water resources today for the sake of our future.

Fracking waste wells owned by an Ohio senator are leaking. The state paid $1.3 million to clean it up

Injection wells owned by an Ohio state senator leaked fracking waste deep underground in Noble County before blasting through the surface miles away at an oil well, warranting a $1.3 million cleanup effort.

LM Energy Announces Expansion of Northern Delaware Basin Natural Gas Gathering System

New projects will increase system capacity to approximately 500 MMcf/d and enable top-tier customers to aggressively develop dedicated acreage in the Delaware Basin

Replace Me - E&Ps' 2023 Organic Reserve Replacement Metrics Weaken, Spurring M&A Consolidation

RBN Energy writes: "U.S. E&Ps’ dramatic strategic shift from prioritizing growth to focusing on cash flow generation and shareholder returns has resulted in more earnings-call talk about dividends and share buybacks and less discussion about efforts to replenish and build their proven oil and gas reserves — a critically important factor in establishing company value."

JGL Solutions


Jordan is starting a new position as Product Market Director at Ruhrpumpen.

Texas Pacific Land Analyst Writes "I'm So Bullish It Hurts"

Ultra-high margin business with no debt and diverse revenue streams including water...

Infinity Overseas

Kuwait contract news...


ARIS increased produced water volumes 6% quarter-over-quarter and 19% versus the first quarter of 2023.


With respect to our water desalination for beneficial re-use, we continue to progress discussions for our first commercial plant with a major North America operator and are in discussions with operators for commercial pilot plants in the Permian Basin.


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