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New Mexico forges rule for treatment and reuse of oil-industry fracking water amid protests

Environmental officials in New Mexico took initial steps Monday toward regulating the treatment and reuse of oil industry fracking water as the state grapples with scarce water supplies and fossil fuel producers confront shrinking opportunities for wastewater disposal.

Hearing on expanding water reuse to continue in July

The state's Water Quality Control Commission started a hearing last week on a proposal from the New Mexico Environment Department to expand how companies can treat and recycle water. The commission scheduled the hearing for last week, but extended it so more experts and witnesses could testify.

Crescent Acquires SilverBow, $2.1bn

Combined company to be the second largest operator in the Eagle Ford...

Fish Lists The Lizard

Last Friday the Feds moved to list the lizard, ending a decades long debate. Effective this summer, this will impact Permian operations.

PBPA Says The DSL Listing Will Have A "Chilling Effect" On Permian Production

3 minute local news video worth a view as it contains industry reaction to the listing...

STILL TALKING ABOUT IRVING! WaterBridge Was Highly Visible At The event

WaterBridge was a proud sponsor of the Oilfield Water Connection 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference. It was great to hear from our very own Steven Jones, Co-CEO & CFO, and Hayden McEntire, VP, Integrated Operations and Planning. Looking forward to seeing you next year!

STILL TALKING ABOUT IRVING! Winston Sponsors Oilfield Water Markets Conference 2024

Here are takeaways shared by a leading law firm from their time at the event...

STILL TALKING ABOUT IRVING! Mercer Capital Shares Takeaways

In the midstream water industry, the topics of the times are pressure, M&A/consolidation, and collaboration. All three topics were touched on at Oilfield Water Connection LLC’s recent 4th Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference (the OWM Conference) in Irving, Texas.

STILL TALKING ABOUT IRVING! Envirotech Finds Valuable Insights

Envirotech attended the 4th Annual Oilfield Water Market Conference in Irving, Texas, focusing on the maturing water midstream sector. Fascinating discussions on adapting to change, sustainable flow assurance, and the competitive edge. Envirotech gained valuable insights from business leaders, providers, and landowners.


RWI has a key takeaway!


Attending the TCEQ and Oilfield Water conferences was a fantastic experience. It was wonderful to connect with new clients and customers, discussing innovative solutions and future collaborations. Excited about the opportunities these new relationships will bring!


Matthias Bloennigen spoke on importance of strategic planning during the Oilfield Water Connection conference. By identifying areas for growth through detailed water volume forecasts and pressure level assessments, operators can better manage risks their produced water risk.

Pennsylvanians Realize $500+ Billion in Natural Gas-Generated Public Health Benefits

The increased use of natural gas in power generation has led to historic emissions and air pollutant reductions equaling $450 billion to $1.04 trillion in public health benefits for Pennsylvanians, according to a Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) analysis.

40% of US lithium needs could come from unlikely source in Pennsylvania

Due to the growing demand for lithium, researchers are developing quicker ways to harvest it from the brine pits which, along with more traditional mines, are a primary source of the element. They are also looking in other places for sources of the material. One of those places is a wastewater stream produced as a result of a fracking operation outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Green Irony: Massive US Lithium Source Found - In Fracking Wastewater

In a cosmic practical joke on environmentalists, researchers say they've found a lithium mother lode -- in Pennsylvania fracking wastewater.

Estimates of lithium mass yields from produced water sourced from the Devonian-aged Marcellus Shale

This is the report which generated so many articles this week on Marcellus produced water being a big source of lithium.

Marcellus Drillers Use < 4% of Water Sold by Westmoreland County

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) said water purchased by local energy companies, which includes shale and conventional drillers, accounts for just 4% of the more than 11.5 billion gallons that were sold over the preceding 12 months.

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources Selects Contractor to Conduct Well Water Testing in Athens, OH

ODNR has hired an outside third party to conduct well water testing in the area to gauge whether or not the injection wells have leaked into and contaminated local water supplies.

Industry's water sustainability crisis

There can be no net zero without water. Water sits behind all the sectors needed for the transition: energy, chemicals and mining critical minerals. All face water risks. Rightly the focus has been on carbon, but as we ‘rush to the transition, there are blind spots. We’re overlooking water,’ says Patricia Calderon, associate director for water security at CDP.

Science journalist presents research into toxic waste at Ohio oil and gas waste company that was allegedly storing illegal excess quantities of brine and drilling waste

Concerned Ohio River Residents, or CORR (CORE) brought in science journalist and author Justin Nobel to speak to the community about his extensive research into the oil and gas industry – focusing on the tri-state area.

Adaptive Process Solutions shares results for oil and gas produced water production

Adaptive Process Solutions (APS), a produced water treatment specialist, has completed a successful field trial of its new Microbubble Infusion Unit (MiFU) technology, achieving a near five-fold reduction in oil in water (OiW) levels in combination with a synergistic production chemical.

The History of Oilfield Tanks

For you history buffs out there...

RFQ for Water Transfer and Water Treatment Services in Texas

Hibernia Resources has needs in the Ackerly TX to Patricia area.

JGL Solutions

Saudi Aramco outlines massive three-year spending programme

One of the major schemes includes a residue unit upgrade at the Ras Tanura refinery and a crude increment and produced water facilities at the Ghawar and South Ghawar fields.

Select Water Solutions Announced the Completion of Recycling 50 Million Barrels of Water for Oxy

"Reaching this milestone at one of our flagship facilities is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both teams. This facility not only delivers value to our operator partners, but also provides significant environmental benefits to the community," stated John Schmitz, Select's Chairman of the Board, President and CEO.


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