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Big WaterBridge news headlines our newsletter today. Congratulations to the team on their LandBridge filing! Also congrats to the Deep Blue and Lagoon teams on their business combination announced Monday…

Here is this week’s industry news & analysis…

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WaterBridge's Affiliate LandBridge Files for IPO

The company is sponsored by Five Point Energy, an oil-and-gas-focused private equity firm, and shares its management team with WaterBridge, which operates a network of pipelines to deliver water to the oil-and-gas industry. LandBridge was formed in Sept 2023, owns 220,000 surface acres around the Delaware Basin, and was created in part to support the development of WaterBridge’s large-scale produced water handling infrastructure.

LandBridge S-1 Filing

Here is a link to the full filing - worth a read as WaterBridge is mentioned over 300 times in the document and "produced water" comes up over 300 times as well

LandBridge S-1 Discloses Recent Produced Water & Land Transactions

Quoting the filing: "On May 10, 2024, we acquired approximately 103,000 surface acres in Loving and Winkler Counties, Texas, and Lea County, New Mexico (the “East Stateline Ranch”) from a private third-party seller (the “East Stateline Acquisition”). In tandem with the East Stateline Acquisition, WaterBridge, an affiliated entity, acquired brackish and produced water handling infrastructure located on the East Stateline Ranch and the associated commercial contracts from the same seller (the “WaterBridge Stateline Acquisition”). Additionally, on May 10, 2024, we acquired approximately 34,000 surface acres in Lea County, New Mexico and Andrews County, Texas (the “Speed Ranch”) from the same private third-party seller from which we acquired the East Stateline Ranch (the “Speed Acquisition” and, together with the East Stateline Acquisition, the “May 2024 Acquisitions”). Finally, on March 18, 2024, we acquired approximately 11,000 surface acres in Lea County, New Mexico (the “Lea County Ranches” and, collectively with the East Stateline Ranch and the Speed Ranch, the “Acquired Lands”) from a private third-party seller (the “Lea County Acquisition”). We refer to the East Stateline Acquisition, the Speed Acquisition and the Lea County Acquisition collectively as, the “Acquisitions”."

Deep Blue Acquires Lagoon Operating – Midland

Deep Blue, a joint venture between Diamondback Energy and Five Point Energy, announced it has acquired Lagoon Operating – Midland, LLC ("Lagoon"). This strategic acquisition further solidifies Deep Blue's position as a key player in sustainable water management in the core of the Midland Basin.

U.S.-based Lithium Producer International Battery Metals Names Iris Jancik as CEO to Lead Global Commercial Expansion

IBAT is working with resource holders of oilfield brines, brine aquifers, and industrial customers with brine by-products.

A Green Energy Paradox Is Unfolding in Appalachian Shale

The drive for domestic lithium has found an unexpected ally in fracking wastewater.

Pennsylvania Fracking Just Might Hold The Key To Realizing Biden’s EV Dreams

In a new study, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that as much as 40% of America’s lithium demand could be satisfied by lithium in wastewater from Pennsylvania natural gas wells.

Anti-Shale Group to Hold Presser Outside Muskingum Watershed Mtg

Over the years, MWCD has leased tens of thousands of acres for Utica Shale drilling and cut deals to sell water to drillers for fracking. It has been one of the biggest success stories in the Buckeye State in the last decade, generating more than $1 billion in economic stimulus. Yet anti-fossil fuelers are *still* trying to shut down this success story!

Radium Found in Mussels Downstream from PA Frack Wastewater Plant

Researchers sampled freshwater mussels downstream from a centralized wastewater treatment facility in western Pennsylvania that had accepted and treated fracking wastewater from the oil and gas industry for “two decades.” They found low levels of radium in the mussels, radium that can be attributed to fracking wastewater.

JGL Solutions

Oil spills down in New Mexico last year, study says, amid tougher regulations

Less oil and drilling-related materials were spilled in New Mexico last year compared to 2022, according to a recent report that credited tougher state regulations for mitigating the industry’s environmental impacts.

OPINION: Water reuse rule would let 'fossil fuel industry' profit from contamination

Environmentalists get upset because the industry has produced water, and then get even more upset when we figure out how to reuse it beneficially.

Report: As frac'ing increases, so do oil and gas industry inefficiencies

Analysis by FracTracker Alliance on data from the oil and gas industry revealed a pattern of increasing water withdrawals and waste production associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the Ohio River Valley region.

Classic Rock: E&Ps Launch Refracs of Vintage Eagle Ford Wells

SilverBow Resources, ConocoPhillips and Devon are among E&Ps seeing positive results from restimulating mature Eagle Ford wells, although no operator is sold on the idea.

Cairn Oil & Gas fast-tracks net-zero emissions target to 2030: Deputy CEO

“Cairn is already a Net Water Positive company with an NPWI of 1.12. At present, we are recycling more than 96% of produced water through reinjection,” he added.

Driller asks Ohio to open more of Salt Fork State Park for frac'ing

An unidentified company asked the state to open more than 2,300 additional acres underneath Salt Fork State Park in Guernsey County for oil and gas development.

WATER TALENT POOL: Whitney Dobson Named COO At Infinity

Whitney was formerly VP, Beneficial Reuse at Aris Water Solutions. In early-June, she was named Chief Operating Officer at Infinity Water Solutions.

Could Wyoming Water Get Piped To Colorado? A Decades-old Plan Resurfaces

A gas exploration company with Florida ties is pursuing plans to pull groundwater out of existing coalbed methane wells in southern Wyoming, then pipe it into the lower reaches of the water-stressed Colorado River Basin.

Crystal Clearwater Resources Advances Desalination Pilot In The Midland Basin

Pilot project update...

Utah scientists fracked Beaver County — then proved the earth’s heat can provide clean energy

What it showed, he explained, is that geothermal power collected this way “is a feasible form of energy. It really bodes well for a renewable energy that is 24/7.”

4 essential elements for lay-flat hose in produced water operations

Select Water Solutions gives an overview of essential elements in lay-flat hose for produced water.

Podcast: 366 Produced Water: Expert Perspectives and Practical Tips

Ivan Morales shares his Produced Water insights...

1,300 barrels of produced water spilled in NW Mountrail County, contained on-site

A release from the agency indicated the spill was contained on-site and had been recovered at the time of the reporting.

Oil company reports 35,000-gallon produced water spill north of Williston

Grayson Mills Operating LLC reported 35,070 gallons of produced water released because of an equipment failure. Most of that water has been recovered.


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