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Yesterday, Reuters reported that Solaris Midstream is preparing to IPO. If the report is accurate one could make the case this is one of the top five news headlines in the water midstream sector’s young history. And it comes at a time when O&G public offerings have completely stalled. Wouldn’t it be something if water management leads us out of this slow stretch for public offerings?

As a reminder, our 10/15/21 conference at the Houstonian will commence with a Keynote CEO Panel that includes Solaris’s Bill Zartler. With headlines like this IPO speculation floating around, you can’t afford to miss the conference folks!


And now this week’s news…

News Digest

Solaris Readies IPO With Sustainability Pitch, Sources Tell Reuters

Reuters report: "Solaris has filed confidentially for an initial public offering (IPO) in New York that could value it at more than $1 billion, plus debt, the sources said. The listing could come before the end of the year and will seek to attract investors guided by environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles, they added."

Surge Energy America Announces Top Quartile Water and Methane Intensity Performance

Over 65 million total barrels of freshwater have been conserved since the inception of Surge Energy's water recycling program. Additionally, our water pipeline system eliminated approximately 500,000 truck trips on local roads and saved over 5 million truck miles in 2020 which eliminates emissions associated with diesel trucks.

Seismic Activity Up 6X Y/Y In Delaware Basin

SGS data shows 855 earthquakes above a 2.0-magnitude so far this year. That's nearly six times the 146 quakes YTD in 2020....

Associated natural gas production declines in 2020, following three years of growth

In 2020, annual production of associated-dissolved natural gas (or associated gas)—which is natural gas produced from oil wells—declined in the combined five major U.S. onshore crude oil-producing regions for the first time since 2016.

Oilfield Water – Produced & Fresh H2O Datapoint Roundup

We are looking forward to participating in the last big oilfield water conference of the year this October 15th at the Houstonian. Meanwhile… during the recent 2Q21 earnings season, we listened closely to what E&P operators said about their water. From more recycling, to growing third party water businesses, to electrifying water ops…. here are the 17 most interesting things public E&Ps said about their water this earnings season…


NGL Energy Partners LP Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Gearing Up For October 15th! - Thanks To B3 Insight, The Notebook Sponsor

Along with the new speakers, sponsors, and attendees signing up daily for our Oct. 15th conference, gear is starting to arrive! Thanks to B3 Insight, delegates will enjoy jotting down insights and the names of new contacts they make in these slick notebooks....

Gearing Up For October 15th! - Thanks To Kirkland & Ellis, The Coffee Sponsor

Water you doing on October 15th? We'll be sipping coffee at the Houstonian while networking with #watermidstream executives thanks to Kirkland & Ellis, the coffee sponsor of the 3rd Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update. Join us!

Entrepreneur in Arizona buys the AquaLocate GF6

The GF6 Seismoelectric Exploration System is ideal imaging resistive liquid (fresh groundwater, oil, natural gas) under layers of rock, sediments and soils. BEFORE a BOREHOLE is DRILLED.

Thousands of household wells go dry amid California drought: 'Without water, you're nothing'

Fourteen years ago, Heriberto Sevilla came across a ranch on the outskirts of Madera set among fields of stalk grass and bright wildflowers. Pepper trees dotted the meadow, and children played in the natural lakes created by heavy rains.

Sen. Ben Ray Lujan visits Permian Basin, pushes to fund abandoned oil well cleanup

U.S. Sen. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) visited the Permian Basin Tuesday, touring an orphaned oil well in the Hobbs area as he pushed legislation to fund the cleanup of wells abandoned by operators.

Why Sand Pumped Matters More Than Any Thing Else In Shale

Our friends at Lium Research recently constructed a new database tying real time shale activity to production volumes of oil and gas.

More Upside Lies Ahead For Permian Drilling Activity

Our take on the latest data is that the Permian rig count is likely to continue edging higher into 4Q21 (until the typical year-end slowdown) and move higher in 2022 as well.

Podcast: Discussion on Cleaning Up Produced Water and Oil Spills

John Lacik talks about cleaning up produced water...

B3 Insight Joins The Open Group OSDU™ Forum

B3 Insight has joined The Open Group OSDU™ Forum in its mission to advance the stewardship of water. David Hicks, President at B3, states "We believe in the OSDU Forum's message and as water becomes more important to the oil and gas industry, we are excited to lead in this space."

US E&P M&A Cools In 3Q After 2Q Bonanza. Deal Sprint Before Year-End Coming? [Charts Of The Day]

While 3Q21 is still relatively young in the tooth with five weeks left in the quarter, deal flow has cooled considerably.

Paper: Analysis and prediction of produced water quantity and quality in the Permian Basin using machine learning techniques

First study analyzed and predicted PW quantity and quality in the NM-Permian Basin.

Paper: Hydraulic fracturing can impact surface water quality

The estimated impact on water quality is more pronounced during the period when wells generate large amounts of flowback and produced water, and where water monitors are closest to wells. More data is needed to better understand the full extent of the impact.

Study examines oil and gas water as dust suppressant

A state-wide moratorium on the use of produced water from oil and gas operations as a dust suppressant on dirt roads remains in effect.

Seismic Activity Tied to Produced Water in West Texas and New Mexico, Again: A Need for Better Data

Adrienne Sandoval, Division Director of Oil Conservation at New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources, states that tracking produced water coming and going between NM and TX is “murky” due to a lack of tracking data.

Produced water spill reported in Mountrail County

The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division was notified of a release occurring Thursday, August 19 at the Brown 41-28XH well, about 11 miles south of Stanley, North Dakota.

More than two-thirds of observed Permian wells flaring without permit, report says

More than two-thirds of oil wells monitored in flyovers last year in West Texas were flaring without a permit, according to a new report.


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