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Today, we are excited to announce a new sponsor of our October 15th conference:  Exterran Water Solutions, an industry leader in end-to-end technologies, solutions, and services for quickly and cost-effectively treating produced water ranging in volumes from 1,000 to > 1,000,000 + BWPD.

Exterran is supporting this fast approaching, in-person event with the lanyard sponsorship and we’ll also hear from Exterran experts on the main stage during exciting panel ideas we are working on as well.

To get your own brand involved with the event and position yourself for success, please visit the conference website or just reply to this email to start the conversation.

And now the news…

News Digest

NGL's Wastewater Recycling Efforts Supply Big Volumes To A Northern Delaware Simul-Frac

NGL has successfully completed the first of two large scale Delaware Basin wastewater recycling projects in Lea County, NM. The initial project, which began in late May, supported “simul-frac”, completion activities. Utilizing their produced water, NGL treated and provided approximately 130,000 barrels per day, with peak volumes of up to 140,000 barrels per day...

Texas Tech Heads Collaboration to Study Impact, Technology Necessary for Recycling of Produced Water

As one of the leading agricultural research institutions in the U.S., Texas Tech University will serve as the administrator for the newly created Texas Produced Water Consortium, a collaborative effort to explore options, alternatives and potential economic impacts for the billions of gallons of produced water in Texas each year.

Work continuing in New Mexico to reuse oil and gas wastewater in other sectors

Before the Committee, Baizel said work had continued with New Mexico’s Produced Water Consortium, a joint effort between the NMED and New Mexico State University seeking to develop technologies and regulations to use the water in sectors aside from the oilfield.

Midland Seismicity Spike

Midland Basin seismic activity is on pace to shatter last year’s record. We are on pace to see more than 1,100 earthquakes in 2021, this up from only 19 earthquakes for all of 2017.

Turning The Corner With Less Rigs And Fleets

US oil production is showing the first empirical signs of turning up even though expectations are flattish this year (likely due to folks looking at rig count and public company guidance)...

Flexible SCADA brings big savings for midstream water company

WaterBridge turned to modern technologies for a digital transformation that’s saving a lot of money. The fast-growing company’s new SCADA system uses edge computing and MQTT to collect data from 80 sites, with 200,000 tags.

Plains All American and Oryx Midstream Announce Permian Basin Joint Venture

Plains All American and Oryx Midstream announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their respective assets, operations and commercial activities within the Permian Basin into a newly formed strategic joint venture, Plains Oryx Permian Basin LLC.

Funding Raised For Permian PW Treatment

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. Announces Completion of $1,500,000 Equity Financing to Enhance and Accelerate the Commercialization of its Produced Water Treatment Technology in the Permian Basin

The Frac Sand Mines Of The Future Might Need In-Field Water

The Infill Thinking team visited to mobile-mini mines in Big Spring that are producing the equivalent sand of a large permanent plant right next to customer wells. These operations are water intensive and can shift logistical needs for water in the frac supply chain...

Wilks Brothers Take Roughly 10% Equity Stake in U.S. Well Services

Oil billionaires Dan and Farris Wilks have taken around a 10% stake in hydraulic fracking firm U.S. Well Services, according to a regulatory filing, bringing their total investment to $47.5 million in the past month, reports Reuters.

Select Energy Services Announces The Acquisition Of Complete Energy Services, The Water Solutions Subsidiary Of Superior Energy Services

Addition of sizable produced water infrastructure footprint across Oklahoma and Texas will bolster the Water Infrastructure segment, with meaningful opportunity for future recycling development...

Photos From The Road – Permian Field Trip

Cool shots of SWDs and source water for frac as well as some good Permian D&C insights in this update...

Oil And Gas Is Booming In The Land Of Enchantment

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, was concerned when Biden’s pause on oil and gas drilling leases took hold, but six months into the new administration the state’s oil industry continues to go from strength to strength.

U.S. Crude Oil Exports Reached Record in 2020

As of July 9, U.S. oil exports have averaged 3 million barrels per day. The most recent four-week rolling average of exports reached 3.51 million barrels per day.

Dramatic photos from NASA highlight severity of California's drought

As the West descends deeper into drought, climate and water experts are growing increasingly alarmed by California's severely shriveling reservoirs.

A Massive Water Recycling Proposal Could Help Ease Drought

Members of Congress from Western states are pushing for $750 million to turn wastewater into pure water. Here’s how that works.

Soil and Water Do Mix in 21st Century Oil Industry

John Robitaille, CEO of Encore Green Environmental, explains how partnering with agriculture to economically treat produced water could improve the carbon footprint of oil and gas producers.

Halliburton Posts $227 Million Profit in Second Quarter

The Houston oil-field services giant on Tuesday said it made a $227 million profit in the three months ended June 30, compared with a $1.7 billion loss a year earlier. Revenue grew nearly 16 percent to $3.7 billion from $3.2 billion a year earlier.

All Eyes On Halliburton’s Pricing Commentary – Digesting Big Red’s Frac Market Commentary & Outlook

Against a backdrop of recent Infill Thinking reports that net pricing in OFS remains elusive (see #2 in these firsthand observations and the 6th chart in our recent survey results), all eyes were on what Halliburton had to say about their pricing conversations.

Interesting To See The Pipe Guys Now Fracing - In Argentina, Tenaris Has Deployed Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in Vaca Muerta

Tenaris is now performing hydraulic fracturing operations, a first for the company, in the Vaca Muerta formation, the world's second largest shale basin.

Ohio Moves Fracking Waste Facility Rules Forward, 8 Years after Requested by Ohio Lawmakers

Ohio Department of Natural Resources has issued a draft of proposed rules that would regulate how the state's oil and gas waste facilities manage radioactive fracking waste.

Electricity Demand Rebound to Require More Fossil Fuel Generation: IEA

Nearly half of the increase in global electricity demand will have to be met by burning fossil fuels, notably coal, says the IEA adding it expects particularly strong demand in the Asia Pacific region, primarily China and India.

Seneca, NexTier Take On Emissions Tests for Fracking Equipment

Seneca Resources Co. LLC and NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc. have begun a comparative carbon emissions assessment for various natural gas- and diesel-fired hydraulic fracturing (frack) equipment.


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