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News Digest

New pipeline system will deliver water in West Texas, southeast New Mexico

Take drought-prone regions with limited water resources, combine with demand for fresh water by industry – particularly the oil and gas industry – and it becomes a recipe for extreme water stress. Palisade Pipeline sees opportunity in that challenge...

Patriot Environmental, LLC Acquires Transwater, Inc.

Patriot Environmental, LLC, a geosynthetic lining material provider and installer, acquired Transwater. Midland-based Transwater provides water monitoring solutions for O&G...

WATER TALENT POOL: New Title For Brian Kuh

Congratulate Brian for starting a new position as Sr. Foreman Infrastructure and Water Resources at WPX Energy...

WATER TALENT POOL: New Permian Opening At CarboNet

CarboNet is hiring a Commercial Manager! They are looking for talent based in the Permian Basin.

Gabe Collins Updates His Popular Permian "Hydrovascular" Network Presentation

These slides are updated as of August 12, 2020...

Permian Produced Water Disposal Trends

Multi-year data shows relative growth in the #MidlandBasin but decline in the #DelawareBasin for 3rd party disposal activity. Self-disposal of water on the oilfield still accounts for the majority of water downhole...

Canadian Injections by Region for the Past 5 Years

Down from the peak in mid 2019, but still lot's of water being injected across these four regions of WCSB.

A Different Data Angle To Quantify The Permian Frac Crash [Chart Of The Day]

On average Permian sand mines (big fresh water users) experienced a 56% contraction in staff hours from 1Q20 to 2Q20, with multiple plants contracting more than...

Fed’s OK of 4,250-well gas field dodges water quality question

The Bureau of Land Management has approved a 4,250-well expansion of the Moneta Divide gas and oilfield northeast of Shoshoni, leaving critical water-disposal and -quality questions to be decided by state officials...

Wyoming oil and gas commission proposes rules to increase efficiency of produced water management

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission announced Monday it will update the procedural rules regulating underground disposal wells used by oil and gas operators to pitch produced water. The amendments come in response to recent action taken by the Wyoming Legislature.

Water Is Front And Center As Conoco Strives To Sustainably Reduce Operational Impacts

A centralized water gathering and distribution system in the China Draw area of the Delaware Basin

Here Lizard Lizard Lizard… DSL Rears Its Head Again, This Time Factoring Into Permian RFQs

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in July that the DSL may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act and initiated a year-long status review. And there are still a few days left to comment on the new conservation agreement. That’s the headline news, but that’s not all… Beneath the headlines....

Most U.S. shale companies to restore production by end of 3rd quarter

By the end of the third quarter, most U.S. oil producers plan to restore nearly all of the production shut down during the oil crash, according to a new report.

Oil prices struggle for direction as traders await supply data, OPEC+ committee meeting

Oil futures remained in a holding pattern Tuesday as traders looked ahead to data on U.S. crude supplies and a meeting by an OPEC+ panel charged with monitoring the effect of production cuts by major producers.

Historical Context As The Rig Count Slide Continues

Rig count remains under pressure, slipping AGAIN this week. Down in 24 out of the past 25 weeks, rig count now threatens to move down into the 220s – a surreal and abysmally low range that cannot support even the currently low frac crew count in the medium term (the frac crews going back to work are burning DUCs in the absence of sufficient drilling to spud frac inventory to feed them). Here are two ways to look at this in historical context...

UIC Application Trends - Recent Increases In Permitted Injection Volume

Did you know that 27 active SWDs in the Delaware Basin increased permitted injection volumes over the last six months? They gained an average of ~65% more volume through successful demonstrations of new injection rates not exceeding the fracture gradient.

Texas Hill Country pipeline project moves forward, despite pleas from Willie Nelson and Paul Simon

Houston pipeline operator Kinder Morgan moved forward on a controversial natural gas pipeline through the Texas Hill Country the same day that legendary musicians Willie Nelson and Paul Simon issued a public plea for the company to halt the project....

After Willie Nelson and Paul Simon complained, CEO announces reroute of Hill Country pipeline

After a pipeline drilling mishap in March that led to a spill of tens of thousands of gallons of slurry into an underground aquifer in Blanco County, muddying nearby wells, the CEO of a natural gas pipeline company now says he is rerouting the pipeline around — rather than under — the Blanco River.

Round Trip – Here Are The Debts Poised To Be Erased By An E&P’s Second Bankruptcy Filing In Four Years

Here’s what we learned about counterparty exposure from this “repeat restructuring” E&P’s latest bankruptcy disclosure.

Permian Basin leads U.S. shale plays as frac fleet count inches upward

The number of hydraulic fracturing crews returning to work inched upward in July with the Permian Basin of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico accounting for most of the growth.

Transparency, Environmental Concerns Surround Proposal To Barge Oil And Gas Waste On The Ohio River

A proposal to repurpose a docking facility near Marietta, Ohio, to allow for the barging of oil and gas drilling waste on the Ohio River is drawing concern from environmental groups and local residents...

Basic Energy Services: Fleet Grows, But Is Not Out Of The Woods

Upstream companies' budget cut and the completions activity weakness will not allow any quick turnaround. The Water Logistics segment margin was steady in Q2, while increased volume in Q3 can pave the way for a better result.

Flexible Solutions International Talks Oilfield Water On Their Conference Call

"TPA is also a biodegradable way of treating oilfield water to prevent pipes from plugging with mineral scale. Our sales into this market are well-established and normally grow steadily but slowly. A simple explanation of TPA's effect is that it prevents the scaling out of minerals that are part of the water fraction of oil as it exits the rock formation. Scale must be prevented to keep the oil recovery pipes from clogging."

Western Midstream Partners - Slow Deleveraging In The Pipeline

Western Midstream Partners performed better than expected in 2Q and raised guidance for the year. Throughput is expected to decline in the second half of the year but stabilize as already drilled but uncompleted wells come on line by year-end...

Michigan Energy Entrepreneur Launches New Energy Infrastructure Development and Operating Company: Silver Wolf Midstream

"Our vision is to find new ways to deliver critical resources from energy delivery to clean and sustainable water, in a way that enhances our environmental footprint and offers new commercially sound solutions to the market."

And overseas....Oil spills pollute northeast Syria creeks

Oil pollution in Syria has been a growing concern since the 2011 onset of a civil war that has taken a toll on oil infrastructure and seen rival powers compete over control of key hydrocarbon fields


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