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As the nation bites its nails and waits this morning, it is interesting to see how tight and hotly contested so many of the races on the ballot yesterday were (it’s not just the big one that came down to the wire).

So much for the polls that predicted landslides. So much for anticipation of a decisive wave one way or another. Neither side ran away with it even as turnout was incredibly high.

While we may not know the final POTUS results for hours or days, one thing is absolutely clear this morning: confirmation that our country’s citizens are deeply divided on the path forward, split right in half in fact.

This election’s results will determine the country’s leadership, but the votes will not offer a resounding referendum either way…

And now, here is this week’s oilfield water news…

News Digest

H2O Midstream Announces 15-Year Acreage Dedication And Produced Water Services Agreement With Sinclair Oil & Gas Company

H2O Midstream entered into a 15-year acreage dedication and produced water gathering and disposal services agreement with Sinclair Oil & Gas Company...

Saltwater Disposal Optimization Drives Water Midstream Sector

Salt water, produced water, waste water, oilfield brine—regardless of what you call it, large volumes have been coproduced with oil in the US for decades. But the volumes have surged in the past few years and doubled since 2009, along with widespread seismicity in some regions, most notably Oklahoma and, more recently, the Permian Basin. The increase in produced water and concerns about its effects have recently spawned a new business sector known as “the water midstream.”

Interesting Comment In Opposition Of PW Reuse In Ag

In response to a post about beneficial reuse for ag of PW, Reade writes in the comments: "I sincerely urge industry NOT to take this path. Maintain Produced Water within industry. Recycling economics have vastly improved within the past 10 years."

Permian Injection Volume Estimate

3.9 billion bbls of water were injected for disposal in the Permian Basin in 2019 per B3 Insight estimates. If the water had been treated/recycled instead, the removed solids would equal the volume of appr. 50 Empire State Buildings...

High Plains Grain Production Dropping as Groundwater Disappears

Groundwater depletion in parts of the High Plains is so extreme that peak grain production in some states has ended and production is now declining, a new Duke University-led study by a team of international scientists finds.

WATER TALENT POOL: WaterBridge Founder And Vice Chairman Stephen Johnson Named Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Gulf Coast Area Award Winner

WaterBridge Holdings is proud to announce that Stephen Johnson, Founder and Vice Chairman of WaterBridge, has been named an Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Gulf Coast Area Award winner by Ernst & Young.

WATER TALENT POOL: PW Corporate Development Pro Moves On

Isaac Smeltzer is now Vice President of Finance & Corporate Development at Terra CO2 Technology Holdings, Inc. - leaving his position as VP of Corporate Development at Expedition Water Solutions after 3 years...

WATER TALENT POOL: Several Openings At B3

Product Manager and Data Analyst positions open...

CEO: Solaris Midstream has opportunities to grow despite upstream slowdown

There’s a favorable factor that could keep Solaris growing even if the broader upstream sector stagnates, CEO Bill Zartler said.

Federal oil and gas leases in New Mexico attacked despite billions in revenue

A sale of federally-owned land in southeast New Mexico this week could see thousands of acres designated for oil and gas extraction in the oil-rich Permian Basin.

Internet of Texas Water: Use Cases for Flood, Drought, and Surface Water–Groundwater Interactions

Experts representative of Texas’ water sectors identified critical water data needs and described the design of a comprehensive open access data system that facilitates use of public water data in Texas at the April 2018 Connecting Texas Water Data Workshop as reported in the Texas Water Journal.

A Horribly Dry October, Predicted Drought for Nearly All of Texas and Some (Promised) Relief from Mexico

The past four weeks have been horribly dry with most of the state receiving less than 10 percent of normal rainfall.

Husky Energy pipeline shut in after 900,000 litres of produced water leaks in northern Alberta

Husky Energy says 900,000 litres of produced water spilled from one of its pipelines in northwestern Alberta.

U.S. Department of Energy: Oil and gas production to account for 68 percent of energy consumption over next two decades

Over the next two decades, oil and gas production is projected to account for 68 percent of energy consumption in the U.S. and will play a key role in the energy transition to a low carbon future, according to a new report published by the U.S. Department of Energy.

With no cuts left to make, Big Oil sits and waits for a recovery

It was Andrew Swiger, the chief financial officer at Exxon Mobil Corp., who summarized the attitude of the whole industry after Big Oil ended reporting another dismal set of quarterly earnings: “Prices will have to rise.”

Noble Midstream Partners Reports Third-Quarter 2020 Results

Gathered 315,000 barrels of gross oil and gas equivalent per day (Boe/d) and 156,000 barrels of produced water per day (Bw/d)

Trump considers fracking order as he woos swing states

President Donald Trump is considering an executive order on fracking as he criticizes Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s stance on energy policy.

Trump Makes Final Push To Defend Fracking

President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to sign an executive order that would mandate the analysis of fracking and its effects on the economy in one final campaign push to defend the technology that made the U.S. the world’s largest oil and gas producer last year.

‘Fracking’ Debate Makes Its Debut On Presidential Campaign Stage

In its closing days the presidential campaign has re-energized the ongoing debate over “fracking.”

Oil gains on weaker dollar, OPEC+ hints at delaying output hike

Oil gained following the broader risk-on sentiment in markets, and as OPEC+ inches closer to delaying a planned easing of output cuts.


"Looking specifically at our water infrastructure, we are fully integrated with nine water recycling facilities, 40 operated saltwater disposal wells, and connections to several third-party water systems. This operating scale and flexibility allows us to source more than 90% of our operational water needs from either recycled or brackish water at costs that are well below market rates."

WATER EARNINGS SEASON: Cabot's Recycling Program

"Strong performance in water management, including recycled 100% of our water recovered in our Marcellus drilling, completion and production operations, which began in 2011 will continue to make us financially and environmentally superior as pressures for lower carbon and water conserving economies – economic intensify."


Water is an integral part of our transition story, not only because it does not require incremental demand to drive growth, but also it’s important delivering enhanced environmental solutions to our customers and provides us multi-industry applications over the medium to long-term.

WATER EARNINGS SEASON: Southwestern's Water

"Another environmental and social focus is water, which is an important resource in our drilling and completion operations and for the public. Through a comprehensive approach to water usage optimization, water recycling and water conservation projects. We're delivering tangible benefits to the environment and the communities where we work and live. For the past four years, we've returned as much or more freshwater than we have consumed back to the watersheds in the communities where we operate."


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