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We hope our readers had a great Thanksgiving. This holiday was a bit different for many of us this year… and there’s no doubt 2020 has been a tough year for all of us.

But our gaze is shifting to 20201 now, with a renewed sense of optimism. The oilfield is in the early stages of recovery, vaccines are on the way, and there is a great deal of pent up demand to do business the way we are all used to. Further to that last point, stay tuned for some big news about our postponed Oilfield Water Markets conference coming soon!

And now, the news in a relatively light week around the holiday…

News Digest

Reuse of Produced Water Grows in the Oil and Gas Industry

This article, written by JPT Technology Editor Judy Feder, contains highlights of paper SPE 199498, “Reuse of Produced Water in the Oil and Gas Industry,” by Madeleine Gray, International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association...

New Mexico to require details of water for oil well drilling

New Mexico oil and gas operators will be required to report the amount and quality of water used to drill wells, officials said.

New Mexico oil and gas operators report millions of gallons of water use

Oil and gas producers in New Mexico were required by the Produced Water Act to report their water usage to the state to track produced water as it was generated and used in extraction operations.

Energy companies' merger brings water management to the forefront

The acquisition will also allow DeepRock to put into action a plan Grose and the company have been working on for a long time.

What's Trending With UIC Applications In Texas?

Cumulative authorized daily injection volumes for new wells indicate that new volume - and LOTS of it - is still being approved. Check out the hot spots..

Solar Desalination Project Quarterfinalist in Innovation Contest

Purdue University innovator and his team are among the quarterfinalists in a national solar desalination innovation contest. They received the recognition for a technology to use solar power to purify high salinity water, such as treating desalination brine or produced water from oil and gas extraction

WATER TALENT POOL: Frac Water Tech Opportunities

Hiring Frac Water Technicians & Water Transfer Rig Up Technicians.

WATER TALENT POOL: Planning & Performance Manager Opportunity

Position: Planning & Performance Manager - Hydraulic Engineering
Industry: Water, Midstream
Location: Houston, TX

Hold The Cranberry Sauce…. No Turkey Break For US Drilling This Year!

In the first tangible indication that the typical holiday season slowdown in the US oilfield might be more benign than normal in the Lower 48 this year, US land rig count was up 10 rigs during Thanksgiving week. Rig count declined during Thanksgiving week in each of the past two years, so this year’s performance bucks the holiday trend.

Oil near $45 with OPEC+ struggling for consensus on output

Oil traded near $45 a barrel in New York with OPEC seeking more time to reach a deal on production policy after a meeting broke down without an agreement.

The path to recovery for US oil production

Operators are likely to pursue a three-phase recovery that tracks the cost curve of activating production

Pandemic briefly turns U.S. into net oil importer

The U.S. imported more crude and petroleum products than it exported in May and June as the pandemic crushed global demand for oil.

Why The Oil Industry Doesn't Fear Biden

Limiting drilling on federal lands seems likely to be the biggest blow for some companies — particularly in New Mexico, a region where federal leases have been particularly lucrative for producers. But a majority of U.S. oil and gas production won't be affected by that change.

Proposed Uinta Basin railway would have ‘significant environmental impacts,’ federal agency finds

A proposed railway to transport crude oil across the Uinta Basin would have “significant environmental impacts,” ranging from wetland habitat loss to increased noise pollution, according to a recently prepared environmental impact statement.

Truckers owed money after Texas firm files for bankruptcy

Four small-business carriers are owed more than $241,000

Hunting For Tank Services In West Texas

Anyone in midland got some crews with confined space training that can help muck out a tank?

Free Excel Download For RO Process

Pacifica Water Solutions has developed a new free and easy to use tool designed to help application and proposal engineers predict the safe operating recovery window and mineral salt scaling tendencies for a RO process for a given water quality analysis. The Excel based tool is available to download on website...

And Across The Pond...Separo clinches water treatment contract with Neptune Energy

Separo’s SepSORB® water treatment system has, over the last two years, successfully reduced hydrocarbon content in produced water, supporting consistent environmental compliance on Neptune Energy’s Cygnus Alpha gas production platform (pictured), which is located in the UK Southern North Sea.

Of Interest...Burning Tap Water Goes Viral in China After Natural Gas Seepage

Officials in northeastern China suspended a neighborhood's supply of drinking water on Sunday, hours after a viral video showed tap water being set on fire by a lighter.


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