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This week, we are reengaging with all the dozens of confirmed speakers for our upcoming Oilfield Water Markets Conference (if you are a speaker and haven’t heard from us yet, you will this week). 

The fresh topic ideas we’ve heard from speakers, and their commitment to the event, is extremely encouraging. This will be the most important water conference of 2021, and the first live event dedicated to water midstream in more than a year.

We plan to release the preliminary topic agenda and speaker names after touching base with all of our speakers – by early March. To give you a flavor of how this is shaping up on our whiteboard, here is a sneak peak at 7 topics experts will address on stage in panels and keynotes:

  1. North American Onshore Oilfield Outlook
  2. E&P Perspective: Produced Water Management In 2021 & Beyond
  3. New Mexico Water
  4. Water Midstream Industry Trends & Forecasts
  5. Pragmatic Sustainability In Oilfield Water
  6. Recycling Opportunities
  7. Water Midstream M&A And Contracting Trends 

If you haven’t attended our events in the past, this short video will give you an idea of the quality and format (we can provide more details on delegates, companies, and past agendas on request).

Meanwhile, it’s very encouraging to see Covid numbers going down and in-person gatherings beginning again this week. We hope to see you and your team in May in Frisco.

Now here is this week’s water news…

News Digest

New Oxy IR Slides Highlight NM Recycling

"Water infrastructure drives value and environmental benefits... NM recycled water usage up to 80% in 2020 vs. 40% in 2017.

Cimarex Budgets $40mm For Midstream/SWD Capex In 2021

The operator released their budget this week...

As power returns, Texas energy firms slowly emerge from deep freeze

Texas energy companies on Friday began preparing to resume oil and gas production after days of frozen shutdowns as electric power and water service slowly resumed at darkened oilfields and refineries.

Water Hauler Steps Up To Help Haynesville Hospitals In The Freeze

Using 18-wheelers that usually haul water to well sites, the two men instead directed the trucks to Christus Schumpert, Ochsner LSU Health, Willis-Knighton Pierremont, Willis-Knighton North and Progressive Care Center.

Energy Transfer to acquire CenterPoint JV Enable Midstream in $7.2B deal

CenterPoint noted that the deal has been in the works for some time and has not impacted the company's response to the energy emergency in Texas following the recent winter storm. The deal will help CenterPoint eventually eliminate exposure to the midstream industry and focus on its utility business.

Fleur De Lis Takes Over Sable Permian Midland Properties

As of February 1st, as directed by JP Morgan, Fleur De Lis is now the operator of the Sable Permian Properties in the Southern Midland basin....

EPA settlement with Fleur de Lis resolves Natrona and Johnson counties oil spills

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a Clean Water Act (CWA) settlement with Fleur de Lis Energy and Fleur de Lis Operating, LLC in which the companies have agreed to pay $1.9 million for alleged Clean Water Act violations associated with the operation of oil and gas facilities in Wyoming.

WSJ Op Ed: We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April

Covid cases have dropped 77% in six weeks. Experts should level with the public about the good news....

Johns Hopkins Doctor Predicts Covid ‘Will Be Mostly Gone By April’

A Johns Hopkins doctor believes that Covid-19 will be “mostly gone” two months from now... we all hope so!

This May, The Produced Water Industry Plans To Gather Again For The First Time In Over A Year

250-350 attendees are expected for the Oilfield Water Markets 2021 Conference (happening in DFW this May 12th and 13th). It will be the first live event dedicated to the water midstream industry since February 2020...

Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Inroads Into Fracking Operations In Shale Oil And Gas.

The water used is typically 20 million gallons – enough to fill a football stadium to a height of 40 feet if confined to the grassed area.

How Do You Restart an Oil Well That’s Frozen Solid?

Restoration could take weeks as thaw reveals extent of damage...

Simul-Frac Buzz Builds – A Simple, Yet Powerful Step Change In Shale

4Q20 earnings season continues to produce a body of evidence supporting the powerful impact this simple frac plumbing change is making in the field. Fracing two wells at the same time is the latest iteration of “doing more with less” in shale, and one of many reasons why the U.S. frac crew count is unlikely to return to prior cyclical peaks (similar to how peak rig count has progressively declined as operators maximize well to iron ratios).

A Headline We Never Thought We'd See: Water & Gas Rationed In Texas

Texas oil producers and refiners remained shut for a fifth day on Wednesday after several days of blistering cold, and the governor ordered a ban on natural gas exports from the state to try to speed up the restoration of power.

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services - Making up for lost time and making our customers happy

Nice pond shots!

Texas Sand Crunch – Permian Gas Delivery Is Back, But Big Challenges Remain

Originally expected to be in effect through Tuesday, the gas delivery restrictions to mines were lifted a bit earlier than expected. On Sunday, Permian mines received calls from West Texas Gas greenlighting their dyers.

Through Chattering Teeth, Oilfield CEOs Describe February Frac Freeze Impacts

In a surreal moment during a surreal week, Nextier management ended their earnings call this week with this statement: “I want to thank everyone for participating in today’s call… if you heard our teeth chattering, it’s because we were in a conference room in a hotel with no heat and freezing.”

WATER TALENT POOL: Brett Nelson Joins Edge Controls

COO role...

Antero Midstream Talks 2021 Water Midstream Plans

During 2021, Antero Midstream plans to expand its existing Marcellus and Utica Shale gathering, compression and fresh water delivery systems.

Fracking, Pandemic Recovery And Statehouse News On This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, we hear a story about some of the impacts of the fracking industry. Also, we explore the Biden administration’s pandemic recovery plan, and we have updates from the West Virginia Legislature.

President Biden Withholds Some Federal Disaster Relief from Rural West Texas

President Joe Biden is accused of turning his back on rural Texas including all of the counties in the Concho Valley. Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for all 254 counties because of the historic and devastating storm that started Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Friday, Feb. 19, was the first time temperatures rose above the freezing level.

New Mexico Families in Oil and Gas ‘Waste Zone’ Seek Help

State regulations require operators to report accidents, what triggered them, and how much oil, gas and water were lost or spilled, but it’s not clear operators always file those reports.

Fire at Oil and Gas Waste Site Raises Safety Concerns Around Possible Radioactive Accidents

On the evening of February 1, a fire erupted at a West Virginia facility that processes radioactive oilfield waste generated from nearby fracking operations, injuring two workers.

Produced Water Filter System

ShelbyFlow by RyKor LLC Odessa, TX USA uses the latest designs and can filter produced water and other contaminated waters by removing 98% of Suspended Solids and Oil in Water.

Oil ‘supercycle’ predictions divide veteran traders

Bullish Wall St banks expect crude to rise as high as $100 as world economy rebounds

Strong Predictions Help Boost Crude

Oil rose to near $62 a barrel with investment banks and traders predicting that the market’s rally can go further.

Don't Forget To Mark Your Calendars For The Biggest PW Conference Of The Year - May 12-13

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Oilfield Water Markets Conference here in Frisco, TX...


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