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Oilfield water decision-makers have had very few opportunities to connect in person this year.

Since golfing continues to be an activity many of us are enjoying on our own this spring and summer, we figured why not hit the course together with some good like-minded industry folks?

September 24, 2020 – please save that date. We hope you’ll be able to join us then at the prestigious Cowboy Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas for a day of outdoor networking and socially distanced fun with leaders from across the oilfield water supply chain.

The Golf Outing will start with a noon buffet lunch (on an outdoor, covered patio) and finish with a dinner and networking reception.

With all the conference cancellations this year, we expect the limited sponsorship options we can offer here to be taken very quickly (there is almost no in-person “ad inventory” available to the industry this year, and this event will provide a variety of unique opportunities to showcase products and services in a distanced, outdoor setting).

Please stay tuned for registration details and the signup page, which will go live very soon (we’ll let you know when signup is available). For now, please save the date and enjoy this week’s news round up!

Here is this week’s oilfield water news and analysis digest…

News Digest

Mark Your Calendars For The Oilfield Water Connection 2020 Golf Outing

Please stay tuned for registration details and the signup page, which will go live within a week or so. For now, we hope you’ll save the date and plan to join us in DFW on September 24 – we’d love to see you on the greens!

UIC Application Trends In 2020 [Visualization]

Notice any hot spots with injection well applications this year?

Fracking Trailblazer Chesapeake Energy Files for Bankruptcy

Chesapeake Energy Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday as an oil- and gas-price rout stoked by the coronavirus pandemic proved to be the final blow for a shale-drilling pioneer long hamstrung by debt.

As The Dominoes Fall… Some Stand To Lose Millions, Some Stand To Lose It All

As the restructuring wave surges, oilfield trade payables will flip from assets into liabilities in a moment’s notice, compounding the financial distress of already weakened claim holders There will be seemingly smaller claims written off in these restructuring events that will be the last nail in the coffin of smaller vendors if they go unpaid. The “small firm” end of the supply chain will be severely weakened in this downturn, and will require major support from customers in the recovery phase if it is to become a vibrant source of innovation again in the future.

Texas moves ahead on discharging oil wastewater, even as EPA balks

Environmental officials in Texas and other western states are moving ahead on plans to allow oil and gas companies to treat drilling wastewater and discharge it into rivers and streams, even as the Trump administration balks at endorsing the practice amid widespread questions about public health effects.

Modeling Subsurface Produced Water Disposal In The Permian

The B3 Team has analyzed data and created a model of produced water disposal and reservoir pressure changes since the introduction of horizontal drilling.

Bakken Trucking company accused of illegally dumping oilfield waste

During the inspection, an SBT official said that 100 barrels, or 4,200 gallons, of produced water had been intentionally released from the truck onto the landowner’s property, the state's complaint alleges.

It’s Hard To Believe This Year Is Only Halfway Done! Here Are The Top 20 Infill Thinking Updates Of 2Q20

While much of this is depressing subject matter, you’ll notice how the focus shifted to what comes after the bottom during the quarter as well. While this was a quarter of steep contraction, it also was a quarter where some degree of optimism about the future began to appear...

Shell warns of multibillion writedown as virus curbs oil demand

Royal Dutch Shell Plc said it will write down between $15 billion and $22 billion in the second quarter, as the company gave investors a wider glimpse of just how severely the coronavirus crisis has hit Big Oil.

Only Minus 1 Rig! The US Land Drilling Trajectory Continues To Flatten

Are we there yet? To the bottom?

Energy Intelligence Groups Identify Key Challenges to Permian Water Growth and Recovery

It is painfully obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the global economy and the global energy market. This has been especially evident in the US Permian Basin and on the oilfield water sector.

Analyst Predicts Callon Water Divestiture

"I expect Callon Petroleum to generate strong levels of free cash flows and sell some of its non-core assets (such as the midstream water asset) at a decent price. The company will then use the excess cash and proceeds from assets sales to repay debt...."

Houston Natural Resources Corp Commences Trading

The company’s subsidiary, HNR Oil Services LLC, owns oil field waste water treatment and disposal facilities that exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements for providing maximum environmental protection, and will generate multiple streams of revenue for the company via saltwater disposal and byproduct remediation, focused on the process of removing undesirable chemicals, suspended solids, and gases from contaminated water.

The Digital Canterbury Tales: Part Twenty four – “The End of the Post-Global World” - Management Consultant (Helen)

At the front our pilgrimage are the elite travelers who can afford first class. This includes our CEO (Vicki), our CFO (Holly), our COO (Michelle) and our management consultant (Helen). The rest of our travelers lag behind in the discount class, with fewer amenities and you have to buy your own meals. Travelers like our database analyst (Nancy), our lease operator (Clay) and our data stewards (Gayle and Carrie) bring up the rear and carry everyone else’ bags...

NMSU, New Mexico Tech awarded funding for water treatment projects, aim to reuse oil and gas waste

Almost half a million dollars were awarded to New Mexico higher learning institutions from the federal government for ongoing studies in how to treat produced water from oil and gas operations for possible use in other sectors.

Unorthodox desalination method could transform global water management

Columbia engineers apply their pioneering technique to attain energy-efficient zero-liquid discharge--the last frontier of desalination--of ultrahigh salinity brines

This Oil Price Drop Has Triggered A Nearly Simultaneous Restructuring Response

With oilfield bankruptcy and restructuring news heating up into 2H20, the industry has fallen into low-cycle restructuring mode much more expediently than in prior cycles.

The next water frontier – saline aquifers & mineral rights [advetorial content]

Why should anyone care about oilfield “alternative water sourcing”?

Taking NGL Energy Partners Apart

NGL Energy Partners (NYSE:NGL) had a transition year last year. This new fiscal year seemed to implode when Extraction Oil & Gas (XOG) filed bankruptcy. After all, the Grand Mesa Pipeline had been a stellar performer. But the bankruptcy of a major customer could easily offset years of progress. In addition to all the coronavirus economic challenges, that announcement seemed to be a bit much to contend with.


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