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Here is this week’s oilfield water news and analysis digest…

News Digest

NGL Signs New Acreage Dedication For Produced Water In The Delaware Basin

NGL Energy Partners LP announced today that the Partnership recently signed a new long-term produced water transportation and disposal agreement with a super major producer...

How Two Young Scientists Built A $250 Million Business Using Yeast To Clean Up Wastewater

Forbes did a deep dive profile on a valued Oilfield Water Weekly Digest sponsor! Check it out as Forbes writes: Houston-based Solugen is making cheaper, more effective industrial chemicals to help scrub everything from pools and hot tubs to oil and gas companies’ wastewater. Up next: fertilizers....

WaterBridge Litigation Swirls Around Centennial's Escrow Funds

WaterBridge told a Houston area court it's the rightful recipient of $10mm in escrow funds from a busted $150mm SWD deal with Centennial...

Big Hit For The Bakken - DAPL To Be Shut Down

A judge on Monday ordered the Dakota Access pipeline shut down for additional environmental review more than three years after it began pumping oil. The DAPL moves about half of all of Bakken production, and moving those barrels by rail will crimp Bakken economics, potentially causing E&P investment to re-route into the Permian and Eagle Ford...

Buffet's Big Vote Of Confidence In The Midstream Industry

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. announced an agreement Sunday to purchase Dominion Energy Inc.’s natural gas pipeline and storage assets for an enterprise value of $9.7 billion, expanding its energy empire even further....

A Boost At The Bottom – PPP Money Flowed Mightily Into The Frac Supply Chain As Crews Fell [Chart Of The Day]

There was a significant funding boost at the bottom of this business cycles for smaller oilfield service firms. As the frac fleet contracted by 70% from March to May 2020, thousands of small oilfield firms took Payment Protection Program loans and here are some of the most notable names in that list...

Former Lagoon Exec Appointed To State Of Oklahoma Role

Lagoon Water Midstream congratulates our former CFO Kevin Corbett on his continued service to the State of Oklahoma as he was recently appointed Secretary of Health and Mental Health...

$20 million funding opportunity to strengthen America’s water infrastructure

A federal funding opportunity was announced on June 30th to improve the water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Traveling to New Mexico any time soon? Be prepared to quarantine up to 14 days if you go

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced last week that all out-of-state travelers would need to quarantine for 14 days to help curb the spread of COVID-19...

New Mexico State Land Office tracking oil spills, mineral theft using satellite imagery

Satellite imagery could help the New Mexico State Land Office crack down on trespassing and mineral theft from State Trust land.

Solugen Inc. Announces Release of ScavSol IC 75

Solugen has released ScavSol IC 75, a specialty chemical used to control oilfield scales and prevent corrosion. This product is a direct replacement for another known imported scale inhibitor, THPS Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate. ScavSol IC 75 is superior to THPS as a scale inhibitor because it is considered bio-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and safe to handle. It conforms to a carbon negative footprint when factoring domestic raw material sourcing to finished goods supplied to the customer...

Crestwood Provides Update on Bakken Operations, Saying Water Volumes Have Ticked Up As Shut-Ins Reopen

Crude oil, natural gas and produced water volumes improved throughout the quarter as producers reduced early second quarter production shut-ins...

Water Talent Pool: B3 Opening

Check out the sales position opening here...

Water Talent Pool: OWL Employee Of The Month

OWL recognizes Javier Castor-Rosales as OWL’s employee of the month for his hard work and dedication as a field technician at the McCloy facility.

Unorthodox desalination method could transform global water management

Water security is becoming an urgent global challenge. Hundreds of millions of people already live in water-scarce regions, and the UN projects that by 2030 about half the world’s population will be living in highly water-stressed areas...

The Produced Water Headache

Oil production in the Permian Basin has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years. This Clariant article featured in Oilfield Technology talks production chemistry challenges and opportunities for innovation arising from the problem of water management in the Permian Basin...

Bringing the Benefits of the Digital Oilfield to Water Management

Where is all the water going? As much as 10 barrels of saltwater are produced for every barrel of oil in the Delaware Basin while the Midland Basin averages a mere three barrels of saltwater.

Zero emissions of oil in water from offshore oil and gas installations: economic and environmental implications

‘Produced water’ is seawater mixed with hydrocarbons and derives from the extraction of oil and gas from under the seabed. Its discharge into the marine environment of the North Sea is strictly regulated.

TETRA Technologies: Deeply Mispriced Innovator With Multiple Shots On Goal And Time

An analyst writes: "Misunderstood and overlooked because of perceived capital structure complications..."

Making Hole On The Monsoon Federal SWD #1

Permian Oilfield Partners has announced progress on this disposal well

Nuverra Water Volumes Decline

When compared to the first quarter of 2019, first quarter of 2020 revenue decreased by 11.0%, or $4.7 million, due to lower activity levels in water transport services and disposal services across all three divisions. Primary drivers for this decrease were lower commodity prices for both oil and natural gas, which decreased 66% and 37%, respectively, over this time period, leading to a decline in overall customer activity.

Blockchain for Business Grows as Crypto Hype Fades

As the oil and gas industry changes and absorbs new technologies, blockchain has been one way to speed up many processes, including the handling of water haulage contracts and invoicing.

New Leadership At Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, one of the largest oil and natural gas industry associations in the state, named Jason Modglin its new president on June 3. Here's what Modglin has planned for the group going forward...


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