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Wednesday June 12, 2019

Our first news story entry in this week’s headline digest below is an excellent oilfield water read. Written from within the industry, the piece blends opinion with analytical points that will make for good conversation starters at our event next week.

That’s right; our inaugural oilfield water finance/business conference is a week from this Friday! So before getting to this week’s news digest, here’s a quick last call for attendees.

We now have a only handful of seats left available before the event sells out and we have to close registration. If you’d like to attend, please head over to the signup page without delay to check on remaining availability.

If you’ve got your ticket reserved, thank you for registering early. That move paid off as we will have to turn away some folks that want to come (this event will be oversubscribed). Thank you to our great speakers and sponsors for making this day so interesting (and possible) – we can’t wait for it. Your collective presence has drawn a tremendous response from the industry for this first-of-its-kind event.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the room any bigger or disobey the Fire Marshall’s orders. But we can do something else to fulfill the robust industry demand we see for this new forum. We’ll make a big announcement about that on the day of our first conference, June 21. So please stay tuned…

And now for this week’s top oilfield water industry headlines…

News Digest

Doublethink In The Desert: The Myth of Recycling In The Permian Basin

"As you fly over West Texas, sharp shards of light catch your eye. Glinting in the near ceaseless desert sun, the wind driven waves from the man-made lakes and ponds dubbed frac pits punctuate the landscape. Unseen from this altitude, connecting them, the veins of the water infrastructure..."

Callon Launches Sustainability Website Featuring Water Front And Center

The first highlight Callon mentioned was: "An active and growing water management program focused upon minimizing fresh-water resource use through water recycling programs, optimized pipeline tie-ins, and water transport and disposal infrastructure..."

MidCon Judge: Let's Get On With The Earthquake Lawsuit

The original lawsuit was filed by Lisa West and Stormy Hopkins against 15 defendants including Chesapeake Energy, Eastok Pipeline, Equal Energy U.S. Inc., New Dominion LLC, Phoenix oil and Gas Inc., Transpro Energy LLC and White Star Petroleum....

Produced Water Pow Wows On The Rise… [Chart Of The Day]

One smart water contact plugged into the deal flow told Infill Thinking staff last week: “if I were to tell you water was hotter than a pistol, that’d be an understatement.” So Infill Thinking ran a linguistic study on thousands of pages of E&P documents to find out just how hot...

Water Strategies Scrutinized As E&Ps, Midstreamers Look To Capitalize On Management

Appalachian producers trying to control costs in a low-price natural gas environment, along with their counterparts in the Permian Basin grappling with soaring production volumes, are more seriously thinking about water management in what could be a big opportunity for the midstream sector in the coming years...

From Lowly Oilfield Water Hauler To Industry Legend

Jerry Mainil worked his way from the ground up in the oil industry. He started as a roughneck on the rigs, went on to go into business as an oilfield water hauler and expanded his business to include oilfield welding. He did all this while still being active in farming.

Water Is Sand Two Years Ago.

This statement got some folks on Twitter talking and the comparison referenced here is the level of: industry focus, buzz, attention, and the potential for critical path choke-points and business model disruption...

New Mexico Water Spills On The Rise

About 1,523 spills were reported in New Mexico in 2018, with 656 spills containing produced water to the tune of 91,914 barrels...

C&J Energy Signs Plea Deal In Bakken Water Related Death

Authorities say Payne was welding inside a water hauling tank that had not been properly cleaned and vented. The welding equipment ignited a hydrocarbon vapor mixture that caused a massive explosion....

BP Hit With Fine For Rockies Water Spills

BP America Production Co. has been fined $68,000 for three spills of an oil and gas byproduct in southwestern Colorado...

Canadian Producer Hit With Suspend Order After Produced Water Spill

The Alberta Energy Regulator has ordered oil and gas company Obsidian Energy to suspend a well and associated infrastructure after a produced water spill...

WVU Researchers Thirsty For Reducing Fresh Water Use By Power Plants

Power plants across the country utilize more than four times as much water as all U.S. homes and account for 41 percent of total water withdrawals, according to federal data...

Sand Mines, Like Ag, Can Affect Groundwater, Study Shows

A recent Chippewa County study of the effects of frac sand mining and agriculture on surface and groundwater was completed with the cooperation of the Barron-based office of Superior Silica Sands...

Is It Worth It? [Geologist Op-Ed On Water Vs. Frac Sand Mining]

The sand mine is expected to use 658 acre-feet (ac-ft) of water per year but will have rights of up to 1200 ac-ft/yr (Southern Utah News, March 21, 2019). This is about 25 percent of the water Kane County is expected to receive from the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP)...

Cease & Desist Order In California Oilfield Wastewater Case

The order was issued by Central Valley Water Regional Quality Control Board, which found the cumulative effect of disposing “produced water” at the facility over decades has created a “highly saline wastewater plume” migrating to the northeast. That water is threatening higher-quality groundwater designated for municipal and agricultural use...

California Groups Capitalize On Unofficial Groundwater Study In Protest

Preliminary findings in a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study show indications of oil field-related substances mixing with groundwater at various sites in the Orcutt oil field. Local environmental groups are using these unofficial findings to protest further oil and gas projects in Santa Barbara County...

Lightning Causes Brine Spill At Bakken SWD

A lightning strike at a saltwater disposal well in McKenzie County destroyed several tanks containing brine, but the contamination was contained to the oilfield site, officials said Wednesday....

Making The Oil Patch A Little Greener: Plant-Based Cleaner Manufacturer In Growth Mode

Solugen is looking for partnerships to expand the use of its chemicals with US oil producers and beyond. The company last month raised $32 million in a Series B funding led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund...

Environmentalist Hit Piece Focused On Oilfield Water

Sharing this here as a reminder of the public education burden our industry shoulders, nothing more...


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