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It’s been a fairly slow week for oilfield water business news. Maybe everyone’s gearing up for this Friday?

Speaking of which, it’s going to be a full house at the Houston Petroleum Club just two days from now when Oilfield Water Connection’s inaugural event kicks off with coffee on June 21st at 8:30am.

Tickets to attend this executive business conference sold out earlier this week.

To be added to the waiting list and inquire about any potential availability, please email hello@oilfieldwater.com. We will respond to you as soon as possible with a status update.

By title, the 170-person attendance list for Friday’s event is 22% C-Suite, 21% VP or director level business development people, and 16% managing director or partner, with leading procurement and category managers, institutional investors, analysts, strategists, consultants, bankers, legal professionals etc. rounding out the registration list. You can see the agenda here.

The strong industry response to this, our first event, is a reminder that we stand at a defining moment for the oilfield water business model.

It is also a testament to our tremendous speaker line-up that Oilfield Water Connection’s first event is oversubscribed.

To the many of you reading that are registered, we look forward to seeing you there!

And now for this week’s top oilfield water industry headlines…

News Digest

Last Minute Details For This Friday's Conference Attendees

Here is some info on location, schedule, dress code, parking, and lodging for the conference we are hosting in a couple days on June 21, 2019...

Industria Insights: Oilfield Water Updates

Ahead of the Oilfield Water Connection conference in Houston later this week, here are a few highlights of what has happened in the space since Industria Partners put out their last water deep dive late last year...

RBC: Rattler Midstream's Stock Deserves To Trade At Premium To Closest Peers

The analysts emphasized that the contracts include 426,000 acreage for producer water services, which means Rattler Midstream’s produced water business should be valued at a premium to uncontracted produced water businesses...

A High Velocity Stream Of Oilfield Water Deals As The Corporate Landscape Rapidly Evolves [Chart Of The Day]

Most folks reading this update probably know that dealflow in the oilfield water sector is extremely hot in mid-2019. That said the magnitude of the transaction surge and cumulative deal flow described below may come as a bit of a surprise even to those that are plugged in on this trend...

A Mag 2.7 Earthquake Hit Gardendale Over The Weekend

The seismic activity was recorded 9 miles from Odessa, TX on June 15, 2019 at 12:23 PM. Here's a link to the USGS for more...

Loan Market Splits Between ‘Haves and Have-Nots’

Some lower-rated businesses are being forced to pay up to complete new debt offerings even as others attract robust demand for their bonds and loans, a sign the debt market is bifurcating at a time of increased uncertainty about the economic outlook. In recent days, a diverse group of businesses including water transportation company WaterBridge Resources LLC have all revised loan sales to offer them with deeper price discounts...

The Article Featured In The Top Spot Last Week Is Making Waves

Last week, this newsletter plugged a LinkedIn post titled "Doublethink In The Desert: The Myth Of Recycling In The Permian Basin." This week, that article was picked up by another big publication and it is making waves....

Permian Highway Pipeline "Poses Imminent Threat"

"The karst limestone of the region doesn’t filter out pollutants; they go straight into the aquifer. With five rivers, 25 streams and three main aquifers, the ecosystem provides fresh water to almost 4 million people, livestock and wildlife..."

When Water & Sand Don’t Mix – A New MidCon “Permitatorium” To Monitor

Infill Thinking's research team is keeping an eye on a new aquifer protection act that might have implications for future local frac sand capacity targeting Oklahoma’s SCOOP/STACK plays. Specifically, the new law declares an indefinite moratorium on the issuance of new mine permits in Oklahoma if a mine “overlies a sensitive sole source groundwater basin or sub-basin..."

ConocoPhillips Produces Video On Delaware Basin Water Recycling

In dry, remote West Texas, fresh water is not easy to come by. “Water is a precious resource,” says Karen Work, ConocoPhillips water management supervisor in the Permian Basin. “We had to start looking creatively at how we can supply that water in a more environmentally prudent manner...."

Crestwood Just Released Their Inaugural Sustainability Report

Environmental stewardship is a fundamental priority. It includes reducing operational footprint, minimizing emissions and working to reduce our habitat disturbances...

Seawolf Launches New Website

The full-cycle water management company recently overhauled their online presence, adding new descriptions of their business and team....

Passes Are Sold Out For Oilfield Water Connection’s First Event

Following the June 21 event, our team will continue to serve industry executives and investors with thoughtful business forums. In fact, we are already working on something big that will further illuminate the evolving market structure and competitive landscape in oilfield water...

Superbad, Spectre And Skyfall - Solaris Proposes New Loving Verticals

Houston saltwater disposal well operator Solaris Water Midstream is seeking permission to drill three vertical wells to support its proposed Superbad, Spectre and Skyfall saltwater disposal wells in Loving County. Located more than 20 miles northwest of Mentone, the proposed injection wells target the Mason filed of the Delaware Sands formation at depths ranging from 5,400 to 6,100 feet...

RRC: March Oil Production In Midland County Tops 12M Barrels

More than 12 million barrels of oil were produced in Midland County during the month of March, according to the Railroad Commission...

Hoss Pump Systems Opens A Dedicated Horizontal Pump Support Facility In Midland

A milestone for the HOSS family as they celebrate a new phase of growth in the Permian...

Video: National Alliance For Water Innovation - Reimagining Desalination

Water and energy are inextricably linked, yet in our 20th-century water systems we use freshwater once then throw it away. With innovations designed to enhance desalination technologies, agricultural runoff, produced water from industry, and inland brackish groundwater that are now seen as untreatable could all be sources of clean, safe, and affordable water....

New Colorado Well Integrity Report

COGCC released the findings of a review of its policies on well integrity and safety. The report comes after a major well integrity failure in Hudson created safety concerns and spilled thousands of gallons of oil and produced water...

Encore And Summit Plan To Repurpose Rockies Produced Water

Darlene Nash, Owner of Encore Green Environmental and Pete Schoonmaker, president and CEO of Summit Gas Resources jointly announced a new project to repurpose oilfield produced/by-product water to apply on the arid ground for agriculture and conservation purposes....

Texas South Energy Updates Wilinda Project Status

The flowback operations revealed that the well evidently frac’d down a previously concealed fault plane into the underlying Edwards formation which is very permeable but predominantly water bearing at this location. This faulting, which can now be identified with seismic and Geo-steering evidence, will be avoided by a 500’ offset from future frac stages. Despite attempts to isolate the frac stages suspected as the source of the extraneous water production...

And Across The Sea... A Water Injection Solution Is Boosting MENA Oil Production

Cleansorb, a provider of patented chemical well treatments that enhance hydrocarbon production for the international oil and gas industry, has announced that following a series of successful ORCA™ for OBM treatments on offshore oil production wells and a water injection well drilled with OBM, increased production and water injectivity have been achieved on behalf of a major operator in the Middle East....


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