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Are any oilfield water firms not hiring business talent these days?

Elevated executive search activity in specific O&G sub-sectors is often correlated with high rates of growth and/or commercial change in end markets.

Thus, it probably comes as no surprise to readers of this newsletter that executives are in high demand in the oilfield water space here in mid-2019. 

New roles are opening up daily it seems for strategists, commercial managers and business development professionals. In many cases these are incremental positions opening up – not replacement hiring.

In last week’s newsletter, several new openings appeared among other news headlines – including a “Chief Water Czar” role. In this week’s news digest below, you’ll find another water firm hiring for a “Commercial Execution Manager.”

Anecdotally, sponsors from our June conference have asked us to keep an ear out for business development talent looking to make a move. It’s also no secret that private equity firms are looking for teams to back to get a piece of the action in this space – so incumbents are also competing against potential new organizations for talent.

We believe this apparent war on talent for management in oilfield water is a noteworthy datapoint. The executive hiring spree is part and parcel to the business model evolution that is reshaping the sector. Once a “cottage industry,” oilfield water is transforming into a more sophisticated third-party market. With that shift comes a need for more business-minded leaders.

All this recruiting is chasing a limited “water talent pool” and will likely draw business folks in from other O&G sectors. Gauri Potdar said it best at our June 21st conference: “This sector and its size and challenge and opportunities are all so new. If you are looking for a Permian oilfield water expert with 10 years of experience, there’s maybe 4 people that can meet that criteria unless you measure Permian time in dog years.”

While Oilfield Water Connection isn’t a “job board,” this newsletter offers ad spots that are a great way to reach the water talent pool with information on opportunities or information about your services. Please drop us an email if you’d like to discuss.

And now for this week’s top oilfield water industry headlines…

News Digest

A Big Permian Operator Asks For Economical Surface Discharge Solutions

WPX's Senior Water Foreman put out a call to the market on LinkedIn earlier this week: "IF your company can offer a realistic/economical way to recondition produced water and convert it to surface discharge standards, please contact me." Needless to say, this post sparked quite a few interesting comments, claims, and referrals...

The Future Of Produced Water In Oil & Gas: Granular Data Analysis & Tech For Repurposing Waste

As produced water for unconventional wells is expected to double in the next 4-5 years and disposal permits are harder to get approved due to environmental concerns, operators are finding innovative alternatives to deal with the problem...

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services Acquires Aria Rose Oilfield Solutions

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services announces the addition of Aria Rose Oilfield Solutions, a leading provider of in situ and “on-the-fly” water treatment services for in-ground and above-ground water storage and treatment facilities...

PRB Produced Water Discharge Permit Draws Opposition Ire

Four groups are calling for Wyoming’s DEQ to reject Aethon Energy’s application to dispose millions of gallons and thousands of tons of oilfield waste above a reservoir...

Spent Nuke Fuel Headed To Permian Basin For Waste Storage? Ogallala Aquifer Risk Cited By Plan Critics

Citizens are gathering in Midland to discuss a Waste Control Specialists plan to bring high level nuclear waste into a new storage facility in Andrews County. Opponents cite risk to the Ogallala...

WATER TALENT POOL: De Nora Seeking Commercial Execution Manager

De Nora is looking for an experienced finance professional to fill a role as Commercial Execution Manager in Sugar Land...

Schlumberger Revamps "xWater" Website

The service is marketed to help "improve economics by using any water source for hydraulic fracturing..."

National Lab To Study Water In San Juan Basin

Federal land managers are partnering with researchers from Sandia National Laboratories to study how oil and gas development could affect water supplies in northwestern New Mexico's San Juan Basin...

NGL Closed The Mesquite Deal And Secured Investments From EIG And FS Energy

NGL Energy Partners announced the closing of its previously announced acquisition of all of the assets of Mesquite Disposals Unlimited, LLC for a total purchase price of $892.5 million...

Why NGL Energy Partners Units Have Skyrocketed 54% So Far In 2019

The master limited partnership has shored up its financial profile and growth prospects...

Mindy Stitt: Industry Working To Keep Oklahoma Pristine

By recycling water used in the drilling and completion process, companies are able to minimize the use of fresh water. That reused water is transported through temporary pipelines that minimize the number of heavy trucks on Oklahoma roadways...

More Research Needed On Produced Water Before Policy Decision

In a July 1 letter submitted to EPA commenting on the agency’s Study of Oil and Gas Extraction Wastewater Management Under the CWA, AMWA emphasized that more research is needed to understand produced water quality before the agency proceeds...

US Oil Groups Push New Wastewater Disposal Options

Oil and gas groups want the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to authorize new methods for disposing the billions of barrels of wastewater being generated by the shale drilling boom, over the objections of critics who say some of the waste could end up in streams and lakes...

Bakken Saltwater Disposal Site Explosion

Watford City police say there was an explosion at a saltwater disposal site at 12:15 p.m. Thursday...


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