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Even those who don’t work directly in oilfield water are paying attention to our sector this week, thanks first to a thought piece Raymond James sent to their clients on Monday and second to an E&P’s big water divestiture this morning.

Bloomberg wrote first about the Raymond James research findings, and then the headlines were picked up by other press outlets. As a result, water has dominated the broader O&G newscycle over the past 48 hours.

Press reports covering the note were well done, but we figured the water specialists reading this Oilfield Water Connection newsletter might want to go deeper and see the full note for themselves (if they haven’t already).

The report’s lead analyst – Marshall Adkins – is speaking at our October 4, 2019 conference, and he graciously agreed to share the full research note with our readers. So a downloadable PDF of the full 32-page report filled with useful insight and analysis is our top story in this week’s digest below.

We hope you enjoy the read and then make plans to join us this fall to see Marshall Adkins share his thoughts live and in person. Marshall will be joined on stage at the Houston Petroleum Club by many other thought leaders from within industry to discuss oilfield water market, business, solution and finance trends on October 4, 2019.

This will be a one-day event you don’t want to miss since it will provide invaluable context to take with you into 2020 budget planning season! By the way, if you have interest in appearing as a sponsor of the event, please reach out asap since we only have one premium sponsorship remaining and only a handful of exhibit tables left. This is a small venue where sponsorship opportunities go fast and deliver a great experience!

And now for the top oilfield water industry headlines of the week…

News Digest

DOWNLOAD: The Full Raymond James Oilfield Water Research Note [PDF]

What is the outlook for U.S. produced oilfield water and what will it mean for investors? The Raymond James equity research team weighed in this week and has made the full report available to readers of the Oilfield Water Connection weekly digest - please click the "read more" link below to download your copy...

Permian Needs $9 Billion Worth Of New Wells—But Not For Crude [Bloomberg Coverage Of Ray Jay Note]

This article by our friend David Wethe at Bloomberg recapping takeaways from the Raymond James water research note with journalist flair dominated the O&G news cycle over the past 48 hours...

Lagoon Water Solutions Acquires $85mm STACK Water System From Continental Resources

Another deal in a string of E&P water asset divestitures into the hands of third-party midstream firms... Along with the divestiture, Continental has entered into a long-term arrangement with Lagoon to provide water sourcing, gathering and disposal services for Continental's future development in the area... Gage Herrmann from Lagoon was a speaker at our June conference - congrats to him, his team and Continental on this big deal...

Down In The Flood - Permian Crude Producers Brace For A Deluge Of Produced Water [RBN Blog Post On Water]

Now, the challenge of produced water has come to the fore. Horizontal wells in some parts of the Permian generate six, eight, even 10 barrels of produced water per barrel of crude, and all of it needs to be either disposed of or treated...

Houston Chronicle: SWD's Comprise 1/3rd Of New Well Permits In Texas

Water management continues to be big issue in the oilfield where one in three of all drilling permits filed in Texas over the past week were to develop new saltwater disposal wells, writes Sergio Chapa....

Water, Texas Style: An Introduction

Lots of good oilfield water stuff can be found in the Water Resources Impact magazine for July released this week, including a great article by Gabe Collins who spoke at our previous conference (p 24) and a Texas Water intro (page 7). Here's a link to the online magazine...

SWDs Involved In A Non-Compete Lawsuit Filed Against Solugen And Its New President

Independence Oilfield Chemicals LLC filed a lawsuit against Jason Roberts, who previously worked for Innospec Fuel Specialties, accusing him of violating non-competes and non-disclosure agreements when he joined Solugen as President this month. Information about salt water disposal wells factor into the dispute...

Bakken Land Owners Sue Over Pore Space Law

A landowners group on Monday sued the state over a new law related to compensation for the use of cavities in underground rock formations, calling it “a taking of the inalienable rights of North Dakota landowners..."


A water midstream is looking for an Oklahoma Facilities Engineer...

WATER TALENT POOL: Aqua Terra Is Hiring

As previously reported by this Oilfield Water Connection newsletter in issues #13 and #15 (in early- to mid-July), Aqua Terra recently secured credit to fund its next phase of growth and is hiring. Subsequently, the Houston Business Journal is also reporting on the funding and hiring at this water disposal firm...

UL Water Midstream Announces New Strategic Investment Commitments

As they welcome a new sponsor, the original ULWM partners (H2O Midstream and Layne Water Midstream) will retain joint control of ULWM with the strategic and financial support of its sponsors...

Antelope Interview Highlights "On-Demand" Business Model

Antelope Water Management's business model is on-demand rather than contractual obligations, the MRT writes...

Reeves Parcel Owner Seeks Development Proposals

Owner of multiple five to twenty acre parcels of surface in Reeves and West Texas seeks proposals for SWDs, RV parks, man camps, etc...

Construction Milestone At Milestone's Orla Project

The development of the company's first-ever landfill in Orla is on schedule and layer liners are being installed...

Permian Faces Multiple Challenges, Wood Mackenzie Warns

Accelerating decline rates, pipeline constraints and rising produced-water volumes could impact long-term production potential..

URTeC Delegates Warned Of Risk To Permian Production From Produced Water

Rising produced water volumes and expanding costs pose a significant risk to production growth in the Permian Basin, Ryan Duman, Senior Analyst, Lower 48, has told delegates at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in Denver, US...

Encore Announces 2nd Oil Company Partnership

The agriculture company Encore Green Environmental is expanding it's O&G solution in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, and New Mexico. The company announced its latest project to process oilfield by-product water for land application to foster agriculture and conservation using Conservation By-Design™ methodology.

Growth Capital Targets Development In A Challenging PW Market

California Resources Corporation has announced a joint venture with Colony Capital to invest up to $500mm in O&G properties in the San Joaquin Basin...

EPA: ‘Significant Environmental Impact’ In BLM Oilfield Plan

Federal regulators say a U.S. Bureau of Land Management plan to expand the Moneta Divide oil and gas field and discharge millions of gallons of polluted water into drainages above Boysen Reservoir is incomplete and may lead to environmental damage...

Can We Reuse Polluted Water? Yes, Add Bacteria

Scientists say bacterial communities are the key to efficient, low-cost treatment systems for wastewater from the oil and gas industries..

Wastewater Injection Can Make Faults Twice As Likely To Fail, Study Says

When earthquakes first jolted Dallas-Fort Worth residents in the fall of 2008, academic researchers knew little about the dense network of faults that run through our region. Now, two newly published studies offer the most complete picture yet of the fissures beneath North Texas and the thousands of small earthquakes they have hosted...

Inching Towards Abundant Water: New Progress In Desalination Tech

Scientists around the world are making incremental progress, slowly moving us towards a water-abundant world.

New Technical Paper On PW Treatment With Cross-Flow Filtration

Evaluation of a nanoporous lyotropic liquid crystal polymer membrane for the treatment of hydraulic fracturing produced water via cross-flow filtration...

And In Other News... An Interesting Macro Read On Global Water

Morgan Stanley offers a holistic approach to the world’s water woes. The high usage and scarcity of water have become consequential issues not only for human health, but for the global economy...


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