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Wednesday September 18, 2019

Deal flow in the oilfield water sector has been fairly light over the past several weeks.

This little breather comes three-quarters into a record-setting year for transformational transactions in the oilfield water industry. We track about 30 significant oilfield water deals signed so far in 2019, which is already double the number signed in all of 2018. And there’s still a full quarter left to go!

With 4Q19 now just around the corner we wonder if there will be a big push to close additional deals in the oilfield water business into year-end? We are aware of several ongoing water asset sales processes and a burgeoning deal pipeline. In the O&G industry, we often see a a flurry of transactions prior to the December holiday season.

This is another reason to start your fourth quarter off with us at the Houston Petroleum Club on October 4. In just two-and-a-half weeks, produced water leaders, executives, investors, and dealmakers will come together at our Industry Update Conference to discuss oilfield water marketplace trends. And with over 170 business leaders gathering here, who knows what new deals might get started at the event?

Before getting to today’s news digest, a quick update on availability for this fast-approaching meeting. Last week, there were still more than 70 seats available. Today, there are less than 40 seats left. Passes are going quickly now, and this event is on pace to sell out as early as next week – so please reserve your spot today to make sure you don’t miss it. Click here to see the agenda and registration page. We’ll see you there!

And now, here is the top oilfield water news and analysis from the past 7 days… while deal flow has paused to catch its breath, there are still plenty of interesting stories rising to the surface in this fast moving space..

News Digest

Odessa Holding Public Meeting On Groundwater Contamination

The City of Odessa will be holding a public meeting and a public hearing tomorrow evening after it was discovered that groundwater adjacent to the city limits had been contaminated by an unnamed oilfield service and supply company...

Expanding Produced Water Recycling & Reuse In Oil & Gas [Summary]

The Texas Alliance Of Energy Producers has issued a white paper on sustainable produced water policy, regulatory framework and management for the Texas O&G industry. This link has a summary of the findings, which were covered by all the major industry news outlets this week. Check out the summary, and then come hear the report's author share his key takeaways at our October 4 event!

Expanding Produced Water Recycling & Reuse In Oil & Gas [Full 47-Page Paper]

Here is a link to the full report, which provides current data on produced water supply and disposition, highlights technologies and trends, explores the Texas and federal regulatory and policy landscape, provides examples of recycle and reuse, and analyzes the impediments to improving produced water management. The report concludes with a set of 10 recommendations to address these barriers as well as increase opportunities to reuse and recycle produced water safely and economically...

New Mexico Consortium To Study Gaps In Produced Water Management

The New Mexico State University and the New Mexico Environment Department signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to fill science and technology gaps associated with the treatment of produced water...

The Top 15 New Injection Well Owners Of The Year In West Texas [Chart Of The Day]

With 2019 nearly three quarters of the way to the finish line, the Infill Thinking team took a quantitative look at injection capacity demand leaders in West Texas...

Do Oil And Water Mix? The Biggest Energy IPO Of 2019 Might Answer That Question

Saltwater disposal and integrated water logistics companies have attracted a higher proportion of the sparsely available capital flowing into the sector, highlighted by the largest energy IPO of this year: Rattler Midstream LP...

Slickwater Switch Highlights Compatibility Issues With Produced Water

Since HVFR is a newly commoditized chemical with dozens of suppliers in North America and China, operators are being advised to not let price the be the sole deciding factor in which variety they pump downhole. A number of recent industry studies argue that aggressive screening is needed to make the right choice—especially if an operator is recycling or reusing produced water...

Oil Price Rally Quickly Fades As Saudi Says Production Outage Will Be Restored This Month

Well that didn't last long - despite all the euphoria over oil prices over the weekend, energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said the Kingdom’s oil supply will be back online by the end of September. Fifty percent of the oil production loss from the attack has been restored in the past two days, bin Salman said, sending oil prices tumbling down yesterday after a historic surge...

PBPA President Ben Shepperd Weighs In On Permian's Global Relevance After Saudi Attack

"As the entire world continues to seek answers for the coordinated terrorist attacks on Saudi oil facilities over the weekend, one thing is clearer than ever, and it is just how important the Permian Basin is during these times..."

WATER TALENT POOL: People On The Move...

Kelan Donahue writes: "It's been an amazing five years working with OWL (and 12 years working disposal in the Rockies), but today is my last day with the company..."

Australian Oil Company's Interest In Marfa Concerns The Big Bend Conservation Alliance Because Of Water

City dwellers descend year-round on the tiny tourist town of Marfa, drawn by the allure of dark skies and high art. Oil drillers have never hit it big in this rugged, borderlands region of the state, but a firm headquartered in Australia is now taking a swing. J.D. Newsom, Executive Director of the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, said his group is concerned about the Helios Energy Limited project’s potential impact on local groundwater supplies...

Fleet Energy Expands Its Canadian Wastewater Operations, Buying Former Gibsons/Palko Disposal Sites

Fleet Energy (Fleet Environmental Solutions) has more than doubled in size, adding three salt water disposal and waste disposal sites in southeast Saskatchewan, adding to its two operating sites...

Texas Pacific Land Securities Analysis

Writes an analyst: "Texas Pacific Land (TPL) is not like any other company. It generates income from land in order to slowly liquidate itself by buying back its outstanding shares. We see a number of reasons to be bullish on TPL...

EVX Midstream Partners Constructs The Largest Water Gathering System In The Eagle Ford Basin And Finalizes Second Credit Facility

Herb Chambers IV, CEO of EVX said, "EVX is positioned to be the largest gatherer of produced water in the Eagle Ford basin. We have recently completed over 300 miles of large diameter water gathering systems and have pipe connected many of our twenty-plus SWDs...

Notable Comments From A Major On Evaporation Technology...

An XTO engineer weighs in with a comment on a post about a new evaporation solution...

Water You Doing On October 4?

In three weeks from now, on October 4 in Downtown Houston, US oil industry leaders and investors will gather to discuss oilfield water’s evolving business model, market structure, and latest trends. Oilfield Water: Industry Update delivers the most exciting produced water business topic agenda of any conference this fall season...

Delaware Basin Water Hauling Trends [Comment & Visuals]

Data is still coming in from February forward, but large producers continue to post numbers in line with highs from late in '18. Issues with getting flowback on pipe immediately are driving the trend, and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

85 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump

This comprehensive NY Times list represents two types of policy changes: rules that were officially reversed and rollbacks still in progress...

Trump Administration Rolls Back Landmark Water Protections

The Trump administration last Thursday announced the repeal of one of the Obama era's most sweeping environmental rules — a set of pollution protections for small streams and wetlands that had riled up opposition from coal miners, home developers, farmers and oil and gas drillers...

Devon's Permian Recycling Efforts

Today, Devon owns and operates eight water treatment facilities throughout the Delaware Basin – the western portion of the Permian encompassing southeast New Mexico...

iPIPE Receives Chairman's Stewardship Award

At the 2019 Annual Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) Conference, the Intelligent Pipeline IntegrityProgram (iPIPE) received the Chairman’s Stewardship Award for Environmental Partnership...


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