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Before getting to the news digest today, we are hopping on the soapbox for just a minute here.

Last year, there were no oilfield water events entirely dedicated to capital markets, supply chain management, M&A, procurement and marketplace issues.

Following the success of our two 2019 events (hat tip to all of you reading who made them great), there are suddenly a whole bunch of platforms copying our approach and agendas. Some have cloned our logo. One has even copied our name! Others are going after the fresh and unique speakers that we sought out and invited to share cutting-edge knowledge for the very first time at our events.

We are Oilfield Water Connection, and our team’s emails end in @oilfieldwater.com. If you see any other variation of our name or email address out there, it’s not us!! We are the original knowledge sharing boutique platform 100% dedicated to the oilfield water marketplace conversation. Our leadership team has a long history and deep relationships in the US O&G industry. We stake our reputations on the quality of our events and “outside-the-box” thinking.

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the explosion of copycat water midstream business/finance forums is counterproductive. It is hurting the industry. It is hurting you! Seeing the same speakers at event after event diminishes the value of all events and dramatically reduces attendees desire to hear from speakers (again). This hurts the personal brand of overexposed speakers. Meanwhile, the countless emails and calls that copycats are bombarding industry people with about their unoriginal events takes up your valuable work time.

This isn’t just sour grapes on our part – we have a call to action for you here. It is in the best interest of the industry if you, its leaders, begin to vote on events with your time and resources. You have the power to stop this. Simply refuse to participate in these copycat events that repeat agendas you’ve already seen from us and other original organizers. Just say no! Commit to being involved with a couple leading platforms that you trust because we’ve consistently delivered original content, information, and networking value. Trust us to do it again for you in the future. We implore you to begin ignoring the clone events that steal our creative ideas and your precious time.

Stick with the innovative organizers who actually spend every day reading and thinking about the oilfield water marketplace…not these large conference producing companies who are mass producing oilfield water events today, downstream events tomorrow, and next week are focused on a totally different industry. Some of the new event companies claiming expertise in North American water issues aren’t even based in the United States!

To be clear, we do not claim to organize the only quality events focused on oilfield water. For example, we have great respect for the PBWIEC event platform and team. It is a strong and original annual event that we believe brings real value into this great industry. And the SPE has some great technical content. But for the very best events focused just on the marketplace issues, business trends, corporate strategy, and supply chain management topics in the full-cycle oilfield water industry… look no further. We believe no other platform competes with the quality, relevance, and originality you’ll experience at Oilfield Water Connection’s marketplace conferences. Just ask any of the hundreds of folks who attended our first two this year (or check out this video)!

If you take just one thing away from this, please remember that avoiding copycat events helps you, us, and the entire industry by uniting us all in impactful and original events with strong levels of engagement. By focusing your time and resources on only best oilfield water events run by folks who are committed to serving you over the long-haul, not just while water’s hot, you’ll free up those other guys to go produce events in areas where they have more expertise. We’d all benefit from some culling of the herd.

Stepping down off the soapbox now… thanks for bearing with us and your participation in our events… here is this week’s oilfield water business news digest…

News Digest

10 Notable Oilfield Water Datapoints: Frac Water Soaks, More E&P Monetization, & Truck Reliance Declining But Never Going Away? [Free Trial Available]

In this update, we’ve gone hunting and gathering through thousands of pages of transcripts, IR decks, and earnings releases for the most interesting water datapoints. Common themes this earnings season continue to be getting water hauling trucks off the road and E&P operators monetizing their water infrastructure....

E&Ps Finding More Water Than Oil In Austin Chalk

Article author: "The biggest issue isn't that the Austin Chalk doesn't produce oil but rather a gap in the technology required to efficiently extract it from the rock without pulling out too much water at the same time." A point not made in the article that we'd note is BP said last week that they are seeing "much lower water cuts than expected" in the Austin Chalk...

A Big Permian Operator’s Thinking On Monetizing Water Assets Changes; Warming Up To A Near-Term Sale [Free Trial Available]

Another E&P is warming to handing off in-house water and could divest their extensive in-house water infrastructure system to the nascent third-party water midstream industry in the near-term...

Antero Midstream Corp Talked About Their $450mm Write-Off Of Idled Clearwater Facility

"The decision to idle the facility was driven by its inability to operate at its intended specifications. As a result of idling the plant, we recorded a $457 million impairment of the facility."

Clearing The Air On A Costly Misstep In The Evolution Of Oilfield Water Solutions [Free Trial Available]

Last week, an E&P operator and their midstream affiliate cleared the air on a costly misstep in the O&G industry’s effort to identify and finance the optimal oilfield wastewater solution. This in-depth "post-mortem" analysis on the Marcellus Clearwater Plant offers three key reasons, provides facility background, and talks about the path forward...

Basic Energy Services Management Talks Agua Libre Extensively On Earnings Call

"As [Agua Libre] midstream projects come online, we expect volumes to continue to trend upward into the first half of 2020. The bulk of our projects are in the Permian Basin where we have 33 saltwater disposal wells currently...."

Tallgrass Energy CEO Blames Selling Shareholders For Stock Drop

Last week, the chief executive of Tallgrass Energy, under fire from investors over sales talks with private equity firm Blackstone, defended management provisions in the deal and blamed selling shareholders for a 23% stock-price drop...

New Mexico Cultivates Idea To Use O&G Wastewater For Agriculture Irrigation

New Mexico is searching for a way to use wastewater for agriculture as the state’s oil and gas well operations continue to increase...

Plants May Suffer From Wastewater Irrigation [SUMMARY]

A new study that used produced water to irrigate wheat showed that the plants had weakened immune systems... Here is a summary article.

Plants May Suffer From Wastewater Irrigation [DOWNLOAD PDF OF STUDY]

A new study that used produced water to irrigate wheat showed that the plants had weakened immune systems... Here is a link to download the full paper...

SitePro Announces Acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions

David Bateman, Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer of SitePro said, "The ICS acquisition is a key part of our corporate development strategy to expand the number of sites automated with our platform and solidify unmatched customer service for the markets in which we operate...."

Henry Hill Oil Completes 10 Miles Of Bakken SWD Pipeline Connecting Gathering Systems

According to Henry Hill Oil's CEO Matt Lowe, "With the record production experienced by McKenzie County this year, the need for salt water transportation and disposal has greatly increased..."

UW’s Brant Leads Research To Boost Oilfield Wastewater Treatment

Many of you may have met Dr. Brant and some of his students at our October conference in Houston. Here is an update on his work at the intersection of academics and wastewater management industry...

Article From The Carlsbad Current-Argus Talks About Chevron Recycling H2O

Abdul Sule, Chevron’s Permian water operations supervisor who spoke at our October conference along side other key members of the Chevron water team, said some research even showed well production increased with the use of produced water, because returning water back into the shale it came from has less of an impact on altering the chemistry of the formation....

O&G Water Facilities Coming To Permian, Production Continues Growth In New Mexico

This new article covers the OWL facility that High Roller is building (which was mentioned in our newsletter last week)...

The First Multi-Day Oilfield Water Markets Conference Opens For Registration

The Oilfield Water Markets 2020 Conference will be held May 26-28, 2020 at the DFW Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. Online registration is open...

2020 Vision: Tracking E&P Capex Budget Signals For US Land [Free Trial Available To View]

2020 E&P capex budget announcement season is still a couple months out on the horizon, but planning is well underway for most operators at this point. While most will wait to disclose specific $$ budgets until early next-year (or later this year in some cases), Infill Thinking is rounding up the early signals about where spending might trend next year....

TROUBLE IN SHALE: Frac'ers Scrap Idled Equipment Amid Shale Drilling Pullback

“The U.S. oilfield-service sector has overshot the growth cycle again resulting in a capacity glut. There’s too much of everything, from horsepower to sand...”

TROUBLE IN SHALE: Epitome of America’s Shale Gas Boom Now Warns It May Go Bust

Chesapeake Energy Corp. -- once the epitome of America’s shale-gas fortunes -- is warning it may not be able to outlast low fuel prices...

TROUBLE IN SHALE: World ‘Awash’ In Oil But Perry Sees Shale Boom Barreling Ahead?

Global markets are “awash” in crude thanks to the surge in U.S. oil output, and the boom looks set to continue, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in a Bloomberg TV interview...

SECURE Energy Talks About Canadian Produced Water Handling Opportunities In Earnings Release

The Canadian company's earnings report highlighted opportunities in produced water pipelines and disposal facilities...

Intrepid Says Delaware Basin Third-Party Water Transfer Services Are Ahead Of Schedule

"We continue to execute solidly on our strategy, delivering strong top-line results from our diversified revenue streams while accelerating overall investments and expenses, including the immediate use of third-party services for water transfers, ahead of our original plans at Intrepid South," said Bob Jornayvaz, Intrepid's Executive Chairman, President, and CEO....

Feds Push To Open 1 Million Acres To Fracing in California

The Trump administration unveiled a plan to open another million acres in California to oil and gas development and fracking, one day after being sued by conservationists for similar plans in a different part of the state....

Federal Oil Lease Auctions May Soon Resume After BLM Finds Minimal Fracing Risks In California

A long-running legal battle over federal oil-and-gas leasing in California may be nearing resolution after new findings by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that the oilfield technique known as fracking does not pose undue environmental harm to 1.2 million acres in Kern County and other parts of California....

New Book Addresses Regulating Water Security in Unconventional Oil and Gas

This book addresses the need for deeper understanding of regulatory and policy regimes around the world in relation to the use of water for the production of ‘unconventional’ hydrocarbons, including shale gas, coal bed methane and tight oil, through hydraulic fracturing.

Golden Gate Capital Completes Sale of Hillstone Environmental Partners to NGL Energy Partners

Golden Gate Capital, a leading private equity investment firm, today announced it has completed the sale of Hillstone Environmental Partners LLC (“Hillstone”) to NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL) (“NGL”) for approximately $600 million...

Larimer County Releases Draft Of O&G Rules

The rules say that all produced fluids shall be recycled unless “technically infeasible,” that waste may be stored in tanks for no longer than two weeks while awaiting transport to licensed disposal or recycling facilities, and that “produced water shall be transported by pipeline unless economically or technically infeasible.” The draft also states that the county will not allow “produced water via wastewater injection wells.”

Improved Water Treatment Technologies Make Waves

Chemical processors face tough challenges when it comes to the water used in the facility — namely, water scarcity and ever-increasing regulatory requirements associated with discharging effluent....

And Finally... Something On The Lighter Side - The Human Condition Values Proximity To Water (Maybe Not PW, But Still...)

Blue spaces: why time spent near water is the secret of happiness...


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