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News Digest

Oilfield Water Deal Flurry As 2019 Winds Down Solidifies A Historic Year For Water Midstream M&A [Free Trial Unlocks]

Plenty of water deal news continues to cross the wires as 2019 draws to a close. Here's commentary on five M&A new transactions. What a year it’s been for water midstream M&A. And with 2020 just around the corner, the water deal pipeline we track is still burgeoning....

Bison Acquires Gulfport's SCOOP Water Infrastructure and Enters into 15-Year Water Gathering, Recycle and Reuse Agreements

Bison Acquires Gulfport's SCOOP Water Infrastructure and Enters into 15-Year Water Gathering, Recycle and Reuse Agreement...

WaterBridge Announces Closing of $345 Million of Additional Equity Capital to Fund Strategic Acquisitions

Proceeds will be used to fund acquisitions of produced water infrastructure from Primexx Energy Partners, Tall City Exploration III and Jetta Permian, as well as organic growth projects in the Southern Delaware Basin...

Empire Pipeline Acquires Interest in TROO Clean Environmental

At its facility located in Belmont, Ohio, TROO Clean currently performs a number of services for its customers, including: Filtering flowback and produced water using a processing system...

Gradiant Energy Services Completes Permian Evaporation Pilot Project

GES’s patented Carrier Gas Concentration technology was successfully utilized to evaporate 1,000 barrels per day of produced water in the Permian Basin over a 25-day period using natural gas as a fuel source, which would have been otherwise flared...

US Rig Count's Christmas Miracle

The 12-rig increase in US onshore drilling activity last week was notable for three key reasons:...

ANALYSIS: In What Inning Is The Permian Water Midstream Game?

Ben Reed has some thoughts... "At a macro level, the water is undeniably coming and not enough infrastructure is in place. More deals will happen!"

SitePro Doubles Size With Integrated Control Solutions Acquisition

With the acquisition of Integrated Control Solutions, SitePro of Lubbock now has over 1,000 sites, from production facilities to saltwater disposal sites, utilizing its automation technology...

Twenty20™ Solutions Expands into Saltwater Disposal Sector

Twenty20™ Solutions is expanding its services to include a custom-built automation and monitoring solution to address the unique operating challenges of the saltwater disposal (SWD) sector of the oil and gas industry...

Aqua Terra Teases Launch Of Glenroy Facility In Early-2020

Coming soon, the Glenroy facility. Commercial by February 2020...

Taurus Midstream Gears Up For Lone Ranger Commissioning In Early-2020

Taurus Midstream's newest commercial & public SWD-The Lone Ranger- coming early 2020!

Oilfield Water Connection Is Preparing To Make Some Big Announcements About May 2020 Event...

Stay tuned for some very exciting partnerships, new sponsors, and agenda news in January and February of 2020 about the biggest oilfield water markets event of the new year!

The “Nice List”: 19 US E&P Operators To Keep An Eye On For 2020 Activity Growth [Free Trial Unlocks]

With lumps of coal in every oilfield stocking this holiday season, it’s easy to overlook the bright spots. There are some bright spots though. Not every E&P operator plans to slash investment next year. Here are 19 to watch for completions activity increases next year...

It’s The Most Wonderful Time… For Tight Oil E&Ps With Change In Their Pocket & Long-Term Vision

Looking at today’s depressed stock prices for tight oil operators and declining E&P activity trends, you’d never guess that this is actually a relatively wonderful time to be an E&P operator actively developing US tight oil resources....

Sourcewater’s Director of Geoscience Publishes First-Ever Complete Saltwater Injection Stratigraphy of Permian in Environmental Geosciences

With this, Casee, explains that “we can begin to understand the capacity that exists and remains for saltwater disposal”...

Midstream Water Management: U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing Strategies, Solutions, & Outlook, 2019-2028 [$3,500 Report]

The US$17 billion per year water-for-hydraulic fracking landscape in the U.S. continues its evolution, shaped by the mercurial oil & gas markets and geopolitical forces influencing production and water management strategies..

Comment period closing on MVP Southgate water quality permit; lawmakers speak out on project

The Haw and Dan rivers are in the crosshairs of the MVP Southgate project, a natural gas pipeline that, if state environmental regulators approve a permit, would cross the equivalent of four miles of sensitive waterways that contribute to the drinking water supply.

WATER TALENT POOL: Select Energy Services Announces John D. Schmitz's Transition To Non-Executive Chairman

Holli Ladhani, President and CEO, stated, "As the founder of Select, John has been instrumental in our overall success and culture of excellence..."

WATER TALENT POOL: Opening For A SWD Contract Lease Operator In Midland County

Trinidad Energy, LLC is currently looking for a contract lease operator to look after a 25,000 BWPD Salt Water Disposal well and facility in northern Midland County...

WATER TALENT POOL: Basic's New CEO Hails From Baker Hughes

Basic Energy Services’ new chief ran the Canadian division of the oilfield services giant...

TROUBLE IN SHALE: Banks Get Tough on Shale Loans as Fracking Forecasts Flop [WSJ]

Equity capital getting pulled was the story in E&P finance in 2019. Is tightening credit going to be the story in 2020?

TROUBLE IN SHALE: Permian Banks Now Latest Drag on Texas Economy, Dallas Fed Says

The slowdown in Permian Basin oil drilling and fracing is spreading to the lenders as austerity takes hold...

New Pavillion Investigation Finds No Link Between Fracing & Contaminated Water

The report, conducted by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, concluded pollution in drinking water likely occurred naturally due to the permeable and shallow geology of the area...

Water Desalination Applications in Shale-Gas and Polymer EOR Produced Waters

New extraction methods propelling the future of oil and gas depend heavily on water as a critical input—shale developments and waterflood enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are two examples...


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