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Well, here we are. A place we never thought we’d be.

Our nation, our economy, and our O&G industry will overcome today’s challenges and press on into a better tomorrow. The US O&G industry is being put to the test like never before, but we are optimistic about the future opportunities that lie in wait just past this tunnel of darkness.

For now, much of American life as we know it as been postponed. That means The Oilfield Water Markets 2020 Conference is on hold too, delayed until the Fall.

We still plan to make this the best oilfield water business event of the year. It’ll just a little later in the calendar than originally expected! We need to do our part to flatten the curve, and our first priority is attendee and broader public health.

After this public health crisis has passed us by, we expect the turnout will be better than ever as demand will be pent-up in this holding period where all other events are being not just delayed but outright cancelled. 

So what now? Three key points:

  1. Stakeholder Support For The Delayed Conference Is Extremely Strong. As Covid-19 concerns have escalated in recent weeks and days, we have been in touch regularly with conference stakeholders, speakers and sponsors. Everyone we talked to unanimously supported our decision to delay the event. And importantly, not one speaker or sponsor or attendee has backed out following our decision to delay! So we can all look forward to a tremendous event this fall instead of in May. We will be working with speakers to tweak the agenda to address fast changing market conditions. We are also giving all event sponsors free advertising space in this newsletter, so you’ll be seeing their brands more often ahead of the event!
  2. New Dates. We informed the Gaylord Texan venue on Monday that our May 26-28 event will no longer gather on the originally planned dates, a move that is inline with CDC and Federal / Local Government recommendations. We now look forward to hosting this event in late-3Q20 or early-4Q20, and we are in active discussion with resort management to determine what dates will be available to host the conference. 
  3. Stay Tuned. We will be in touch again as soon as possible with an update on specific timing. Folks already registered to speak, sponsor, or attend can expect a special email directly from our team as soon as our dates are formally revised, and we’ll let you know in this newsletter and the event website too. For now, all you need to do if you were planning to attend in May is cancel your hotel reservation with the Gaylord Texan until we determine the new block.

That’s it for now. Please be safe out there. Remember that the sacrifices we are all making are temporary, and the good old USA, and our beloved oilfield, will come roaring back soon. 

We’ll see you in the fall, and between now and then, we’ll keep the weekly water news and analysis flowing into your inbox. Unfortunately, today’s news is extremely negative, but we’ve gotta hit the bottom somewhere right?

And now, here are the top oilfield water industry headlines of the week…

News Digest

Seems Impossible, But Things Got Worse Between Black Monday & Friday The Thirteenth [Notes From The Field]

Infill Thinking describes anecdotes that capture the state of chaos at the carpet level in shale, and shares a base case estimate that frac activity will fall by 50% in the span of less than two months (by April/May 2020)...

WTI Oil Price Watch - Under $25 On Wednesday Morning

WTI was plummeting on Wednesday, dipping down to $24.65 as of this writing, click to see the latest....

Flu Fear On The Frac Site [free trial unlocks]

Frac sites have always come with big HSE risks. But these risks can typically be seen / monitored, mitigated, and managed through training, experience, and leadership. The industry dedicates massive resources to doing so on a daily basis. COVID-19 – and its paralyzing pall of pandemic fear – is different. And management teams are preparing for the impact on frac site workers....

Halliburton Furloughs 3,500 Workers As Shale Producers Cut Spending

3,500 Houston staff at Halliburton will alternate working one-week on and one-week off for the next 60 days. Shares of HAL are down 70% in a month...

Pioneer Cuts Water Infrastructure Spending Along With Upstream Capex

Pioneer is reducing its budgeted water infrastructure spending to approximately $100 million, resulting in a total 2020 capital budget1 range of $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion...

The Latest Tally On NAM E&P Budget Cuts In Response To The 2020 Oil Price Crash [Free Trial Available]

22 US E&Ps have quantified cuts to their planned capital budget programs, and the total updated guidance they gave amounts to $11.2bn of planned US E&P spending being pulled back in less than two weeks. Here's a company-by-company summary...

Stock market rout doubles pain for energy firms that took shares for deals

Energy investor EnCap Investments pulled off a rarity in the U.S. shale business earlier this month, the $2.5 billion sale of oil producer Felix Energy to rival WPX Energy Inc, striking a deal at a time when energy mergers have all but dried up....

Craddick: TX State Leaders Keeping An Eye On Falling Oil Prices

The oil price freefall wasn’t felt just in the Permian Basin. State Rep. Tom Craddick said leaders in Austin were paying attention and are worried about the price of oil in the $30s.

Saudis to Hike Oil Export to Record 10 Million Barrels a Day

Saudi Arabia plans to boost oil exports even further from April to May, reaching a record of more than 10 million barrels a day as the kingdom taps a new field....

For The US Land Rig Count, It’s The Calm Before The 100-Year Storm [free trial avialable]

The Baker Hughes US land rig count on Friday (+3) did not yet reflect the releases that operators are planning. Calm before the storm? The 100-year storm? Here is a list of planned rig releases...

New Wyoming Energy Measures Cover Disposal Wells, Combined Energy Authority

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon has signed into law two measures that impact the state’s oil and natural gas sector...

SWD Volume Insights In The Delaware

Some deep #swd wells putting away big-time vols in the TX #DelawareBasin! Chevron and Cimarex Energy have had great success in Culberson County. Devonian-Silurian injection...

Factoring 2020 DOT Drug & Alcohol Reg Changes Into Frac’s Last Mile & Water Hauling [Friday Guest Post]

As of January 6, 2020, FMCSA launched the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse with intentions to reduce the number of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who continue to operate CMVs with DOT drug or alcohol violations on their record. By removing these violators from operating CMVs on the roadway, FMCSA plans to improve roadway safety across the nation....

Water Management does not just start and stop at frac

"Water Management does not just start and stop at frac, which underpins the recent growth in the midstream water management and a wave of investments from 30+ private equity and financial firms."

Company wants to put two injection wells on a piece of land in Barnesville

Tri-State Environmental Solutions has applied for permits to install two injection wells on a piece of land in Kirkwood Township....

Hess Midstream cuts budget, braces for lower pipeline volumes

Houston pipeline operator Hess Midstream is cutting its budget and lowering investor expectations for 2020 as the company braces for lower volumes of crude oil, natural gas and produced water to be sent through its networks....

Cypress Energy Partners, L.P. Announces Name Change to Cypress Environmental Partners, L.P. and Record Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results

Cypress Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE:CELP) announced today that it is changing its name to Cypress Environmental Partners, L.P., effective March 16, 2020...

Southeast New Mexico plagued by oil and gas spills as production booms in Permian Basin

Uncertainty continued for the people of Malaga and throughout ranching communities in southern Eddy County in the days after the State of New Mexico began investigating a spill on the Black River of chemical-laden drilling mud by Matador Resources....

Pipeline company fined $125,000 for rupture southwest of Edmonton

An energy company has been fined $125,000 for a pipeline failure southwest of Edmonton nearly three years ago.

Journey Energy fined for pipeline failure

An energy company has been fined 125,000 dollars for a pipeline failure southwest of Edmonton nearly three years ago....

Leak causes release of treated produced water

A valve/piping connection leak caused the release of 2,500 barrels of treated produced water at a saltwater disposal well, about five miles southwest of Tioga, on Monday....

Oil leak near McKittrick resumes, Chevron aware

After being inactive for months, an oil spill that started near McKittrick in November 2019 has reportedly resumed....

Where there’s drilling, there’ll be spilling

Spills related to oil and gas production in Colorado increased about 7% in 2019 compared to 2018.

State Holds Santa Maria Meeting on Rules for Oil and Gas Industry

Proposed buffer zones around oil and gas operations drew support and opposition from audience members at a Santa Maria meeting where the California Geologic Energy Management Division staff sought comments on new rules proposed for the industry...

PSP: Decline in oil prices doesn’t change partnership’s efforts

The PSP is a coalition of leading Permian Basin energy companies working in partnership with leaders across the region’s communities to address current and future challenges related to responsible development of resources in the region, according to the PSP website. It's not going anywhere they say...


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