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3 West Texas Cities Secured Their Source Of Water For The Next 50 years

What began a decade ago as a collaborative effort by the cities of Abilene, Midland and San Angelo to address long-term water needs culminated today with the signing of a multi-generational groundwater supply contract. The cities negotiated a 50-year agreement with Fort Stockton Holdings, the owner of substantial groundwater rights in far West Texas, for groundwater pumped from the Edwards-Trinity aquifer.

Basic Energy Services Launches Automated Water Management Solution With Major Permian Client

Basic has successfully tested an automated water management solution with a major US operator...

WaterBridge Management Change

Stephen M. Johnson Transitions to Vice Chairman. Steven R. Jones Appointed as Co-CEO and CFO. Jason Long Appointed as Co-CEO and COO.

Oil Prices Plague Oilfield Water Management Market

The recent drop in oil prices has created controversy about the future of most of the E&P and services companies, but how will this affect the oilfield water management market specifically?

Heard Around The Field: Sand & Pumping Pricing Trends, Crew Releases, Write-offs & Lay-offs, Shut-ins & Storage, Etc.

It’s Tuesday May 12, 2020 and from our desk to yours, here is a roundup of noteworthy downturn datapoints that advance the oilfield business narrative as the bottom approaches...

Wells Already Reopening?

Some drillers in the Permian Basin already are reopening wells that were shut in response to the recent price collapse, Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET) said on its earnings conference call...

NM Oil Conservation Commission Public Meeting On May 21 To Discuss Produced Water

The proposed rule changes will address the “produced water” definition and add a “frac water” reporting requirement to designate the portions that are potable, nonpotable, or recycled...

$25 Webinar Today At 10am Central: Oilfield Water Infrastructure Connectivity With Gabe Collins

In his recent article in the Texas Water Journal, "Oilfield Water Infrastructure Connectivity: The Case for a Hydrovascular Network in the Permian Basin", Gabriel Collins, J.D. explores an interconnected water network to meet the water needs for oil and gas production in the Permian Basin...

Upcoming Water Report - Oilfield Water For Local Crops

SJV Water discusses oilfield water use on local crops with KGET Channel 17 Anchor Jim Scott this Saturday, May 17, at 6 p.m.

LOIS HENRY: Crops grown with oilfield water OK'd by water quality board

Fruits and vegetables grown with recycled oilfield water in Kern County got a final stamp of approval last month, nearly five years after the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board began what it thought was going to be a three-month process investigating the water’s safety...

Oilfield Water Fraud

Allegation: Shawn Kluver set up another business, Little Knife Disposal LLC, a saltwater conversion site in McKenzie County, “under the ruse that it would be owned and operated as a revenue generating venture of Environmental Driven Solutions.” The owner of Environmental Driven Solutions, an 82-year-old man, put up a bond of $300,000. After that, Kluver changed the paperwork, making himself the sole owner of Little Knife, the affidavit says....

Enable Midstream Partners remains positive as it deals with virus impacts on the energy industry

The company said it benefited from an increase in the value of natural gas, condensate and derivatives of natural gas liquids it had sold during the period and an increase in the amount of oil, condensate and produced water it gathered in the Anadarko Basin...

Oil Bust Forces College Grads to Rethink a Well-Paid Career Path

Hanzelle Kleeman was all set to head home to Houston until the oil crash upended her plans for the summer — and potentially, for her entire career...

Opinion: Texas Pacific Land Trust Has Significant 'Peak Permian' Risk

Texas Pacific Land Trust has seen an incredible share price rally over the past decade due to the development of the Permian oil patch.

Oklahoma Regulators Consider Requests To Declare Oil Production A “Waste”

While Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners took no vote in Monday’s 5-hour long hearing of testimony about requests to declare a “waste” of oil production in the state, it is clear there is distinct separation of opinions about making such a move...

Bargas: Broad support for produced water rules

The Oklahoma Legislature has been rightly focused on budgetary issues during its abbreviated legislative session. The COVID-19 pandemic and a global war over oil prices have devastated the state’s finances, and fixes must be made.

Liam's Latest: Why Is Anyone Drilling Shale at All These Days?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Amid a historic oil crash, frackers are ditching rigs at a rapid pace.

How U.S. Shale Can Survive The Oil Crash

The question regarding whether we have reached peak oil demand is a pressing concern for U.S. upstream activity.

Oil stockpiles have stopped growing in world’s biggest buyer

The great oil glut of 2020 may have already peaked in the world’s biggest crude importer. Crude inventories in China have shrunk in recent weeks after rising to record levels, according to analysts and satellite observations. Supplies have been drawn out of storage as refineries ramp up operations to meet rising demand from an economy emerging from lockdown...

This Could Be The Beginning Of A Tremendous Oil Rally

Opinion: "Oil prices are getting ready to rise…dramatically. We are going to move from a perception of severe surplus due to the global economic slowdown, to a reality of intermittent and localized shortages. This will be strongly evident by the 4th quarter of this year. Let me set the stage for this prediction."

Continental sees imminent oil recovery while slashing output

Shale driller Continental Resources Inc. expects an imminent recovery in crude prices even as it undertakes some of the most aggressive production cuts in an industry crippled by tumbling oil prices...

Water Talent Pool: Senior Sales Manager, Keystone Clearwater Solutions in Canonsburg, PA, USA

This position is a diverse technical sales and customer relationship role. Responsibilities will include technical sales of water transfer, water sales, pipeline construction and other water management solutions.

Water Talent Pool: Good People Available

Trevor Nichols, P.E. is a Class A professional and individual, reach out to him and share as he has upstream, midstream and water experience...

Benefits of online oil-in-water monitors for produced water management

Dr Ming Yang, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, considers the advancement of online oil-in-water monitoring technologies.

Hydrologist studies impact of South Platte salinity levels

A long term and growing concern in Colorado is river salinity levels and their impact on agricultural operations. The Colorado Ag Water Alliance recently invited Grady O’Brien, a hydro-geologist with more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing complex development projects, to discuss the early phases of a salinity research project he is conducting along the South Platte River Basin.


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