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We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. With the holiday, it’s been a fairly light week for oilfield water news, but there are still some valuable reads worth your time in our digest this week. In particular, you’ll find some creative and informative analysis spanning both downturn topics and water industry trends from bright minds within the industry. Have a great rest of the week…

News Digest

Oilfield Water M&A Charts Suddenly Awash In White Space [Charts Of The Day]

Like with most sectors of the US economy in the Covid-19 world, dealmaking has gone silent in the oilfield water sector. There are three reasons that the recent lack of transactions in this oilfield niche is especially noteworthy:...

Oilfield Service Company Lifecycle [Graphic]

The CarboNet team assembled a graphic that boils down the logic of the oilfield service cycle into the least common denominator. Take a look...

U-Zontal Well For Chesapeake in South Texas

This time (CHK) Chesapeake Energy drills a first of its kind in South Texas with MS Directional and Superior QC. See the surveys attached....

5/14 - 5/21 Texas #SWD Permitting Activity - Permian

Well Counts:
Midland Basin - 5
Delaware Basin - 10
Shallow - 10
Deep - 5

Oklahoma Provides Clarity on Produced Water Ownership in Oil, Gas Fields

Oklahoma legislation designating who owns and is responsible for wastewater resulting from oil and natural gas drilling operations was signed into law on Tuesday by Gov. Kevin Stitt...

Bill that clarifies ownership, liability of oil wastewater signed into law

The measure, also known as the Oil and Gas Produced Water and Waste Recycling Reuse Act, clarifies that produced water and waste is the property of the oil and gas producer until it is officially transferred to another person.

For The Permian Basin… Good News & Bad News

This week’s rig count analysis offers up a mixed bag to the many good Infill Thinking members whose economic interests lie in the oilfields of Midland, Carlsbad, Kermit, and the surrounding area...

Upcoming TCEQ Water Rights Advisory Workgroup Meeting June 2

Here's a link to the agenda...

Upcoming Webinar June 9: Best Practices for Safely Storing Produced Water in Pits and Tanks

A discussion of how operators are leveraging active and passive portable aeration rental equipment and services to manage excess produced water with minimum risk and lower total cost of operations. Lax management of produced water storage in pits and tanks can lead to environmental and safety risks due to toxic hydrogen sulfide and bacterial growth....

Chemists identify toxic chemicals in fracking wastewater

Before water produced during hydraulic fracturing is disposed of in waterways or reused in agriculture and other industries, chemists at The University of Toledo are zeroing in on water quality and environmental concerns of fracking wastewater to determine if it is safe for reuse...

The debate on using oilfield produced water for crop irrigation continues

In an attempt to determine whether it is safe to use oilfield produced water for crop irrigation, a team of researchers from Duke and RTI International analyzed soil and water samples from the Cawelo Water District in California

Oil Co. Says It Can Keep Payments For SWD Construction

Orr Energy Rooster LLC told a Texas court that Howard County Energy Fund LP failed to make timely payments for some horizontal well and SWD construction in the Permian Basin in violation of an acquisition and participation agreement and as such believes it's entitled to keep $2mm from previous payments.

U.S. shale bust slams rural economies as oil checks shrivel

Royalties from oil pumped on Paul Ruckman's land allowed the South Texas retiree to build a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom vacation home. He had plenty left over, and donated some of it to Helena, Texas, an 1800s ghost town that draws hundreds to historic buildings and gunfight re-enactments.

Why U.S. Shale Is Too Important To Fail

The shale oil (and gas) sector is too important from a geopolitical and economic perspective to the world standing of the U.S. for it to be allowed to fail, and all other considerations are secondary...

Bulls And Bears On Texas Pacific Land

Horizon Kinetics has resumed buying shares, and a T. Rowe Price fund has taken a stake as well...

With Storage Space Evaporating, the Oil and Gas Industry Will Get to Put Its Products Back Underground

The Railroad Commission has rolled back rules that once prohibited producers from storing liquid hydrocarbons in geological formations across the state, despite risks to aquifers.

IHS Markit: ‘Great Shut-in’ hits North American production

Due to the collapse in oil prices, IHS Markit expects US producers are in the process of curtailing about 1.75 million bpd of existing production by early June due to operating cash losses, lack of demand and storage capacity, and an unwillingness to sell resources at the very low prices available since the onset of the COVID crisis.

Texas Alliance working with DOE to solve key energy issues

The Alliance is also working to enact a sustainable produced water policy for the oil and gas industry.

IX Water Launches SEC Regulated Crowdfunding for Products to Treat Wastewater Produced by Oil and Gas Industry

IX Power Clean Water, Inc. announced today that it is raising funds through a SEC-regulated crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine (StartEngine.com/Ix-Water) to enter the market with its machines that clean highly contaminated water produced by oil and gas recovery, mining, and other industries.

A Discussion on Equipment types commonly used for Produced Water Treatment in the Oilfield

Exactly how much of what contaminant and property needs to be adjusted will be dependent on the ultimate destination of the water, as well as what other processes are being used.

Westmoreland County landfill seeks to evaporate contaminated runoff

The Westmoreland Sanitary Landfill, which accepts a significant amount of shale gas drilling waste, has applied for a state permit to evaporate contaminated liquid runoff from the site and send tons of pollutants, including hazardous substances, into the air.


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