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There’s a ton of interesting news and analysis in today’s digest below – much of it positive. It feels like we’ve turned a corner. Things are still bad, but they aren’t getting much worse. We get the sense that the oilfield is starting to catch its stride in the new normal. Industry leaders are finally looking ahead to potential improvements in business conditions over the next 12-24 months after just struggling to survive the past couple chaotic months.

On that note, we believe oilfield water market participants could use a “basic reset.” Our first Virtual Think-In (scheduled for a week from today) will provide just that in a small group discussion setting by inviting thought leaders to compare notes on recent adjustments in the water midstream sector.

As you may have seen mentioned in recent Oilfield Water Weekly Newsletters, we are planning to to host a series of one-hour zoom meetings to gather the industry – 20 thought leaders at a time – in oilfield water market discussions until we can gather in a big group in person again.

Our first session next week will be a much needed big picture reset that will encompass some timely sub-themes in the oilfield water marketplace:

“A Basic Reset For Oilfield Water After The Chaos”
(Wednesday 6/10/2020)

  • what adjustments have been made by the water midstream sector over the past few chaotic months
  • what contract structure changes are being made in reaction to production curtailment
  • how are surface fresh water and recycled water storage and demand fairing
  • thoughts on forward looking water demands
  • how is the deal conversation changing alongside evolving risk profiles

We are sending out special invites today to some of the folks that have been instrumental in our past events. We’ll have an industry insider give a quick 5-minute intro to set up an open and loosely moderated discussion of these issues. This Think-In will be limited to 20 participants, with a few spots held for operators only. No marketing / no sales pitches / no commercials will be allowed – this is a forum for thoughtful discussion of critical market trends.

Participation is free, but it is first-come, first-serve and likely to fill up quickly. If you are interested, please send us an email and we will do our best to get you in!

If we have enough people who are interested, we can always schedule a second session and we are planning to host more of these in the weeks ahead. If you have other topics you would like to suggest, please feel free email us with those as well.

And now, here is your weekly water news and analysis digest…

News Digest

8-Stage Reopening Plan For The US Oilfield

The first steps towards reopening are happening. In this update, we outline an 8 stage reopening plan as well as evidence of progress in the early stages from a variety of recent positive datapoints...

NGL Says Delaware Basin Produced Water Volumes Have Hit The Bottom

Management said: "We believe [Delaware produced] water volumes hit bottom in May. Several large customers that shut in production in May are producing again in June." The company has consolidated active SWDs, concentrating produced water in fewer locations to eliminate all leased genarators and diesel where they had no station power...

3.2 Mag Quake In Midland This Week

The USGS website is reporting that a 3.2 magnitude earthquake at 5:45 a.m. Monday morning...

New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission Schedules Public Hearing On Formation Water

The NM Oil Conservation Commission has scheduled a public hearing on July 30 to consider the Oil Conservation Division application to amend rules for produced water.

Study on the Economic Impacts of Recycling

The TCEQ conducted a study on the current and potential economic impacts of recycling, including state and local revenue that may be considered lost because recyclable materials are not recycled.

U.S. EPA Report Summarizing Stakeholder Input On Oilfield Wastewater Management

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) issued a May 2020 report titled: Summary of Input on Oil and Gas Extraction Wastewater Management Practices Under the Clean Water Act (“Report”)...

EPA’s New Rule Limits States' Ability To Regulate Pipelines Under The Clean Water Act

A new EPA rule reverses 50 years of practice under the Clean Water Act by diminishing a state’s ability to reject large energy infrastructure projects like interstate pipelines...

Centennial Wants Its $10mm From WaterBridge

Centennial filed a petition saying WaterBridge waited until one minute before closing time to terminate the purchase, and the E&P has asked the court to help it recover the $10mm in escrow...

The US Oilfield Is Losing Focus On Pre-Existing Conditions. And It Can’t Afford To. [Charts Of The Day]

The immediacy of the twin 800-pound gorillas in the oilfield today (the oil price crash and the coronavirus pandemic’s economic devastation) overshadow all other challenges. Some of these challenges and transition issues include parent-child well interference, logistical constraints, produced water, ESG, e-frac, and frac sand / logistics optimization...

Slow SWD Permitting Week, But Big Time Volumes Being Requested n The Permian

Slow week on the #SWD permitting front, but some big time volumes being requested, writes Chris Weyand...

Blockchain For Water Test Is Working

An oil and gas consortium testing blockchain distributed ledger software said results of its pilot were promising, paving way for the group’s members to start using the technology at production sites...

WATER TALENT POOL: Hiring Returning?

A water midstream firm has opened three new positions...

ProPetro Estimates 20 Frac Crews Are Working In The Permian

ProPetro Holding Corp on Tuesday estimated there are 20 hydraulic fracturing fleets running in the Permian Basin shale field, marking a sharp decline as oil prices have dropped 41% this year...

Permian SWD Facility Burned In Howard County

According to Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief Mitchell Hooper, the fire was a salt water disposal facility that was engulfed. No injuries reported...

Midlander Patents Tool That Captures Gases, Fights Tank Fires

In a recent tank battery fire in Midland County, Paul Gibbs said it took 50 minutes for the first fire truck to arrive and another 30 minutes for more than one to arrive...

Taproot Energy Partners Adds Additional Acreage Dedication to Its Midstream Infrastructure in the DJ Basin.

Taproot Energy Partners, LLC announced today that its affiliate, Taproot Rockies Midstream, LLC (“Taproot”), has secured a long-term acreage dedication from Mallard Exploration (“Mallard”), an established crude oil and natural gas producer within the northeast extension of the DJ Basin....

Eagle Ford Drilling Demand Blows Through Prior Cycle Lows In A Fraction Of The Time

What’s most notable about all this is the speed of the collapse. From peak to trough, last cycle’s 85% rig count decline took 19 months (starting December 2014). This cycle, a 70% drilling decline has played out in just three months...

Bakken Water Spill Larger Than Thought

A leak in a pipeline running from a treater to a produced water storage tank once thought to be 30 barrels is actually 850 barrels, officials said...

Chemists identify toxic chemicals in fracking wastewater

The research scientists of the new Dr. Nina McClelland Laboratory for Water Chemistry and Environmental Analysis at UToledo created a new method that simultaneously identified 201 chemical compounds in produced water....

Basic Energy Consolidates Operating Regions

“The industry has been challenged by how quickly revenues fell,” said Trey Stolz, director of investor operations with Basic Energy Services. “They’re trying to right-size their operations.”

Advancing Production Flow Profiling With Subatomic Fingerprints and Big Data Analytics

This paper describes a smart-tracer-portfolio testing and design solution for multistage hydraulic fracturing which will, write the authors, enable operators to reduce operating cost significantly and optimize production in shale wells.

Iowa DNR to deny permit to export water to western states

Pattison Sand proposed extracting water from underground aquifer to sell to drought-stricken states..

Oil rises with producers favoring one-month cuts extension

Oil rose past $36 a barrel as investors eyed a potential extension of record production curbs by OPEC+ while physical markets showed renewed signs of tightness.

Summit Midstream Merges with Itself; Bob McNally Joins Board

The company announced last week that it has completed the buyout of a subsidiary and merged it in. Bob McNally, former (ousted) CEO of EQT Corporation, has joined the board of directors at Summit...

Industry responds to wastewater site concerns

If the permit is approved by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, a wastewater offloading facility will be built at DeepRock Disposal Solutions on Ohio 7 near Marietta.


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