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Special thanks to those readers who participated in our first Virtual Think-In last week.

We hosted a great cross-section of industry leadership in a wide-ranging virtual discussion that touched on key water issues in both operating markets and capital markets.

It was great to hear some of the top E&P water teams directly address the produced and fresh water issues on their mind at this point in the cycle. Three of the key themes that surfaced during the conversation included:

  1. what would drive various customers to utilize more third party water services / infrastructure
  2. how the crash and the urgent need for flexibility are driving creative contract changes and what it all means for future infrastructure investments in this sector
  3. deal flow and water midstream infrastructure consolidation trends

Stay tuned for info on our next virtual meeting coming soon (we keep these small and the first one filled up fast!)…

And now, here is your weekly water news and analysis digest…

News Digest

The “Nowhere To Go But Up” Survey Results Are In!

Over the past seven days, we’ve been asking the collective Infill Thinking membership to share their perspective on the US onshore oilfield market. Over 100 executives answered our 17-question survey, and here's what we learned about where the oilfield is headed next...

EOG Says They Easily Shut-In Thousands Of Wells With No Lasting Impact

Speaking at an investor conference yesterday, EOG management said: "we were able to shut in thousands of wells with really minimal time and effort. And we can bring those back on with really minimal time and effort, too and we're not going to see any degradation due to productivity from the shut-ins either." This link has the slide they included to show the impact...

Managing Produced Water In Texas Is BIG Business! [B3 Infographic]

Visualization of how much water Texas is injecting / disposing...

Produced Water in Texas: No Dedication Without Compensation.

This new presentation from Gabe Collins argues that oil & gas operators selling oilfield water acreage dedications generally must share the sale proceeds with the water owners...

Chevron Post On Water Management

Abdul Sule says: “Turning what was before wastewater into a reusable resource is good water management, is good for the Permian and is good for our business. It’s an exciting leap forward.”

Best Practices And New Infrastructure Simplify Water Management [Sneak Peek]

“Water is the primary fluid we produce, so how we manage it has a tremendous effect on our operating expenses and ultimately our bottom line,” says Jay P. Still, president, chief executive officer and chairman of Guidon Energy, a portfolio company of Blackstone Energy Partners with 38,400 gross acres in the Midland Basin.

Permian SWD Permitting Update

Majority of the action in Loving and Martin Counties. Deep wells trending in the Midland Basin and shallow wells in the Delaware Basin, writes Chris Weyand...

SWD Permit for sale in the Northern Delaware basin

The permit is located in Malaga, NM and is situated on 7.9 acres with Hwy 285 frontage...

Shale’s reawakening begins as oil holds above $30

The number of frack crews working in shale fields is believed to have now bottomed at about 80 fleets, with “noticeably higher” completion work in the next three to six months, Daniel Cruise, founder of data provider Coras Research LLC, said last week in a report.

NMSU, ExxonMobil to partner on produced water research

New Mexico State University has signed an agreement with ExxonMobil to coordinate research focused on wastewater produced during oil and gas operations.

Major Saltwater Disposal Service Provider to Modernize its Field Operations with W Energy Software

W Energy Software announced that a major saltwater disposal solution provider has signed license agreements for its field data capture and operations reporting solutions....

Supreme Court clears way for Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross Appalachian Trail

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline can cross under the Appalachian Trail, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Monday. By a 7 to 2 margin, the court reversed a lower court’s decision and upheld a permit granted by the U.S. Forest Service that the project’s developers could tunnel under a section of the iconic wilderness in Virginia....

Congrats To BUYSWD For Five Year Milestone!

This year celebrates the firm's 5th year in business and today they are the largest online marketplace, the Zillow of the saltwater disposal world, with more than 325 properties valued at close to $1 Billion in inventory....

TALENT POOL: PDCE Hiring In Denver Business Office

The company was looking to fill a dozen or so positions...

Oilfield Insiders Think Beyond The Bottom Part II [Voice Of The Industry]

Infill Thinking membership includes some of the smartest folks in the oilfield. Here's what the real oilfield capital allocators are saying about their expectations after the worst downturn in shale's history...

North Dakota, Montana lawmakers to discuss radioactive oilfield waste

Lawmakers in North Dakota and Montana will discuss ways to dispose of the Bakken’s radioactive oilfield waste as North Dakotans continue pushing back against several proposed disposal projects.

The Unintended Consequences Of Shutting In Humans... And Oil Wells

These large-scale shut-ins have long-term consequences. Analysts vary on how long it will take for supply and demand to balance. In the meantime, as shut-in wells are brought back online, the data provides interesting implications for the future...

SM's EOR Project Update...

In May, SM Energy Company's tertiary #EOR project was approved for it's Kira Lease, Spraberry Field, Upton County, TX.

New Mexico's New Ruling On Well Applications

A new NM ruling means that injection well applications will be denied by the OCD if there is a change in surface or bottomhole location resulting in a new "affected person," if there is a change to the injection interval, or if there is failure to completely and accurately provide notice....

New Mexico issues penalties for dumping of drilling water

Two businesses are facing civil penalties for the illegal dumping of produced water resulting from oil and gas operations in southeastern New Mexico.

Driller charged over contamination in 'Gasland' town

An energy company faces felony charges that it polluted residential water wells in a Pennsylvania community that has long been a battleground in the national debate over natural gas drilling and fracking.

Major Changes At Schlumberger

Schlumberger Ltd. said Tuesday that it has initiated "major changes" to its organizational structure, aimed at permanently removing over $1.5 billion in costs on an annual basis....

M2 Water Solutions Files Public Notice In Wyoming For Portable Produced Water Evaporator

Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, proposes to approve a request by M2 Water Solutions, LLC to operate a Portable Water Evaporator, to evaporate produced water from production facilities and produced water reuse facilities at various locations...

Weld County oil and gas spill report for June 15

NOBLE ENERGY INC., reported June 12 a tank battery spill about 9 miles south of Briggsdale, near Weld County roads 74 and 69. About 140 barrels of produced water spilled. The spill occurred during a line test...

More than 30,000 gallons of brine spilled in Mountrail County

BNN North Dakota reported the spill about 13 miles north of New Town occurred due to a pipeline leak. By the time the spill was reported, about half of the brine had been recovered.

New Dispenser Tech Deployed For Shale Use

In Q1 2020, ResEnTech successfully deployed the first of its fleet of patent pending Automatic Dispensers for WaterSavr O&G.


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