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Effective Date: March 1, 2019. Last updated October 8, 2019

Welcome to the website, content, events and publications provided by Oilfield Water Connection LLC (“OWC”). These terms and conditions govern your access to the website oilfieldwater.com, our event services, and all content produced by OWC including emails, posts to social media, event presentations and panels, and website content (collectively “our Services”).

These terms apply however our Services are accessed (by physical attendance at an event we host, web browser, mobile device, email, paid subscription, tablet, printed pages or any other means). “You” and “Your” refer event attendees or users of the website. “OWC”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Oilfield Water Connection and our representatives.

If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, you may not use or access the website or attend our events. By using the website or purchasing event packages and attending events we host, you expressly agree to accept and be bound by these Terms.

OWC reserves the right to modify or change these terms at any time with or without notification to users. We encourage you to review this page regularly for updates to the terms binding you. Changes are effective immediately upon posting and apply to all use of the website and our events by any visitor or attendee thereafter. Continuing to use the website signals your agreement to policy changes. OWC is not intended for use by minors.


Our event refund policy is no refunds. Because we are making investments in venue space and costs that are backed by reservations of registration and sponsorships which take their availability away from other potential customers, we are unable to issue any refunds for cancellations in any circumstance. We may be able to work with customers who have purchased event passes but are unable to attend by a) allowing those passes to be transferred to a colleague, or b) applying the value of the pass to future events. Please email us at hello@oilfieldwater.com if you would like to discuss these options around a recent purchase you have made.

Website & Event Access

We reserve the right to take down or change the website and any service on it at our sole discretion and without notice to newsletter subscribers, event participants or other visitors. We do not guarantee uptime, and Oilfield Water Connection is not liable for the website being down for any period of time.

We require check-in at our events and reserve the right to ask for identification to allow admittance. We may restrict certain areas or services of the website at any time to some or all users with or without notice to those users. We reserve the right to refuse service or refuse access to our events at our sole discretion at any point during any individual’s subscription to our newsletters or interest in our events.

Our events may be subject to termination without liability upon the occurrence of any circumstance beyond the control of either party – such as acts of God, war, regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, or curtailment of transportation facilities – to the extent that such circumstance makes it illegal or impossible to access the venue we have booked for our events.

Intellectual Property

Our events and the website and all of their content, features, discussions, and functions (including newsletter material) are owned by Oilfield Water Connection and are protected by United States and international copyright trademark, patent, trade secret and intellectual property rights laws. We reserve the right to deactivate (and ban from future access) any attendee or user’s access who we believe is re-purposing our intellectual property in any form without our express written consent. Violations may also be cause for legal action.

We reserve all rights surrounding the intellectual property of our event content, including panel discussions and presentations. Event content includes the agenda, presentation remarks, and panel discussions. Event content is copyrighted by Oilfield Water Connection, or the presenters of such information, and intended only for the private use of event attendees. Any other use of our event content or any descriptions, summaries, transcriptions, accounts, reproductions, or summarization of our events without Oilfield Water Connection’s consent and proper citation is strictly prohibited. Publishers attending our events must receive express written consent prior to reproducing or publishing accounts, transcriptions, or detailed summaries of panels or presentations made at our events and they must cite Oilfield Water Connection and the event name and date in any approved citations. Immaterial citation, such as a quote or two or a high level takeaway or two, is allowed with proper citation (again, citing the conference name and our company name). 

Our event and website material is intended only for your personal consumption, not for reproduction, not for distribution, not for public display, not for download. Oilfield Water Connection and all related names and logos as well as publication names are trademarks of Oilfield Water Connection. Use of these marks is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Oilfield Water Connection. To the extent other company’s logos or names or marks are included on the website in reference to subject matter of the content or their participation in our events, these marks are property of their owners and displayed with their consent. Links to the website cannot be made in an illegal fashion or in a manner that damages our reputation.

No Warranty

The website and our events (and any information therein) is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Use of the website or material at events is at your own risk. We are not responsible for the use of any files downloaded from the website or information gained from our services, nor are we liable for any potential damage resulting from their use.

No Investment Advice

The materials published on the website and shared at our events do not constitute investment advice. This content represents the views, opinions and analytical conclusions of its authors / presenters and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice. In no event shall Oilfield Water Connection be responsible or liable for the correctness or accuracy of statements made on the website or at our events, and we are in no way responsible or liable for updating this information or ensuring that it is current. Further, we are not liable for any damages or losses (including lost profits, revenue, or goodwill) resulting from the use of information found within the website or at our events.


You agree to not use the website or its content in any manner that violates any applicable federal, state, local, or international laws. You further agree that you will not use the website, including its content and features, to engage in conduct that may harm the website, its readers, or any other entity. You agree that you will not use any means to circumvent our paywalls or user logins to access restricted content or for any other purpose. You agree that you will not monitor, scrape, index, or copy any material on the website by means of any automatic device (robot, spider, etc). This condition applies regardless of fair use provisions. You agree not to interfere with the proper working of the website including overburdening or damaging it, impairing it, or using any malicious technology against it. Violations of the Terms of Use may result in civil, criminal, or administrative penalties including fines and sanctions. We reserve the right to refuse service to any potential event attendee or website user at our sole discretion.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Oilfield Water Connection from any claims, losses, or damages, including legal fees, that result from a violation of these Terms and/or your use of the website, our events and their content. Should this clause not be upheld, damages shall be limited to the registration fees paid.


You consent to personal jurisdiction in any action brought in the state or federal courts located in the State of Texas with respect to any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or in relation to or in connection with use of this website and/or subscription (including any claims made in contract, tort or otherwise relating to the transactions contemplated hereby), and each of the Parties agrees that any action instituted by it against the other with respect to any such dispute, controversy or claim will be instituted exclusively in the state or federal courts located in Tarrant County Texas.


At Oilfield Water Connection, we take privacy very seriously. This policy outlines the information we collect and how we use it.  Please read carefully to understand our practices as it pertains to your information. If you do not agree to be bound by these Privacy terms, you may not use or access the website or attend our events. We may update this policy from time to time.  We maintain no obligation to notify users of changes.  Please refer back to this page regularly to understand the terms that bind you and how we use your Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”).

Information We Collect

You are not required to provide any PII in order to visit the website, however some portions of the website do require the provision of certain PII in order to be accessed.  PII that you provide to the website may include personal contact information (such as name, email address, company name, your title, referrer, UTM codes, and your usage of our content – i.e. opens and clicks on our emails, etc.), user name and password, articles you chose to access, searches you conduct on our website, emails or phone conversations with our staff, company affiliation, and billing information.

You will be required to provide us certain information to register for our events and services including name, title, company, email address, and payment information. This information is stored and used for us to host and put on the events. In the cases of speakers and sponsors, your information (including names, companies, and/or titles) may be displayed on event website and signage. In the case of attendees, we may provide other conference attendees with a delegate list or make introductions between attendees upon request.

You have certain rights as to how we record and store your personal data including: i) rectification – the right to request that we correct any incorrect personal information, ii) erasure – you have the right to be forgotten and we will delete all your personal information stored in our records upon your request (such a request will result erasure from any internal records we maintain online related to the oilfieldwater.com and us issuing a request to our third-party data processors (who handle our billing, email, and membership processes) do the same, and iii) portability – you have the right to request an export of your personal information.

To make any of these requests or to be removed from our mailing lists, simply email us at hello@oilfieldwater.com, and we will execute your requests regarding your PII expediently. Upon a request for erasure, we will erase your record from our membership service, and instruct our email service and billing service to do the same; however we cannot guarantee all third-party services will immediately remove your PII as we do not have complete control over their data storage practices. We rely on top tier service providers we believe to be reputable and compliant with data privacy standards. To learn more about each of them and their practices, please see the links near the end of this policy page.

The information we gather about users is primarily collected for three reasons: i) provide the services you requested, ii) protect your edge (we make sure that only customers that pay for our events have access to them), and iii) to deliver a better user experience on the website. Point iii) may mean several things including but not limited to a) making changes to the website to improve user experience or b) presenting users with content we believe is relevant to their interests.

To protect Oilfield Water Connection’s intellectual property, we may use tracking software to monitor technical data from the Publication’s usage. Much of this information is collected automatically. Like most other online service providers, we collect information that web browsers, mobile devices and servers typically make available such as IP address, language preference, and date and time of access. We may utilize this information and other information you provide both on this website and other information in the public domain to both make our service better as well as to monitor and protect the security of our services, and detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, and to communicate with you about offers that we think will be of interest to you, solicit your feedback or keep you posted on our products and services. These investigations may lead to the revelation of your identity to others as part of our investigation if we have reason to believe that abuse of our service has occurred. Our software may track emails, IP addresses for logins, location information, and other data about usage to ensure compliance with Agreement. This data will be collected solely for the purpose of protecting our property, not for resale or distribution to any commercial third parties. This data is subject to the terms of Oilfield Water Connection’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

Links to some of our vendors’ policies are included below for your reference, although this may not be a comprehensive listing:


Mail Chimp

Google Analytics



Questions about our Privacy policy can be addressed to hello@oilfieldwater.com


Oilfield Water Connection is committed to keeping spam out of your inbox.  Our intention is that any email you receive resulting from your provision of contact info to us is intended to communicate information about our services and industry news that you have elected to receive. We cannot ensure that a malicious attack could compromise our email database resulting in unauthorized contact by a third party. Moreover, we do not warrant that email sent by Oilfield Water Connection or its representatives are free of errors, viruses, or any other harmful or invasive files or content.

By default, subscribers and conference participants are enrolled in all of our email newsletters. Should you decide to opt-out of any of our newsletters or alerts at any time, you may click unsubscribe in the email you wish to stop receiving.


Oilfield Water Connection takes cyber security very seriously. Commercially reasonable steps are taken to protect all user information we collect, both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable. We work with software vendors and printers we believe are reliable and trustworthy to manage our member accounts, conference badges and email newsletter service. We trust our vendors to execute on protection of your information, but we cannot guarantee their effectiveness and malicious attacks and cyber security breaches do occur. Such an attack on our technology (or the technology of our vendors) could expose user information to unauthorized parties (we make no guarantees that we will be able to prevent such an attack).

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