University Of Wyoming CEPWM Is Pushing The Boundaries Of What’s Possible In Oilfield Water. Join Them At The Next Oilfield Water Connection Event

The University Of Wyoming Center for Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM) is pushing the envelope on research in oilfield water management, not only on the technical front but also on the economics of produced water reuse.

The Center’s research is extremely valuable to the oilfield water industry, as is the pipeline of human talent the Center is developing. Students involved with the Center will be future leaders in the oilfield water industry.

Here at Oilfield Water Connection, we had a chance to speak by phone with Dr. Jon Brant, CEPWM Director, in August 2019. Several of our takeaways from that conversation will get you up to speed quickly on the CEPWM’s background, mission and projects:

  • CEPWM got its start about 6 years ago with a grant from the state of Wyoming to explore beneficial reuse avenues for produced water from the oil industry.
  • The Center is a collection of 15 faculty members, students, and research professionals from across the University of Wyoming.
  • The Center has graduated dozens of college students into O&G industry roles.
  • Most of these students have gone to work in Texas oilfield water positions.
  • Three focus areas for the Center within produced water management include: technology, economics of water treatment, and reuse implications.
  • A key avenue the Center is exploring is how to make produced water a resource instead of a burden – a relevant topic that regularly surfaces in our events and newsletter.
  • The CEPWM’s research footprint is not contained to just Wyoming. The organization has worked with the O&G industry and conducted research projects in the MidCon, West Texas and Rockies oilfield markets.
  • The Center partners with upstream operators and water midstream companies to apply academic research techniques in real-world applications.
  • One thing that we really like about the Center’s leadership team is that they are not your stereotypical academics. These guys really get industry, economic and commercial realities. They devote their research bandwidth to ideas and concepts that they believe will work in the real world, embracing a commercial mindset.
  • The center is currently working with a midstream company on membrane distillation to treat high salinity brines in Oklahoma and Texas where conventional and mechanical desalinization do not make sense (pilots are forthcoming)…
  • The center is actively looking for industry partners – either through funding, feedback, or opportunities to partner on problem solving in the field. This is a mission we are excited to help promote!

Welcoming The University Of Wyoming CEPWM As A Supporting Organization For Oilfield Water Connection’s Industry Update Conference

Today, Oilfield Water Connection is pleased to announce that CEPWM will be a supporting organization for our upcoming Industry Update conference. We look forward to hosting CEPWM representatives in Houston this October 4 and then continuing to follow their work and provide the Center with a nexus of connection to industry.

Attendees at the Oilfield Water Industry Update will be able to meet the Center’s director as well as several talented University of Wyoming CEPWM students who are uniquely well positioned to pursue impactful careers in the oilfield water industry after their studies.

Oilfield Water Connection plans to strengthen our relationship with CEPWM over time, contributing more to their efforts as our reach grows. We are excited about the University of Wyoming’s investment in produced water research and curriculum. We believe that our conference attendees have much to gain from the research and talent that the Center is developing.

If you are attending our October 4 event and would like an introduction to CEPWM representatives, please find an Oilfield Water Connection team member and ask – we will be happy to make that connection for you.