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March 11, 2022

- 8:30AM
Continental Breakfast In The Exhibit Hall
- 8:15AM
Welcome Back & Key Takeaways From Yesterday
  • Pete Cook, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
  • Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
- 8:45AM
"Greening" The Oilfield Water Market Structure - Novel Concepts For ESG & Sustainability [Keynote Panel]
  • Laura Capper, President, Energy Makers Advisory [M]
  • Gauri Potdar, SVP Strategy Analytics, H2O Midstream
  • Max Harris, Director, EIV Capital
  • Ken Nelson, President & Co-Founder, Blue Delta Energy
- 8:50AM
SmartSWD™ Integrated SWD/Water Recycle Facility [Case Study Call-Out]
  • Jay Keener, Consultant, Reclaim Water Services
- 10:00AM
Round Table Discussions
  • Five Topics, Three 20-Minute Rotations
  • Earthquake Regulation - Impact On Disposal, Water Flows, & Value
  • Kelly Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder, B3 Insight [M]
  • Water Spec - Frac On The Fly, Quality, & Treatment Trends
  • Ivan Morales, Director of Product Management, CarboNet
  • Green Water - ESG, Financing, & Capital Market Trends
  • Bentsen Falb, Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates [M]
  • Recycling - Opportunities, Mechanics, Economics, & Challenges
  • Josh Adler, Founder & CEO, Sourcenergy [M]
  • Emerging Frontiers - Carbon Capture, Beneficial Reuse, Evap & Mineral Extraction Themes
  • Beau Egert, CEO, Energy Water Solutions [M]
- 10:30AM
Networking Break In Exhibit Hall
- 11:15AM
Engaging Landowners, Operators, Regulators, & Investors In Oilfield Water Sustainability
  • Brian Bohm, Sustainability Manager, Apache Corp [M]
  • Rick McCurdy, VP-Innovation & Sustainability, Select Energy Services
  • Nate Alleman, HSE and Water Infrastructure Specialist, ALL Consulting
  • Matthias Bloennigen, Director – Consulting, Wood Mackenzie
  • Jason Modglin, President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
- 11:20AM
Improving Reliability And Economics Of Produced Water Pipeline Systems [Case Study Call-out]
  • Assaad Sakr, Senior Applications Engineer, Core Linepipe USA, Inc.
- 12:00PM
E&P Operator Water Management Discussion - Conference Wrap Up Panel
  • Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection [M]
  • Tyler Hussey, US Onshore Water Resources Lead, Apache Corp
  • John Coyle, Director Global Supply Chain, Marathon Oil Corp
  • Alan Van Reet, Senior Operations Manager, Pioneer Water Management
- 12:05PM
Closing Remarks
  • Pete Cook, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
  • Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
- 3:00PM
Exhibitor Breakdown
- 1:00PM
Informal Networking & Refreshment
- 3:30PM
Optional TopGolf Outing
  • Separate Registration Required