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News Digest

WaterBridge Announces Strategic Acquisition of Produced Water Assets and Expanded Dedication with Colgate Energy in the Delaware Basin

WaterBridge has closed a transaction with Colgate Energy to acquire the produced water infrastructure associated with Colgate’s recent asset acquisition from Occidental. In connection with the acquisition, WaterBridge and Colgate have entered into a new 15-year produced water management agreement for all of Colgate’s operated acreage within a significantly expanded Area of Mutual Interest in Reeves and Ward Counties, Texas.

Solugen raises $357 million to make chemicals from sugar, not petroleum

Sustainable chemicals start-up Solugen has raised $357 million in a venture funding round led by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, and Baillie Gifford and joined by several other funds focused on solving the climate crisis.

RWI Enhanced Evaporation Opens Full Time Midland Office

The Midland office, now open, hosts several employees including those involved in sales, installation and engineering services.

Unleashing Oilfield Water... To Create "Green Electricity"??

Interesting idea here: "Houston-based Quidnet is pumping water about 1,200 feet underground to split open the shale and other layers of rock that lie there. The force of the water compresses the rock surrounding it, which creates a gap of four centimeters into which water pools as a small reservoir. The well will then be closed, and the underground water will remain under immense pressure. Later, Quidnet will open the well, releasing the pressure. The four-centimeter gap will narrow, forcing the water back up to the surface, where it will spin a turbine to generate electricity."

Huh... What!?... Come Again??

"Biden’s clean energy future won’t include natural gas," the headlines say. Really? California's rolling blackouts and grid reliability issues are a cautionary tale that lawmakers should be taking into account when developing plans exclude natural gas. Gas is already proving to be an invaluable "swing source" in the supply stack as volatile renewable sources expand. Solar and wind power gen can vary materially from day to day and week to week. No natty in the mix means higher costs and lower reliability... and these are burdens that disproportionally accrue to the same disadvantaged communities this administration claims it serves.

CHART OF THE DAY: Requested & Approved Capacity For Shallow Delaware Basin Wells

An increase in seismic activity has heightened the amount of scrutiny and regulatory reactions to new permit approvals, including additional seismic monitoring and capacity reduction.

WATER TALENT POOL: Multiple Openings At Exterran

Exterran is hiring for multiple positions in their Water Solutions group.

WATER TALENT POOL: Water Facilities Engineer for a long term contract based in Midland, TX.

This position will be based in office and field, and will involved facilities design, project and vendor management surrounding water sourcing and disposal.

PODCAST: Why Companies & Investors Should Worry About Water

World Water Day was March 22nd, and we’re marking the occasion by looking at the looming threat of water scarcity and the lack of investor appetite for financing water-related projects.

PODCAST: Whiskey's for Drinking - Water's for Fighting

From water rights to conservation to re-purposing industrial by-product water to making sure you have crops to eat and water to drink. Marvin Nash, John Robitaille, Darren Smith and Jeff Holder offer thoughts and commentary to this vital issue...

Officials: Quakes in Midland to continue

The 3.7-magnitude earthquake that shook some of Midland last Monday wasn’t the first tremor to happen north-northwest of Midland. And officials believe it won’t be the last.

2.6 magnitude earthquake reported to the north of Midland

A second earthquake was reported outside of Midland last week...

Natural Gas Price Absolutely RIPPING-When Will It Translate To Drilling Gains?

The last time gas prices were as high as they are today, the gas rig count was 65% above current levels.

RRC Begins Important Steps to Ensure Natural Gas Supply for Weather Emergency Power Generation

Today Railroad Commission of Texas commissioners approved publishing for public comment proposed rules for critical designation of natural gas infrastructure during energy emergencies.

Nat Gas Frac Crews – Where Might They Go In 2022 If Henry Hub Is $6+?

In recent Infill Thinking posts penned as natural gas prices surged, we’ve taken a look at relevant data on rig and frac sand trends. We’d be remiss not to do the same in pressure pumping, where the big two gas basins are roughly equal in terms of active frac fleets.

Texas bans storage of highly radioactive waste, but a West Texas facility may get a license from the feds anyway

The new law may soon be in conflict with federal regulators. A decision from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on one company’s license could come as early as Monday.

When it comes to some types of oilfield radiation, Oklahoma law is silent

When Patrick Keegan set out to clean up some old oilfield land he owned in Lincoln County, he wanted the site tested for radiation.

Study finds local oil field wastewater safe for use in irrigation

Central Valley water-quality regulators released a final report Friday concluding oil field wastewater from central Kern County, when blended with other water sources, can safely be used to irrigate a variety of locally grown crops.

HAL Hot Takes On ESG Frac Fleets

Halliburton’s remarks at at an investor conference last week made some headlines as HAL discussed ESG-frac fleet trends, something we’ve been doing a lot of work on lately.

TOMORROW: Water Rights Advisory Work Group meeting

The Water Availability Division will be hosting the Water Rights Advisory Work Group meeting on Thursday, September 17, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The meeting will be held online via Microsoft Teams. There is a conference line to call if you do not have access to a computer or would prefer to call in at 512-826-8070 using the pin number 366 120 223#.

August Dirtwork Activity Down

Sourcewater's August 2021 data shows 519 observations of oilfield-related pre-drill dirt work movements in the Permian Basin, down 8.5% from July...

Congrats To Mustang Extreme Environmental Services On This Job

Another successful Wyoming produced water facility - Mustang crews installed liner, aeration and leak detection on a million barrel pit.

ESG and Oilfield Water

Droughts and municipal and agricultural water shortages highlight the importance of the burgeoning oilfield water management industry and its focus on sustainability.

A Small Privately-Held Produced Water Treatment Manufacturer Is For Sale

Manufacturer of Water Treatment Equipment; Produced Water (Revenue $12MM). Originated by Oakley Hunter & Company. Preliminary CIM available. Provides process equipment manufacturing/design/repair/ refurbishment, and the upgrades of other Produced Water Equipment brands; Specialty is in primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment for onshore and offshore; Offers a variety of services for Produced Water needs...

UW-Milwaukee: Research foundation awards new catalyst grants, Including One for Recycling Produced Water from Oil & Gas Development

Three new research projects at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will divide $150,000 in Catalyst Grant seed funding from the UWM Research Foundation.

Desalination System Provides Sustainable Produced Water Recycling

High-volume produced water recycling system delivers a sustainable solution that directly addresses both produced water constraints and the stewardship of freshwater resources.

Oilfield Water Management

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, the rise of the Delta-variant, and general summer distractions, not a lot of attention has been given to the 117th Congress’ H.R. 1512 – aka the “Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s Future Act” or the “CLEAN Future Act.” The Act was first presented as a draft for discussion purposes in January 2020. After more than a year of hearings and stakeholder input, it was introduced as H.R. 1512 in March 2021. The Act’s stated purpose is:

Utilizing and Recycling Oilfield-Produced Water, California Plant Helps to Preserve Groundwater

Macpherson facility reuses water from oil recovery processes which is heated to steam to produce electricity. By utilizing and recycling oilfield-produced water, the Mt. Poso plant helps to preserve California’s groundwater.

North Dakota officials: Well spill due to equipment failure

North Dakota regulators are investigating a spill that released nearly 48,000 gallons of produced water and more than 1,000 gallons of oil.


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