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The maturation of the full-cycle oilfield water management industry coincides with increased investor attention to the environmental and ESG issues surrounding water, creating new opportunities and risks for companies. Building on the success of our past events, this conference gathered key business leaders from across the water value chain (including E&P operators, water midstream, tech, and service companies, and information providers) for networking and knowledge sharing.

Conference Slide Deck

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tyler hussey
Tyler Hussey
US Onshore Water & Production Chemical Supervisor
Apache Corporation
alan van reet
Alan Van Reet
Operations Director
Pioneer Water Management
Gauri Potdar
SVP Strategy, Analytics
H2O Midstream
john coyle
John Coyle
Director Global Supply Chain
Marathon Oil Corporation
amanda brock
Amanda Brock
CEO and President
Aris Water Solutions
pphillip douget
Phillip Douget
Vice President - Permian Basin
Blue Ox Resources
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker
Co-Founder & CEO
Goodnight Midstream
Kelly Bennett
Co-Founder & CEO
B3 Insight
beau egert
Beau Egert
Energy Water Solutions
Ryan Hassler
Vice President, Oilfield Service Research
Rystad Energy
michael anderson
J. Michael Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Layne Water Midstream
max harris
Max Harris
EIV Capital
Jason Jennaro
Executive Vice President - Water Infrastructure
Select Energy Services
Isaac Griesbaum
Isaac Griesbaum
General Counsel
Deep Blue
jason schumacher
Jason Schumacher
O’Melveny & Myers LLP
zach neal
Zach Neal
EVP, Corporate Development
Pilot Water Solutions
joe de almeida
Joe de Almeida
Director Water Strategy & Technology
Occidental Oil & Gas
robert huizenga
Robert Huizenga
Water Resource Manager
hayden mcentire
Hayden McEntire
VP, Integrated Operations and Planning
ben warden
Ben Warden
Director Of Supply Water
Deep Blue
Robert Ballantyne
SVP, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopist
RWI Enhanced Evaporation
nick rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez
CDX Energy Services
Wayne Christian
Wayne Christian
Texas Railroad Commission
brian bohm
Brian Bohm
Sustainability Manager
Michael LaMotte_
Michael LaMotte
Senior Managing Director in the Energy Investment Banking Group
Guggenheim Securities
josh adler
Josh Adler
Founder & CEO
Mark Patton
Mark Patton
rick mccurdy
Rick McCurdy
Vice President-Innovation & Sustainability
Select Water Solutions
michael skarke
Michael Skarke
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Select Energy Services
gary baxter
Gary Baxter
Area Field Superintendent
Birch Resources
robert bruant
Dr. Robert Bruant
Director of Product
B3 Insight
laura capper
Laura Capper
Energy Makers Advisory Group
scott mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Advisory Committee Member
Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales
Director of Product Management
jonna smoot
Jonna Smoot
Midland County Judge Candidate
Max(i) Media, LLC
nate alleman
Nathan Alleman
HSE & Water Infrastructure Specialist
ALL Consulting
Jason Modglin
Jason Modglin
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
thomas jacob
Thomas Jacob
Senior Vice President
Rystad Energy
Ken Nelson
Ken Nelson
President and Co-Founder
Blue Delta Energy
David Skodack
David Skodack
SVP, Water Treatment
matthias bloennigen
Matthias Bloennigen
Wood Mackenzie
omar visario
Omar Visairo
DR/TR Sr. Production Engineer
Chris Harich
Dr. Chris Harich
Chief Operating Officer
assaad sakr.png
Assaad Sakr
Senior Applications Engineer
CORE Linepipe Inc.
Rajendra Ghimire, MBA, PhD
Rajendra Ghimire, MBA, PhD
Vice President of Business Development
Hydrozonix LLC
Jay Keener
Jay Keener
Reclaim Water Services
Bentsen Falb
Managing Director
Raymond James & Associates
caitlyn jackson
Caitlyn Jackson
Chief Commercial Officer
Lagoon Water Midstream
glenn klimchuk
Glenn Klimchuk
Seco Creek Energy Advisors
matthew spicer
Matthew Spicer
Chief Operating Officer
San Mateo Midstream
jenna velardi
Jenna Velardi
Vice President
brian adams
Brian Adams
Business Development Manager
Fairfield Geotechnologies
Justin love
Justin Love
Blackbuck Resources
pete cook
Peter Cook
Managing Partner
Oilfield Water Connection
joseph triepke
Joseph Triepke
Managing Partner
Oilfield Water Connection
B3 Insight
Source Energy
Lagoon Water Midstream
CarboNet Water Treatment
Winston & Strawn
JGL Solutions
Pilot Water Solutions
Goodnight Midstream
Enhanced Energetics
La Petite Roche Technologies
Bubble Tubing
World Water Works
Kirkland & Ellis
Rystad Energy
Energy Water Solutions
Core Linepipe
Reclaim Water Services
Layne Water Midstream
Petroleum Connection
Infill Thinking
March 9, 2022Pre-Conference
11:00 amPermian Basin Water Management Council
Private Meeting, Invitation Only
12:00 pmB3 Insight's Ripple Effects Summit
Private Meeting, Separate Registration Required
1:00 pmExhibitor Setup Begins
5:00 pmB3 Insight's Ripple Effects Summit Happy Hour
Separate Registration Required
7:00 pmSpeaker/Sponsor Reception
Invitation Only
10:00 pmExhibitor Setup Ends
March 10, 2022Main Event - Day 1
7:30 amContinental Breakfast In The Exhibit Hall
8:00 amWelcome Remarks
• Pete Cook, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
• Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
8:10 amKeynote Introduction
• Jonna Smoot, Midland County Judge Candidate
8:15 amPermian Earthquake Regulatory Response [Policy Keynote]
• Wayne Christian, Chairman, Texas Railroad Commission
8:45 amOilfield Water Market Update [Data Keynote]
• Kelly Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder, B3 Insight
9:05 am2022 Shale Outlook [E&P Trends Keynote]
• Thomas Jacob, Vice President, Rystad Energy
9:25 amHow Is Permian Seismicity Changing The Oilfield Water Market? [Panel]
• Robert Huizenga, Water Resource Manager, Coterra [M]
• Scott Mitchell, Advisory Committee Member, TexNet
• Dr. Robert Bruant, Director of Product, B3 Insight
• Brian Adams, Business Development Manager, Fairfield Geotechnologies
• Patrick Walker, CEO, Goodnight Midstream
10:10 amNetworking Break In Exhibit Hall
10:45 amPublicly Traded Water Midstream - Implications, Differences, Similarities, Recycling, ESG, Etc.
• Michael Skarke, COO & Executive Vice President, Select Energy Services
• Amanda Brock, CEO & President, Aris Water Solutions
• Matthew Spicer, COO, San Mateo Midstream
• Michael LaMotte, Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Securities
• Jason Schumacher, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers LLP [M]
11:25 amInduced Seismicity Mitigation Through Downhole Volume Reductions [Case Study Callout]
• Robert Ballantyne, Senior VP, RWI Enhanced Evaporation
11:30 amThe Mechanics Of Recycling At Scale Panel
• Jason Jennaro, CEO, Breakwater Energy Partners
• Dr. Chris Harich, COO, XRI
• David Skodak, SVP Water Treatment, CarboNet
• Ryan Hassler, Senior Analyst, Rystad Energy
• Joseph De Almeida, Director Water Strategy & Technology, Occidental Oil and Gas [M]
12:15 pmNetworking Lunch With Time To Visit Exhibit Hall
1:45 pmWater Midstream Market Trends Panel
• Isaac Griesbaum, Partner, Winston & Strawn [M]
• Caitlyn Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer, Lagoon Water Midstream
• Zach Neal, SVP Corporate Development, Pilot Water Solutions
• Justin Love, CEO, Blackbuck Resources
• Michael Anderson, CEO, Layne Water Midstream
2:25 pmSMART Evaporation - A Novel, Cost-Effective & Sustainable Way To Evaporate Produced & Flow Back Water [Case Study Call-Out]
• Rajendra Ghimire, MBA, PhD, VP Business Development, Hydrozonix
2:30 pmFacility Of The Future In Oilfield Water Panel
• Omar Visairo, Water Operations Supervisor, Chevron
• Ben Warden, Water Management Supervisor, Diamondback Energy
• Gary Baxter, Area Field Superintendent, Birch Resources
• Hayden McEntire, VP, Integrated Operations & Planning, WaterBridge
• Glenn Klimchuk, Chief Commercial Officer, RECON LDS [M]
3:15 pmNetworking Break in the Exhibit Hall
4:00 pmOptimizing Water Management With Service Platform Collaboration
• Nicholas Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer, CDX Energy Services
• Mark Patton, President, Hydrozonix
• Phillip Douget, VP Permian, Blue Ox Resources [M]
• Jenna Velardi, Vice President, ENGAGE
4:40 pmThe Way of Water [Case Study Call-Out]
• Dr. Chris Harich, COO, XRI
4:45 pmNot Your Geologic Fault: The Art of Seismic Response Self-Defense
• Josh Adler, Founder & CEO, Sourcenergy
5:15 pmRanch Water Networking Reception In Exhibit Hall
March 11, 2022Main Event - Day 2
7:30 amContinental Breakfast In The Exhibit Hall
8:00 amWelcome Back & Key Takeaways From Yesterday
• Pete Cook, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
• Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
8:15 am"Greening" The Oilfield Water Market Structure - Novel Concepts For ESG & Sustainability [Keynote Panel]
• Gauri Potdar, SVP Strategy Analytics, H2O Midstream
• Laura Capper, President, Energy Makers Advisory [M]
• Max Harris, Director, EIV Capital
• Ken Nelson, President & Co-Founder, Blue Delta Energy
8:45 amSmartSWD™ Integrated SWD/Water Recycle Facility [Case Study Call-Out]
• Jay Keener, Consultant, Reclaim Water Services
8:50 amRound Table Discussions
Five Topics, Three 20-Minute Rotations
1. Earthquake Regulation - Impact On Disposal, Water Flows, & Value
  • Kelly Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder, B3 Insight [M]
2. Water Spec - Frac On The Fly, Quality, & Treatment Trends
  • Ivan Morales, Director of Product Management, CarboNet [M]
3. Green Water - ESG, Financing, & Capital Market Trends
  • Bentsen Falb, Managing Director, Raymond James & Associates [M]

4. Recycling - Opportunities, Mechanics, Economics, & Challenges
  • Josh Adler, Founder & CEO, Sourcenergy [M]
5. Emerging Frontiers - Carbon Capture, Beneficial Reuse, Evap & Mineral Extraction Themes
  • Beau Egert, CEO, Energy Water Solutions [M]

10:00 amNetworking Break In Exhibit Hall
10:30 amEngaging Landowners, Operators, Regulators, & Investors In Oilfield Water Sustainability
• Rick McCurdy, VP-Innovation & Sustainability, Select Energy Services
• Brian Bohm, Sustainability Manager, Apache Corp [M]
• Nate Alleman, HSE and Water Infrastructure Specialist, ALL Consulting

• Matthias Bloennigen, Director – Consulting, Wood Mackenzie
• Jason Modglin, President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
11:15 amImproving Reliability And Economics Of Produced Water Pipeline Systems [Case Study Call-out]
• Assaad Sakr, Senior Applications Engineer, Core Linepipe USA, Inc.
11:20 amE&P Operator Water Management Discussion - Conference Wrap Up Panel
• Tyler Hussey, US Onshore Water Resources Lead, Apache Corp.
• John Coyle, Director Global Supply Chain, Marathon Oil Corp.
• Alan Van Reet, Senior Operations Manager, Pioneer Water Management
• Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection [M]
12:00 pmClosing Remarks
• Pete Cook, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
• Joseph Triepke, Managing Partner, Oilfield Water Connection
12:00 pmInformal Networking & Refreshment
12:00 pmExhibitor Breakdown
1:30 pmOptional TopGolf Outing
Separate Registration Required

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