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B3 Insight Thoughts On Permian Seismicity

Since 2019, the incident rate of earthquakes in the Permian has exponentially increased. More than 20 earthquakes of M 3.5+ have been recorded in this year alone - that's 46% of all recorded events over M 3.5 in the Permian!

Breakwater Breaks Ground on Second Commercially Permitted Recycling System to Address Midland Basin Seismicity

Breakwater announced that it has broken ground on the Morita Commercial Recycling Facility, its second Texas Railroad Commission ("RRC") Division 6 H-11 commercially-permitted facility for the receipt, storage, handling, treatment and recycling of nonhazardous oil and gas produced water.

In Permian, recycling drilling waste may do more than save water

Once complete, Morita will be one of the largest produced water recycling facilities in the Permian Basin with throughput capacity in excess of 200,000 barrels per day.

Risk of earthquakes caused by oil and gas operations in New Mexico rising

Multiple magnitude (M) 4 or 5 quakes were felt in the Midland area, leading the Texas Railroad Commission to declare a seismic response area (SRA) earlier this fall in the Gardendale region, calling for reductions in water disposal injection volumes.

2022 CONFERENCE SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Microfinish Valves (Silver Sponsor)

Microfinish Valves, a 50 year valve manufacturer, has become a leading supplier of API 6D Ball Valves and Swing Check valves for corrosive water applications in the Oil & Gas market. They specialize in CF8M and higher alloys including Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless steel in 150# thru 2500# classes. They hold a $30M inventory in Houston backed up by a 3-Year Warranty and SIL-3 rating which reflect the high quality of their products.

QUAKE MONITOR: MRT ON 3.6 Mag Near Midland

Local coverage of increased seismicity is worth monitoring...

QUAKE MONITOR: 3.5M, Midland, Yesterday

M 3.5 - 15 km NNW of Midland, Texas
2021-11-16 08:36:47 (UTC)32.119°N 102.158°W7.2 km depth

QUAKE MONITOR: 2.5M, Midland, Yesterday

M 2.4 - 19 km SE of Ackerly, Texas
2021-11-16 16:19:54 (UTC)32.407°N 101.570°W6.4 km depth

QUAKE MONITOR: 3.2M, Jal NM, 11/13

M 3.2 - 38 km SW of Monument, New Mexico
2021-11-13 04:53:34 (UTC)32.413°N 103.592°W5.0 km depth

QUAKE MONITOR: 3.0M, State Line NM, 11/10

M 3.0 - 56 km S of Whites City, New Mexico
2021-11-10 14:43:21 (UTC)31.669°N 104.373°W6.2 km depth

Aris Water Solutions 1st Quarterly Conference Call [15 Minute Webcast]

Listen to Bill Zartler and Amanda Brock on their 3Q results and outlook conference call...

Podcast: XRI cofounder on Oil & Gas HSE podcast

Join Russell Stewart as he explores with Chris Harich, COO and Cofounder of XRI, an interesting and encouraging topic about the latest developments in produced water recycling technologies for fracking to solve water shortages.

United Nations Global Compact Water Action Hub Recognizes Oilfield Water Project

Palisade Pipeline's sustainable water supply project for the Northern Delaware basin is listed on the United Nations Global Compact Water Action Hub.

New Mexico's oil and gas water research studies economics, toxicity

The State of New Mexico created its Produced Water Research Consortium 2019 to study expanded applications of the water and its ability to address water scarcity through a partnership with New Mexico State University.

Looking Back Before We Look Ahead

Before we leave 2021 behind though, let’s take a minute to reflect on how far we’ve come this year in the oilfield recovery.

Extraction company drills first ever lithium well in Sask.

Prairie Lithium is extracting the metal from oilfield brines.

Frac water in Panola County, TX

Barring another historically severe drought, the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer in Panola County should be just fine as long as we all keep conservation and good stewardship in mind.

Shale E&P “Treadmill” Effect Bodes Well For Commodity Prices & OFS In 2022

During 3Q21, a key shale trend stands out that gives increasing conviction in oil and nat gas price strength as well as oilfield service activity in 2022.

Close to 20,000 gallons of oilfield contaminants spill in Bowman County

A mixture of about 6,300 gallons of crude oil and 12,600 gallons of produced water spilled Monday at a well site in southwest North Dakota, escaping the well pad and flowing about 1,500 feet through a nearby drainage path.

Water from our Roma North natural gas development has turned this grazing land green

"We're beneficially using the produced water from our #naturalgas development so that Trevor can increase crop yields and increase feed for his cattle. It's a win-win all round.”

Enservco Corporation Reports 2021 Third Quarter Financial Results

Completion services revenue, which includes frac water heating and other services, increased 36% in the third quarter to $544,000 from $401,000. The segment loss improved to $645,000 from $725,000 year over year.

NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL) CEO Michael Krimbill on Q2 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

For the remainder of the fiscal year, we expect to see water volumes increase ratably by 100,000 to 125,000 barrels per day per quarter and anticipate exiting the fiscal year with approximately 2 million barrels per day of processed water volumes.


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