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We hope 2022 is off to a good start for you. It sure is for the pressure pumpers… have you checked out oilfield service stock prices this week?!?

It’s going to be a busy year in shale and there’s no better place to meet and discuss all the deals, trends, and activity than at the fast approaching Oilfield Water Markets Conference.

The event is on pace to draw more than 350 of the sector’s leading business folks. Over 25 of the sector’s leading firms have already signed on to boost their brands at the event by exhibiting / sponsoring… and it’s still two months away. Dozens of speakers are confirmed and we’ll be firming up the agenda and speaker list during January.

Don’t miss out folks – this will be the place to be if you are a serious player in shale water management! Online registration is open here or just reply to this email to discuss your involvement…

Here is this week’s industry news…

News Digest

Game On! Pioneer Natural Resources Liquidates 2022 Oil Hedges

The company's new investor relations deck released today reveals that Pioneer has liquidated remaining 2022 oil hedges; minimal natural gas and no NGL hedges in 2022.

NexTier stock jumps as frac demand swells revenue

NexTier Oilfield Solutions soared more than 20% after the frac provider disclosed higher than expected 4Q results and 2022 guidance, better net pricing and more frac activity.

10 Frac Supply Chain Predictions For First Half 2022

Infill Thinking predicts >30 frac crew activations and evidence piling up of net pricing in frac for 1H22. Members can see predictions about water too...

March 10-11, 2022 Conference Sponsor Spotlight: WaterBridge [Ranch Water Reception Sponsor]

WaterBridge provides best-in-class long-term water management solutions for the E&P industry through their integrated pipeline networks for produced water transportation, disposal, recycling, and supply. In a complex and rapidly changing environment, their goal remains focused – to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution for water management in the industry. With their growing team of experienced, forward-thinking professionals, WaterBridge is already exceeding expectations.

Stanton Shakes Again [B3 Insight Analysis]

A 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit an area 18 miles outside Stanton, TX - barely a week after a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck the same locale. This is the 11th seismic event M 3.0+ in the area since December 2020. The Stanton area is under a Seismic Investigation Region (SIR) with the Railroad Commission (RRC) but increased activity could lead to curtailed injection similar to the recent Gardendale SRA. If so, ~173k bpd across 18 active deep wells are potentially at risk.

Eleven quakes reported near Pecos, Texas in last 24 hours

There has been a cluster of earthquakes northwest of Pecos going back to Sunday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

USGS: Another quake takes place north of Stanton

Quake is the first around Midland in 2022

UTBP Prof's Quake Take

"The reason they are happening is not because of the fracking, but the injection of produced water," said Trentham. "This causes changes in the pressures depth, and that causes rocks to slip past each other, which generates an earthquake."

The Produced Water Conundrum Grows Across Unconventionals

When it comes to produced water from US shale plays, it’s either recycle and reuse or throw it away—and both are easier said than done.

2021 in Review: Rising seismic activity rattles Permian producers

Clampdown on injection could affect future production.

Frac Count & Rig Count Showed NO Seasonal Weakness As 2021 Ended

Rig count and frac count were exceptionally resilient through year end, with little to no holiday slowdown apparent in our market research ("little" meaning a slowdown in completions rate, not crews standing down off pads).

Cold weather the cause of produced water spill in Williams County

The state’s oil and gas division says 400 barrels of produced water spilled 7 miles north of Tioga on Sunday. The cause of the spill was due to freezing temperatures, which caused a pump to leak.

Could the waste from North Dakota's oil industry help to power electric cars?

Bakken oil producers flush away more brine water each day than they pump oil from the ground. But a Williston-based company is pitching the salty waste stream as an untapped resource that could feed an emerging market for battery technology.

Shale drillers face record cost pressures as banks shun sector

Oil drillers in the biggest U.S. fields are shouldering record costs at the same time that some banks are increasingly reluctant to loan money to the sector, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Abraxas Announces Comprehensive Restructuring, Transformation into Pure-Play Delaware Basin Company

The restructuring positions Abraxas as an unlevered, Delaware Basin pure play that can now access available capital sources to restart a drilling program in the Permian Basin.

Why energy prices rose more than any other commodity in 2021

Energy prices rose an average of 59 percent last year, the most of any commodity, as the economic recovery from the global pandemic boosted demand for crude and petroleum products.

PW Geyser? Yikes!

Sarah Stogner writes on LinkedIn: "The Railroad Commission of Texas is telling this rancher that they won’t help with this water well blowout. It was totally fine a few days ago. They just finished plugging out a lease across the street. They’re also fracking nearby. And there are SWD wells nearby. Coincidence? Of course not." Video in full post...

Patent-Pending Rigless Chemical Process Enhances Oil and Gas Production in Eagle Ford

The divergence in production post frac hit can be clearly seen, resulting in an average per well loss of 20,500 bbl of oil and 245,000 Mcf of gas 6 months following the frac hit. All wells showed a significant increase in water production directly after the frac hit...

A Perfect Storm – The Last Mile Holiday Crunch Is Really Bad This Time

Drivers abandoning their posts in the weeks around Christmas and New Years is as regular as clockwork! That said, this year appears to be worse than normal due to a perfect storm of variables that compounded the typical strain from drivers checking out around the holidays.

24 LNG tankers heading from the U.S. right now to European ports

U.S. flotilla endeavoring to deliver much-needed fuel to Europe.

Fed Survey Shows Oil And Gas Firms Planning A Modest 2022 Comeback

The Dallas Federal Reserve Bank published results of a new poll this week showing that almost half of 131 oil and gas firms surveyed plan to increase oil and gas production during 2022.

New EDF video helps Texans visualize and protect the groundwater they cannot see

Protecting Texas’ vulnerable groundwater supplies raises a challenging dilemma: How can you motivate people to stand up for an underground resource they cannot see?

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. Releases Letter to Shareholders Providing Corporate Update and Year-End 2021 Results

Cavitation's efforts with their partner in the Permian Basin are providing a unique solution to cleaning and recycling produced water in the oil and gas industry....

WV DEP Issues Key Water Permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline

he West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) issued a key permit for the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) to finish work crossing rivers and streams in the Mountain State.

U.S. electric power sector’s use of water continued its downward trend in 2020

The U.S. electric power sector’s cooling water withdrawals fell 10.5% from 53.1 trillion gallons in 2019 to 47.5 trillion gallons in 2020, continuing the downward trend in withdrawals. The decline has been driven by the increased use of renewable and natural gas-fired generation in place of coal-fired generation, as well as less use of once-through cooling technologies.


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